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07 Apr 2024 15:38:44
Islanders trade Ryan Pulock, Samuel Bolduc and a 1st round pick

Toronto trades Conor Timmins and Mitvh Marner(4 million retained)

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07 Apr 2024 20:48:24
So, the Islanders give up the most valuable piece and somehow and a 1st for one year of Marner?

A trade needs to work for both teams. Not just heavily favour Toronto.

07 Apr 2024 21:37:48
Somehow add a first.

08 Apr 2024 14:22:31
You may be right about value, Leafs can add a 2nd or something.

I am not a Leafs fan, but thought something like this works for both teams, Islanders badly need another player to provide offensive production, while Leafs badly need a player on defense.
Me bad for not considering length of contracts on these players.

08 Apr 2024 22:05:59
Yeah Marner is expensive but to say he has less value than Pulock who is probably similar to Rielly in value is in my opinion either bias or a very stupid opinion. Maybe 5 RWs in the NHL better than Marner but I’d put him 4th (Pasta, Rantanen, Kucherov) and probably 50 dman better than Pulock.

Zero comment on the deal just saying Marner absolutely holds more value then Pulock.

09 Apr 2024 13:47:18
I can see you thinking that one year of a complimentary winger would be as valuable and would get you a top pairing RHD with term on a good contract VBBB and it's absolutely hilarious.

You have to take off the blue and white glasses once and a while and look at it without bias. It's completely unrealistic.

09 Apr 2024 15:09:04
He's not wrong Marcus. Coming from a Wings fan, Marner is one of the top 5 right wingers in the NHL.

Without discussing the trade proposal and discussing value alone, I'd put Marners trade value at a higher value than Pulocks, the factor being that $6.9 million for 1 year with the suggested $4m retention.

09 Apr 2024 15:25:24
I can't see it DrwDave. If Marner had more years on his contract and his contact was reasonable, you could make a case.

But there's no comparable of one year of a winger pulling a top pairing RHD with term on a decent contract, in return.

Pulock is more valuable based on contract and position.

09 Apr 2024 17:46:17
I’d put Kaprizov and Marner around the same value wise with both the same term on there contracts and I’d 100% take Kaprizov over Pulock in a vacuum.

09 Apr 2024 18:49:02
Kaprizov has 2 years remaining after this one, Marner has one. They do not have the same term.

11 Apr 2024 19:47:21
I'd assume any team looking at trading for Marner is asking for a sign and trade to take place or is asking to speak to him before hand to have an extension ready to go.

Assuming the above then the Islanders are adding a pick or two more IMO. Doubt Marner gets moved tho unless he tells Trev outright that I don't want to be here anymore. Suspect an extension gets worked out by the end of the summer.



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