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20 Oct 2018 16:28:46
I just saw a comparison over the first 3 seasons of Draisaitl and Nylander. It’s eerily similar which is probably why Nylander is hanging onto his $8-8.5mill demand.

Draisaitl Nylander
GP 191 185
Goals. 50 (.26) 48 (.26)
Assists. 87 (.46) 87 (.47)
Pts. 137 (.72) 13 (.73)
PIM. 44 46

Looking at those numbers, I can understand why he wants Draisatl's contract. The problem with it is that’s one almost exact comparable making that much. There’s 6-7 guys with similar but not exact numbers (some better some slightly worse) in the $6-7 mill range. He’s picking the exception to the rule as the rule.

With Draisaitl, Chiarelli paid Mcdavid $12.5 mill, then asked Draisaitl to take $6.5. That was a mistake. Mcdavid had a blank cheque and a year left. Draisaitl was an RFA. He should have dealt with Draisaitl first because Mcdavid's wasn’t changing. That’s what Dubas is doing. He knows he’s going to pay Matthews basically whatever he wants. So he will hold off on those negotiations until he signs Nylander and probably marner.

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20 Oct 2018 17:10:00
Drai plays center and have a great playoffs. Also is the highest scorer now in his draft class two points ahead of winger Pasternak. Drai also has back to back 70+ point seasons. Also was top 10 in scoring one year.
But I do wish he was $7.5M tho. But the two years and playoffs he had he wasn't a whole $5M worth less than McDavid.
Nylander as a winger is worth $7M IMO. He can ask for $8.5M while the team offers $6M. That happens all the time. Then settle in the middle at around $7M. But I think Dubas is playing hard ball because Marner and Maythews nagotiations are coming up right away as well so this is a big test and example.

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20 Oct 2018 19:27:11
Nylanders comparables would be Patsernak and E. Kane in my opinion. But Psternak deal is a year or two old and we all know deals get bigger overtime and E. Lane just signed for $7M which is slightly higher than Pasternak and I even think Pasta is worth at least $7M but he took a little less because they were comparing him to his teammates Marchand and Bergeron which wasn't fair to him in my opinion. Pasta is worth $7M - $7.5M.

You can't compare Nylander to Drai because of position and previous points in seasons.
Nylander is worth E. Kane $7M to me.

Which then what would that make Marner worth as a winger as well? Ow much more is he worth than Nylander?

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20 Oct 2018 20:44:43
@yupp. I agree with a lot of that. However Nylander is capable of playing centre, just hasn’t had too as we have always had centres (Matthews, Kadri, bozak and now tavares) . Plus one of Leon’s 70+ seasons was after he got the big money and the other one he wasn’t playing centre on his own line full time, a lot was riding shotgun with Mcdavid, much like Nylander has done with Matthews.

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20 Oct 2018 21:57:25
Ok sure. It you can't pay someone for something they "could do" or "haven't done yet".

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20 Oct 2018 23:56:26
Also evander Kane as a UFA isn’t a comparable because he could field offers from 31 teams, Nylander can from 1. It would have to be an RFA contract with equal leverage to Nylander to be fair. Pasternak is the obvious one for sure. And marner is going to get atleast $1 mill more than Nylander, and probably more because he’s impressing while Nylander is sulking. Kypreos reported leafs now offered a 4 year deal at less than $20 mill total.

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20 Oct 2018 23:53:57
Nylander for a not great right handed defenseman and maybe a 3rd rd pick he is literally sitting at home losing all his value.

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21 Oct 2018 01:00:12
So are you saying Toronto should pay him the center premium for simply being able to possibly play center with no proof that he can in the NHL yet and no 70 point seasons? I used Kane contract as a comparable because that's a similar skill set and position but would still take Kane or Psternak over Nylander all day long.

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21 Oct 2018 02:36:19
Nylander does not compare to Evander Kane. I mean, Kane is power forward and natural goal scorer: a real heavy hitter capable of hitting 30+ goals annually.

Nylander is soft.

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21 Oct 2018 08:39:52
I’m not saying leafs should pay Nylander the centre premium lol If you have seen any of my comments on Nylander I’ve said he’s worth $6.5-6.75 max.

What I’m saying is that Draisaitl got the centre premium while his best production came as a winger with mcdavid (like Nylanders with Matthews) and that’s why he’s the only guy in that price range.

Mackinnon, scheifele, Gaudreau, Pasternak and ehlers, all got $6-6.75 mill. Draisaitl is not as good as atleast 3, probably 4 of those guys while making $2+ mill more. I’m not saying pay Nylander Draisaitl money. I’m saying the exact opposite. Draistal is a good player but severely overpaid. He should be in the $6.5-$7mill range too.

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21 Oct 2018 13:41:24
Times of those deals were well apart. Lol. Those deals are seals now because of when they were signed.
What a bad argument. Well Drai had a 70 point season and was top 10 in league scoring so if that's only worth $6.5-$7M on mcdavids wing as you say then Nylander on Mathews wing with only 60 points is far less than what you say Nylander is worth around $6.5-6.7M using your logic there.

Schiffle and McKinnons deals were how many years before Drais? You do know contracts have been getting bigger as years pass. And for the record, I've always said I wish Drai was $7.5, $8M Max. But he's not over $4M worse than McDavid. Same thing that's going to happen with Marner and Mathews. Their seasons point totals aren't what McDavid and Drai had had for two years 100+ and 70+ back to back. But Marner shouldn't get anything less than $4M less than Mathews.
Nylander can ask for whatever he wants all day especially if he thinks he's being low balled. Then settle in the middle. I don't believe Ny actually wants $8.5M but thinks he's worth more than what the leafs are offering and wants about $7-7.5M.

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21 Oct 2018 13:44:01
Back to back 70+ point seasons and a great playoffs gets you paid. It's just the way things are in the NHL now. That's not far fetched. Look at Tom Efin Wilson. Career goals 35. Career games suspended 29. And he gets $5.5M a year for 6 years with most of it GTD and a NTC. All because of one good playoff run.

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21 Oct 2018 16:12:51
@ yup,
Just so you’re aware, drasisatl's contract was only signed 13 months after mackinnon and Scheifeles. Nylanders now would be 15-16 months after Draisaitl's. So you're being pretty condescending calling that a dumb argument. "How many years before draisatls?" One! Lol July 2016 they both signed and Draisaitl signed August 2017. Now Nylander October 2018. What’s your point again? Lol

Also monahan was July 2016, Gaudreau was September 2016 and pasta September 2017 and ehlers was October 2017. So of the 6 examples I gave, they are all really good forwards, some just wingers, Some c/ w and a cpl natural centres, coming of ELCs. They all signed within 1-13 months of draisatl and none of them broke $7 million. How is draisatl at $8.5 mill not overpaid in the market?!?! Lol

And you can absolutely pay for what hasn’t been done yet, but those guys on that list were paid for future potential as well, still make far less and some (mackinnon, scheifele, pasta) have accomplished more than draisatl since.

How long ago did you think mackinnon signed?! He’s only a year older than Leon.

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21 Oct 2018 18:36:43
McKinnon went 52, 53, 97 in points last three seasons. Talk about lucking out on that contract hey. Lol.
So McKinnon was signed after 52, 53 point seasons.
Drai was signed after a 77 point season and 16 points in 13 playoff games as a center on his own line, top ten in scoring. Again, I wish Drai was $7.5M.

And Again, Nylander has two 60 points seasons as a winger.

You say Nylander is worth $6.5-6.75M as a winger with Mathews? With no proof that he can play center at the NHL level and you say Drai is only with $6.5-7M with two 70+ point season, a season in top 10 league scoring and 16 points in 13 playoff games on two series, and proof he can play and is a center, You think those two players are only $250,000 apart? Crazy.
Literally what you have said in this thread.

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21 Oct 2018 18:47:40
I'd be careful with your whining here because rumor has it Marner is going to get $8-9M and he hasn't had 70 point season yet. Hopefully he gets there this year, and if he does then should him as a winger be worth as much as Drai as a center looking at first three full seasons point totals?
Marner 61, 69,?
Drai 51, 77, 70

Mathews will want more than Tavares and as much as McDavid, How far behind Mathews is Marner? He isn't $5M worse than Mathews is he? No. Just like Drai isn't $5M worse than McDavid.
Mathews $12-$12.5M
Tavares $11M
Marner $8-8.5M
Nylander? $6-7M

Gonna need some D to help out all that expensive offense. Shutout and 1 goal in back to back losses, Can't go on a crazy steak all season.
And ya I'm well aware of my teams tough start and issues don't worry.

What's Reilly going to want in a few years. $10M?
Kapanen. F. Anderson in a few years. Gardiner after this season.

I would worry about your own teams cap problems right now and the very near future buddy.

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21 Oct 2018 19:38:08
Habby did you change your name to yupp?

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22 Oct 2018 00:10:47
I’m not whining about a cap problem. I’m saying Nylander isn’t worth $8.5 mill like everyone else has said haha you try telling me that mackinnon and scheifele signed years before draisatl and that’s why they make less. Then when that is shown to be very wrong, now it’s just luck lol okay.

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22 Oct 2018 02:40:41
No, Nylander isn't worth $8.5M if that's what he's asking. But we all know that if he player feels they are being low balled by the organization then they ask high, to settle somewhere in the middle. So if the Leafs are offering $6M and he feels he's worth more than he'll ask for a lot more then Hopefully settle somewhere above the $6M. If he actually thinks with only two 60 point seasons he's worth $8.5M then he's an idiot.

But again. McKinnon signed his deal coming off of a 52 and 53 point season with one season a few before that at 63. Drai was coming off of a 77 point season which was top ten In league scoring and had 16 points in 13 playoff games driving his own line as center, not on mcdavids wing. At the times they signed their deals, according to numbers there, Drai was worth more.
And yes is it a lucky great contract that McKinnon has a 92 point season after signing that deal, that's fantastic. Too bad for him it's a year late. What a great contract if he keeps that up. Colorado didn't pay for something that he "could have" be able to do.

With all the numbers I've provided and proven for you one thing still stands out for me is that you said Deai worth $7M and Nylander with $6.5-6.75M. That they are only $250,000 apart. That's crazy man. Do you actually believe that?

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22 Oct 2018 02:53:06
All I know. everyone not names McDavid is grossly overpaid.
If Mathews gets what he gets. it's just wrong.

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22 Oct 2018 18:59:44
Mcdavid, Tavares, Kane, Toews, Price, kopitar, Eichel, ovechkin, Malkin, Benn, Crosby, Subban, Perry (Seguin/ kucherov/ doughty starring next year) are the only players making more than draisatl. Nothing special there, just perennial all stars, cup champions, 50 goal scorers, hart trophies, Norris trophies, selkes, rocket Richards, people in the best player in the world conversations. Why wouldn’t a really good 2nd line Center be there with them lol.

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22 Oct 2018 19:00:47
And do I think Nylander is only wprth 250k less than draisatl? No. But if draisatl gets $2+ mill more than mackinnon, scheifele etc “because salaries went up so much” over the 13 months between those signings, then the 15 months between Leon and Nylander signings should close that gap too right? Or does that only work for Chiarelli?

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22 Oct 2018 19:23:39
You know he is going to ask for it and more Sosa. that deal is 2 years old i think and the cap has raised twice since then. I would hope that he signs for 11.5 so he is just a bit above Tavares, but that won't happen. 12.5 minimum i bet. And McDavid didn't ask for the max. which i believe is based off of a % of the total cap.

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22 Oct 2018 20:05:05
Lol. Your hate is really coming in strong on this one. Really reaching now bringing all those other guys into it when they were signed years before. Too funny.

So you said Drai only worth $7M and Nylander worth $6.75M. But now you're back tracking and saying you didn't mean it?

And once again, McKinnon signed his deal after 52 and 53 point seasons. Then all of a sudden shot up to 97 after the contract.
Drai signed his deal after a 77 point season and 16 points in 13 playoff games as a center on his own line, helped big time almost win two playoff series. So at the time they signed their deals, according to this numbers, Drai was worth more, AT THE TIME THEY SIGNED THEIR EXTENSIONS, Not now, things change and now some deals look like absolute steals. Drai still followed it up with another 70 point season mainly as center of his own line.

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22 Oct 2018 20:07:45
Lmao. What? Benn, Eichel, Subban, Price, Seguin haven't won a cup. What's eichel done? Drai had more points than him when he was 10th in league scoring and eichel was 11th. Why don't you whine about Sabres GM giving him so much?
Why don't you argue about all the other little contracts Chiarelli has overpaid for by $500K - $1M. I know them.

I can't wait for Mathews and Marners contracts to come in to look at the numbers. You're going to back track so Efin bad it's going to be hilarious.

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22 Oct 2018 20:29:47
Nylanders Last two seasons before this extension are actually better than McKinnons two seasons before he signed his extension. Lol.

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20 Oct 2018 16:21:37
I wonder, do Vegas realize there is a salary cap? 4.75 per year for alex tuch. I know he has a little upside but I'm sure a more team friendly deal could have been reached at this time.

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20 Oct 2018 16:51:39
I like Tuch but that contract seems like a lot. They’re trying to predict his production and lock him up cheaper down the road, I just never saw him as a big production guy. Maybe they see something we don’t though.

I have been saying for a while leafs should try to get Colin miller and I was actually typing a proposal for miller and Tuch when I heard they signed him lol

With leafs LW much weaker than RW, and Babcock stating he would like a cpl bigger heavier forwards, I though him at 6’4 220+ pounds, with great skating and a bit of offensive ability could be a great fit. But if they’re committing 7 years too him, they value him a lot more than I assumed.

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21 Oct 2018 02:37:34
Tuch will be Vegas’ Lucic?

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21 Oct 2018 16:13:37
@leafsGM, I don’t think he will be in that category because he’s still so young. lucic makes more and is over 30 with a lot of hard miles on him.

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20 Oct 2018 02:00:50
I remember just couple months ago swearing in disbelief that my favorite player on the Habs( Chuck) has been traded for a player with 1/3 goal production and less points in average. After only 6 games I'm starting to understand why Bergeving did the trade. Chucky just dint show up every night even when he had nights with 1 goal or assist some shift he was a nuisance because of lack of effort maybe. Anyways Domi brings a ton of energy and is a surpinsly good passer. 5 points in 6 games is not bad too. Wanted to see if Habs fan on here, if given the chance by Arizona to undo this trade(they proably wouldn't even with Chucky out hurt) would pull the trigger. I know its as little farfesh but eh!!!

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20 Oct 2018 05:34:42
I think it was a trade both players needed. I agree Galchenyuk didn't show up every night. and after, what was it? 6 seasons? . The promise of being a star on the Habs had faded. now in all fairness to Galchenyuk, he wasnt handled properly .
I like Domi, he does seem to be engaged in the play at all times. however, maybe he's just trying to I. press his new team ect . I don't think Yotes undo the trade . Both players needed a move. both still have good promise, so. see how it all unfolds.

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20 Oct 2018 16:22:26
In all honesty I wouldn't undo the trade. I liked chucky but he always left me wanting more. He had so much time here to improve and he just didn't do it. People talked about him being a good skater but he was never really fast IMO. Domi has much more speed. Chucky was here and now he's gone and it was probably the right time for a change for everyone.

I feel like he may become a solid goal scorer with Arizona if he can get his act together and create some chemistry with a few guys there but I don't think he was ever going to be more then a 20 goal 50 point guy in montreal. If domi can bring 50 plus points I think it's a win for montreal as he does a lot of other things that galchenyuk wouldn't do. Plus doing it for cheaper is a big bonus too.

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22 Oct 2018 19:32:12
At the time, i never would have made the trade. And as stated above, chucky was never handled properly. Two years ago he had a great start as our 1C and i think was at a PPG for abut 20 games, but took a bad injury. After he came back he lost his confidence and never played the same again. Took him off his line, took him out of position and nothing was working.
I hope he starts off at C in Arizona and lights it up! I hope Domi keeps it up with the Habs and it was a good overall hockey trade for everyone involved.

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19 Oct 2018 09:51:49
That was a nice goal for Kadri!

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19 Oct 2018 03:19:29
So I read that NHL is open to female officials....PLEASE NO!!!!

I get the whole Me Too Stuff.. , and womens equality and all that.. but c'mon.. keep em out of mens sports . How in the eff is a women going to stop say a guy like Gudbranson or anyone for that matter from knocking heads.??
Yes.. they can be a line judge in NFL.. ect,, but hockey is different.. the women will be in the line of fire every second of the game.. ya see a 215 lbs player accidentally hit a linesman almost every game , can you imagine that agaisnt a lady..
I mean this with all due respect.. however., please ladies , stay off the ice in the NHL.. I'm all for other aspects of the game..jus not on the ice of the most physical game on the planet

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19 Oct 2018 10:01:35
Yeah I'd have to agree only another reason for people to try and make the league even more like ballet on ice. First time a woman gets bumped by a player or gets knocked out trying to break up a fight it will be oooo we have to take all contact out of the game. Fighting is almost gone now which was the best part of the game lol. Really don't need for it to get any softer.

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19 Oct 2018 13:21:54
Agree, And they are saying it's going to happen it's just a matter of time.

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19 Oct 2018 20:16:35
So what? Let them. And as soon as they get hurt, they can quit. Lesson learned.

It’s not discrimination, it’s a fact. There are just certain jobs that only women can do and others only men can do. I highly doubt La Senza would hire me, even though I would enjoy working there.

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19 Oct 2018 23:47:19
I'm sure they can't be worse than some of the officiating we already see right.

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20 Oct 2018 00:03:18
I was a security guard for La Senza many years ago for the Xmas holidays, lol. Best job I ever had.

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20 Oct 2018 00:46:53
Who wants to hurt a woman. hockey has already lost some of its toughness. I jus say don't do this. and to any women that may read this. with all due respect.

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20 Oct 2018 16:24:48
I have full confidence they could call the game at least as good as the men who are there now. But the worry of one of them getting seriously injured is what bothers me about it. and unless there are big changes in the game and what is required of the refs on a nightly basis they will get hurt. And I really don't want anymore changes made.

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19 Oct 2018 01:37:21
Hmmm.....I agreed with Sports Center when they ranked him the 4th ranked center and I was called an idiot.......I said Mathews was the better player and was going to out produce Tavares and I was called an idiot....nothing's set in stone it's only 7 games into the season but I think my predictions aren't unreasonable whatsoever.

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19 Oct 2018 06:18:40
Like you said. only 7 to 8 games. he's good VB. we all know that. has had a great start. can't take that away, he very well may be even the 2nd best . But. let's play at least half the season . before we get into all this .

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19 Oct 2018 10:02:22
I recall people calling you an person but not for saying those two things. But if we are basing everything on 7 games wouldn't that mean he should have been the number 1 or 2 ranked center lol.

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19 Oct 2018 13:22:53
People have been calling you an person for multiple things of the last few months not just this. Lol.

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19 Oct 2018 13:37:03
Point is Mathews is/ Was underrated by a lot of people on here.

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19 Oct 2018 17:10:54
I don't care what he has done in 7 or 8 games VB. there are still probably 5 or more centerman I would take. that may change., however not in the first month of the season.

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19 Oct 2018 20:02:34
Sosa, who would be the 5 you would take? Actually just curious. To me there’s only 1 if I was starting a team for the future, and maybe a cpl others if it was for right now only.

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19 Oct 2018 20:21:16
Matthews s young, unbelievably talented, natural goal scorer, and is controllable for years.

There’s very few centers I would take over Matthews right now. He absolutely is top 5 in the game, and that’s a fact.

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19 Oct 2018 22:40:35
Right now considering the start he had and the fact he's still on a entry level deal you would have to rank him number 1 in terms of overall value. I don't think he will be that high on the list when he signs his new deal though but I guess if keeps up this pace maybe he will.

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20 Oct 2018 00:42:08
Well Jim, if we are going by age as of now. I'm going to say Mathews # 2.

But. if I have 1 year, and only one year .
I take
Stamkos/ Tavares
Bergeron/ Kopitar

And this is right now. by end of season I could very well change my tune.

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20 Oct 2018 16:25:00
I think I'd take him over tavares and stamkos right now Sosa but for one year the rest look pretty good. starting next season all of the guys you mentioned will be cheaper as well which helps their case too.

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20 Oct 2018 16:27:46
Fair list. I would have him above a cpl of those guys for 1 year. But agree long term he’s #2 at worst.

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20 Oct 2018 17:13:06
Has Mathews even has a top 10 league scoring year or had an 82 point year (PPG)? Just curious.
Hasn't even had a 70 point season yet.

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21 Oct 2018 01:54:07
He has had a PPG+ season last season.

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22 Oct 2018 19:05:59
45g 83pt pace last year through 62 games.

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17 Oct 2018 17:53:57
Habby and Turkey or anyone else who wants to chime in.. what ya feel about losing DeLaRose???

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17 Oct 2018 19:50:19
He was victim of a team overstocked with fringe/ depth players. He is talented and it sucks that we lost him for nothing. As long as he doesn’t turn into the next Paul Byron I don’t think it was a major loss to us.

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17 Oct 2018 22:38:48
It didn't seem like anyone was willing to make a trade I guess most teams are probably in the same situation with contracts. I thought it was the right call to put him on waivers after his " cardiac episode" I was suprised he was claimed. Could flourish in Detroit with more ice time as he has the potential to be more then he has shown. Best of luck to him.

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18 Oct 2018 01:34:12
Kinda sad to see him go. there is still potential there to be a good 2 Way centerman. was hoping he was the next Plekanec type for Habs.

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18 Oct 2018 15:28:12
I was sad to see him go and if i'm being honest (albeit, maybe a bit cold) i think MB made that choice at this time specifically because of his health concern thinking he would get through the wavers and no body would pick him up because of it.

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18 Oct 2018 17:18:21
I agree with u Turkey . was wondering same thing, If management felt he wouldn't get claimed due to health scare.
Wish him all the best., especially hope the kid doesn't have a lingering cardiac issue., especially at his age.

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18 Oct 2018 19:30:38
Oh for sure they were hoping and thinking nobody would claim him. I'm sure claude julien was most disappointed of all cause if not for the cardiac episode he would have played a few games already I think.

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19 Oct 2018 01:24:35
Don’t think he’s a player a fan should be upset losing could be a 3rd liner but you can get many players like him as a FA.

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17 Oct 2018 12:19:50
8 oiler goals so far this season. 8 points for mcdavid .

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17 Oct 2018 13:26:53
Make it the first 9 Oilers goals of the season he's been in on. Such a sad stat. I can't believe they win in OT and he wasn't in on the goal! It was amazing. Lol 🙄🙌🙈🙊😁.

I loved the line shake up for the third. Second and third line looked good together and had some chances. I'll criticize coach Todd Thursday night if he doesn't start it for the Bruins game
Nuge McDavid Rattie
Drake Drai Puljujarvi
Lucic Strome Yamamoto
Reider Brodziak/ Jujhar Kassian/ Jujhar
Drake and Reider can switch if needed as well.
I like those lines. I rather Juhar in instead of Brodziak, I think Brodziak is older and slower and don't like him in. Kassian was out for Jets game tho so that was interesting.

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17 Oct 2018 20:28:27
If Chiarelli could put together a slightly better than average team McDavid would take them to the playoffs every year. 😩 also yup I’d rather Khaira in Cagguilas spot I think. How about
Khaira - Draisaitl - Puljujarvi
Reider - Strome - Yamamoto
Lucic - Brodziak - Chaisson.

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17 Oct 2018 22:50:00
I like that they kept the lines for today's practice same as bird period last night like I wanted.

Nuge McDavid Rattie
Reider Drai Puljujarvi
Lucic Strome Yamamoto
Jujhar Brodziak Kassian

Ex: Drake, Chiasson

Like these better than Lucic on Drais wing. Hopefully they run with it for a while. going to be a very tough 6 games now vs 100 point teams. got to get through this then hopefully all will be alright.

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18 Oct 2018 13:27:05
Tough night for superstar top-line D man Jacob Trouba.

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17 Oct 2018 02:53:19
I know it’s really early on in the season but honestly should the oilers just fire the gm right now hire and new one (someone within the organization or an agm like Fenton or Futa if they would be willing to come) and start a whole new rebuild?
I find it ridiculous that guys like Draisaitl, and RNH are being paid 14.5 million and can’t produce points without Mcdavid, even guys like puljarvi might aswell find a trade partner with another team and get something before his value keeps decreasing cause Edmonton is not a good fit for him. Possibly guys like Klefbom and Talbot are out on the trade list because I’d say they are underporming for what the organization were originally expecting and if possible guys like Lucic and russell are dumped.

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17 Oct 2018 05:48:47
You must have posted this before the 3rd period of the Jets game. I don’t think there is much Edmonton can do. I don’t think they will get full value for a player like RNH. I do believe they need help at the RW position. If they move Draisaitl up with McDavid, then you need a 2nd line centre.

Just spitballing here. Would you trade RNH and Klefbom for Nylander? Or a package surrounding those players? I really don’t know what Edmonton can do. I don’t think starting over with a rebuild is the answer. I don’t think the fans will want to hear they are going to rebuild again. I don’t want to hear that. They have been rebuilding for half my life.

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17 Oct 2018 07:15:49
RNH and Klefbom for Nylander? Where is FairTrade4all when you need him? The future selke winner RNH and a #1 stud defenseman for an overrated winger.
In all honesty I think the leafs add a 1st and both teams consider it. RNH can still put up pretty good #’s and is better defensively than Nylander. Klefbom is still solid defensively is he not? Then there’s Nylander playing alongside McDavid or Draisaitl and that would be nice to see.
I’d do RNH and Klefbom for Nylander and 1st ( leafs let Gardiner walk) . I don’t know that Edmonton has defenseman in the system that are good enough to fill the void of Klefbom though.

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17 Oct 2018 12:22:14
I think Edmonton would have to make Nurse/ Larsson their first defensive pairing. I’m just trying to think of something that changes the look in Edmonton. AO99 is right. The only threat is McDavid. Edmonton needs some kind of secondary scoring. I don’t know if Nylander is the answer to that problem but he becomes their best right winger. Maybe Toronto has to add a prospect like Johnnson and pick. Is that enough to shake things up in Edmonton.

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17 Oct 2018 14:41:18
Jesus Christ. 4 games into the season they are .500.
Drai and Nuge have 5 points in 4 games. They started off on a long road trip in Europe and play about 8 straight games vs 100 point teams from last season after flying back from Europe. That's a tough start.
If anyone is up to be criticized it's Chiarelli for not doing much and overpaying. I've given him long enough of a chance and am now really disliking him. Second year in a row we start out with Sekera injured and you think fringe guys like Garrison, Gravol, Jerebek can fill in? And last year Gryba, Auuvitu, That's just so bad. Garrison and Benning are terrible together

Now I'll be super critical of coach Todd if he doesn't start the lines he had in the third period last night for the home opener vs Boston on Thursday. They looked good, give it some games and let's get going. Still early in the season and hopefully we can find a few wins vs these teams coming up. Boston, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Washington, Nashville. That's a rough start.

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17 Oct 2018 15:22:55
That’s just it. It’s 4 games in and the cracks are starting to show. McDavid will be spent by Christmas if they keep playing him so much. I just hope for the NHL and it’s fans that McDavid doesn’t miss the playoffs again. Yup you watch this team. Do believe they are a playoff team? Does everything need to go right for them to make it? Can Talbot be good or does he have to be amazing every night for them to have a chance to win? Is Benning better than Bear? That 3rd pairing is scary every time they are on the ice. (Not in a good way)

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17 Oct 2018 19:19:49
Leafs17 I think you’re right about the fans not wanting to sit through another rebuild but honestly it’s what they need. Mcdavid is 21 going to be 22 years old this season, if they tear everything apart they should be done rebuilding (if properly) in 3-4 seasons when Mcdavid is 25, he’s still young enough to where he’s not wasting his prime years. It’s not the ideal situation but when you’re paying RNH and Draisaitl top dollars to be CENTERS but they don’t play center or when they do, they perform badly, I think it’s time to call it time and start from the ground up. Also if with these players they’re a bottom 5-8 team really what’s the incentive to keep this core together?

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17 Oct 2018 22:36:03
Klefbom and RNH makes zero sense for leafs lol

The point of trading Nylander would be strengthening RHD and saving money. So bring back $11 million dollars in a LHD and a Centreman who would be 3rd/ 4th line on the team.

But regardless, it’s early.

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17 Oct 2018 22:41:58
McDavid played 22 minutes in a game that went to OT so he’s not playing a crazy amount. Talbot has to be good and you can argue he hasn’t been for a while now. Chairelli needs to trade for an above average NHL D. One to bump Benning down to third pairing and I think the D would look fairly good IMO.
Klefbom - Larsson
Nurse -?
Russel - Benning.

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18 Oct 2018 00:01:13
A099 I didn’t say anything about the fans or a rebuild. I simply said that Nylander alone was not enough for RNH and Klefbom.
Jim I totally agree that the leafs need RD, they don’t need a center (even though he plays wing also) and need to save money. However, RNH comes in cheaper than Nylander and is better defensively. Klefbom becomes 2nd pairing LD allowing Gardiner to walk. It does not change the RD situation but Nylander/ Gardiner is much more expensive than Hopkins/ Klefbom. I’d still rather a one for one with Nylander and a RD.

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18 Oct 2018 01:30:11
Ya I'm only a Benning fan when playing third pairing with Sekera or Russell myself.
That spot there with nurse is Russells when Sekera is healthy and Bouchards next year. Need a better bandaid than Garrison, Gravol or Jerebek (like Chiarelli thought would be fine when signed them to cheap deal and PTO) . This is what I'm critical of Chiarelli for. Same Efin thing last season when knew Sekera would be out until December and had $7.8M in cap space! Thought a combo of Gryba, Auuvitu and Benning would handle third pairng full NHL time. That's a joke.

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16 Oct 2018 03:28:33
There was a play in the montreal Detroit game that is found interesting. Petry gets high sticked refs don't see it detroit scores.now petry is bleeding like he's had his lips cut off with a chain saw. My question is if we got to sit through a video review on every goal when there is a player close to the goalie to see if there was interference or not wouldn't it be a good idea to allow the refs in situation like this to check the video and see what they missed. It meant nothing tonight as montreal had a 5 goal lead but in a closer game or in the playoffs it would really suck . What should have happened was no goal and a 4 minute powerplay for montreal. What actually happened was a goal for Detroit and montreals top dman missed about 8 mins getting stitched up I assume. Just as an example if the leafs were up 1 to 0 in the playoffs and this happened to reilly. Leafs could probably score twice on that 4 min powerplay and put the game out of reach instead it's now 1to 1.the gretzky high stick in 93 still gets talked about we don't need another when all it takes is a glance on the iPad.

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16 Oct 2018 15:34:09
I don’t like the idea of video review for penalties. When it’s a serious offense, the league looks and can suspend if needed. I would be pissed if it happened in a close game to my team for sure, but on the other hand, I would feel equally cheated if the call wasn’t made on the ice, we scored and then they take that away and put you shorthanded. I like penalties being left as the ref sees it, or a linesman can help in a serious case like that one. But once you let a ref use video to make a call, then they will want them to look at video to reverse a call. I’d rather trust the ref on the ice, they won’t always be perfect, but they’re pretty good most of the time.

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16 Oct 2018 16:43:02
Otherwise we have video review for puck over the glass, because a ref getting that wrong can change a game drastically. Then a tripping call at closer look shows the guy loses an edge and the players stick near his skates was actually an inch away and never touched him. Now review it and pull the guy out of the box. It’s too much. And to implement it for all these situations for the very rare case like Petry last night I think would be an overreaction.

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16 Oct 2018 17:42:24
I agree with you Jim to an extent. But i think if blood is drawn, review should be permitted.

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16 Oct 2018 17:35:13
I agree jim I think it should be left up to the refs. On everything including goaltender interference. But I also feel if they go to review for that then they should go to it for other things. Not every time but when a player is bleeding or is obviously injured they should have the choice.

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16 Oct 2018 21:33:01
Yeah, I dunno. I’ve always found the ‘draws blood’ thing a little hokey too. A guy takes a stick to the face and bites his lip or a drop of blood comes from his nose and it’s worse than a guys losing an eye, breaking his nose or getting a broken jaw from a stick to the face? Drawing blood can be the most harmless injury that looks bad. With all we now know about head injuries and sports science in general, I would think we are past the point of judging the severity of injury by blood in 2018 lol.

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17 Oct 2018 12:17:42
It's not about the severity of the injury it's about an obvious high stick that the refs missed. Like I said earlier petry missed about 8 mins of the game. injury had very little to do with it. It was about the rules of the game being enforced correctly. We could argue all day about how stupid the goaltender interference call is to a league that's trying to increase scoring.

But I assume they have it in place to protect the goalies which is fine but they have video review for that 5 times a night. How would an extra 2 or 3 video reviews a week hurt anything?

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17 Oct 2018 12:18:47
And I don't think it should be a mandatory review I just think the refs should have the option. You could see last night they knew they had botched the call but they never saw it and didn't have the option of checking the replay to make the right call. It was pretty obvious in that case that petry didn't bite his lip.

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17 Oct 2018 22:37:41
Yeah, I’m not saying he did, or that that one wasn’t blood for a good reason. I’m just saying as a general statement while we were discussing penalty calls, the drawing blood rule is outdated and pretty dumb too.

I just think it’s hard to determine a threshold of when to look. Will a coach be able to complain they missed a call and have the refs look? Or will it be on their own will to feel like they missed a call and go look again? Because what happens the first time they don’t look at a replay when a team thinks they did Miss the call? Then it just opens up another way to doubt the integrity of an official. Like I said, it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good and usually balances out the way it is.

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18 Oct 2018 15:32:50
Yeah will even a coaches challenge might work. But it would probably be better if it was up to the refs.

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19 Oct 2018 20:11:52
Last night in the leaf game Hyman got a stick to the face, up under the visor and cut his eyebrow for stitches. No call. Now I’m going to flip flop on the issue, this is an atrocity! Change the rule! Lol.

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19 Oct 2018 22:37:32
That's my point though jim, I'd just hate for something so obvious to the viewer to see be missed by the refs. And again not every play cause there are close calls that are calked and not called that you look at the replay and say ok I can see how they missed that.

But then there are those rare times that with two refs on the ice you scratch your head and say how the heck did they miss that. And not that bleeding is usually a severe injury but if a player is cut chances are it's because of a penalty. So just check the replay and make the right call.

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