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27 Mar 2021 05:15:19
Leafs: Recieve Johnny Hockey Sam Bennett
Flames: Recieve William Nylander, Nick Robertson, Alex Kerfoot,

Toronto gets a little extra scoring punch for two years I've Johnny Gaudreau. I got a little tougher with Sam Bennett who's great playoff player and Toronto gets a little bit of Relief with the offset contract.

Calgary gets the right winger that they've always needed, Nick Robertson in the future play maker and Alex Kerfoot an extra centre that helps offset contract

Am I close or just one team get a little bit more

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27 Mar 2021 08:52:04
Nylander bothers me a lot. he’s way lazier than Gaudreau and Gaudreau has more offensive upside. But the value isn’t bad, I’d say take out Robertson and add a 1st and it’s a deal

Nylander, Kerfoot and 1st for Gaudreau and Bennett

That is if Gaudreau signs long term with Toronto.

27 Mar 2021 14:55:36
We don't want Nylander!

27 Mar 2021 14:59:03
We don't want Kerfoot either.

The only players Toronto has that Calgary would be interested in trading Gaudreau for (in fact we'd add) are players Toronto wouldn't trade.

And Benny, make it Mykayev and maybe.

27 Mar 2021 18:59:51
NotACasual you realize Robertson>>>>>>>>>the leafs 1st and probably is worth more then Nylander too?

27 Mar 2021 19:02:41
Yeah sure a bottom feeder team on par with Toronto’s AHL team is only interested in 3 players on the 1st place team in Canada.

27 Mar 2021 21:20:55
@nylander that’s why I said take out Robertson. The Nylander and 1st is more than enough for Gaudreau. Robertson and Nylander is an overpayment in my opinion.

28 Mar 2021 05:50:11
Ohh okay that makes much more sense.

28 Mar 2021 11:26:36
Yeah Robertson is worth more than the 1st imo, that first will likely be around 20-32nd Overall Selection. I think Nylander and 20-32nd Overall is more than enough for 1 more year of Gaudreau.

28 Mar 2021 19:26:31
@Nylander you don't get it. When Calgary moves Gaudreau it won't be for an overpaid soft, lazy player like Nylander. The whole reason for moving Gaudreau is he's too small and soft for the Flames. Nylander is bigger, he is a right shot RW and he's even from Calgary but he's still soft and lazy. Sutter wants players who work hard every shift.

07 Apr 2021 01:24:00
Sutter better not still be the coach after this year. The guy is not meant for the NHL in 2021.



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