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13 Jun 2022 14:33:07
Devils Trade
2nd Overall Pick 2022
99th Overall Pick 2022

Leafs Trade
25th Overall Pick 2022

Thoughts ?

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13 Jun 2022 15:57:23
Both teams say no. Toronto because Dubass won't trade Nylander. NJ because if they go after a high priced winger it won't be Nylander while Zacha and Foote are worth than Kerfoot and Holl.

13 Jun 2022 16:36:45
Huge over payment and this makes absolutely zero sense for NJD.

Kerfoot and Holl are rentals and Nylander is only 2 years away from another difficult contract negotiation. They already have Bratt and Mercer, can sign Free Agent's Gaudreau or Forsberg instead without losing or giving up assets OR they could obtain DeBrincat or another Top Star with their 2nd Overall pick.

We know you want the best for your Leafs, but as always, NHL Teams do not exist to simply help out and benefit the Toronto Maple Leafs.

13 Jun 2022 18:15:35
Huge no from NJD.

13 Jun 2022 23:33:08
I forgot Kerfoot and Holl are rentals now, that makes it even more lopsided in favor of Toronto.

14 Jun 2022 12:24:58
@Moxnix the amount of bad talk about those players, I’d assume them being rentals increases their value?

14 Jun 2022 15:20:25
Actually Holl has some value, he's not overpaid like Kerfoot.

14 Jun 2022 16:08:58

You can tell you don’t watch the leafs.

14 Jun 2022 17:59:31
Kerfoot and Holl are underrated players worth their contracts. Holl had some struggles this year and coughed up too many very bad giveaways, but they're both rentals and therefore are nowhere close to the value of Zacha or Foote.

14 Jun 2022 19:35:34
If Kerfoot was worth his contract the Leafs would have moved him by now like they've been trying to do for years.

14 Jun 2022 19:45:05
The problem with Kerfoot is he's not good enough to be a top 6 and not big/ gritty/ physical enough to be a high value bottom 6. He can fill in for either in a pinch but that doesn't make him a good middle 6 player.

If he was a little bigger/ grittier/ more physical or a little better he'd be a middle 6 player worth his contract. But he isn't, he's an overpaid mediocre bottom 6 player.

14 Jun 2022 23:17:01
I understand your point, but $3.5mil/ yr is about right for a Veteran putting up 0.50ppg. He's smart, defensively responsible, hits, blocks shots and kills penalties. He put up more points than Backlund @5.35mil and Coleman @4.9mil.

If he were better at taking Faceoffs, I might consider him for the Flames, otherwise we don't really need him. Better deals out there to be had for sure, but it's not like he's being paid $5.25-6.375mil to put up 0.25-0.33ppg, like we're getting out of Lucic and Monahan at the moment. I think it's the Maple Leafs fans who are frustrated and wanted him traded. Anyways, we may have to agree to disagree from time to time.



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