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29 Sep 2019 21:26:56
Jake Virtanen for Dal Colle

Pretty straightforward trade made for obvious reasons.

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30 Sep 2019 00:52:54
NYI add a solid pick obviously not a 1st but something decent.

30 Sep 2019 01:13:46
Virtanen may be inconsistent, but at least he’s an NHL’er, not to mention his size and speed. Virtanen>>>>>Dal Colle.

30 Sep 2019 05:06:44
Easy Vertius we know you're a canucks fan, you don't got to make it obvious

30 Sep 2019 15:27:28
I like Virtanen, wish Habs could get him.

30 Sep 2019 19:16:25
Looks like a good trade for both teams.

30 Sep 2019 22:40:17
Me being a Canucks fan has nothing to do with it, my points still stand. Virtanen is an NHL regular - although sometimes inconsistent - who’s coming off his best year in the NHL who’s also a big body that can skate like the wind.

Dal Colle is 23 with 7 pts and 32 games under his belt. The fact that people are even considering these two players as ‘equal’ is more jokeworthy than memarcus’ Clownish over evaluations of Jets players.

30 Sep 2019 23:53:16
@Vertius. You are unbelievable hypocritical and ironic. Coming from the same guy that thinks two low end prospects of Philadelphia is worth more than a solid contributing nhl player like Kerfoot is, I got to know how you twist this one along with your response to the trade above to make any sense.

01 Oct 2019 00:05:27
The fact that you think Frost is a ‘low-end prospect’ says everything lmao.

01 Oct 2019 00:16:30
Yes, he is a low end prospect actually. The fact that you can’t tell the difference between a top end prospect that makes the nhl before 20 vs. a guy that has to get his points playing against kids four to five years younger than him tells me all I need to know.

You still didn’t explain your two completely different positions on these trades. How do you justify what you wrote here compared to what you wrote up above?

01 Oct 2019 01:01:01
LOL. and the frost debate goes on. when there is a split between parties on judging whether a prospect is top end or not should say enough. we never ever debated if hughes, dahlin, hischier, matthews, mcdavid, ekblad, mckinnon, hall, tavares, stamkos, crosby or ovechkin are top players because it was odvious. Once something isn't odvious then its odvious that its not that special.

01 Oct 2019 17:42:06

There’s a difference between Frost and Dahlin, McDavid, MacKinnon etc. I said he was a top prospect, not a franchise prospect.

@HockeyFanatic, it’s funny how you’re demanding answers from me and yet you so blatantly ignore my dismantling of this trash post. Just admit it, you didn’t do any research before posting this. It’s alright, memarcusjoe doesn’t either, you can join the delusional Jets club (:

01 Oct 2019 20:27:08
If all the franchise players play center or D then they are the #1 C or #1 d so dubbing a non franchise prospect the title of future#1 C or D. those are designated for franchise players.

Guess if teams called
Line 1 franchise line
Line 2 line 1
Line 3 checking line
Line 4 prospect and plugger line

1st pair D franchise D
2nd pair D. Pair 1
3rd pair prospect and pluggerD

Then you could call guys like frost and thomas future 1C as they would be Unfortunetly that's not the case and the franchise guys play on the top line
Sorry if that's the way it is i don't make up the names.



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