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08 Feb 2024 15:36:32
Philadelphia Trades

Toronto Trades
Minton (AHL)
1st Round Pick 2024

*Flyers retain 50% of both Atkinson's 2 remaining years, and SWalker's expiring contract.

This is a proposal that can only happen once Woll is ready to play.

Flyers at a point of a bit of rebuilding and retooling and this proposal does this.

Leafs fix upfront and defense with this proposal which they will be looking at.

Thoughts ?

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08 Feb 2024 21:13:57
- PHI hangs up.

- It is predictable in that it heavily favours the leafs, and the exchange of assets is inequitable.

- Another predictable element of this trade is that there is no compensation for TWO salary retention spots for TWO spots, one of which is for this season and next, and the other for TWO seasons after this.

- Further to not compensating PHI for salary retention, there's no compensation for taking on Samsonov.

- I suppose it's also predictable that it's heavy on forwards, with only one D.

- Lastly, it is predictable that one of two responses will come: "you hate the leafs", or something snarky that implies compensation for Samsonov and the two cap hits beyond this season IS somehow included, but I'm just unable or unwilling to see it.

#"Fantasy Hockey"

08 Feb 2024 23:24:01
You do understand Philly has no Goaltender to speak of with Hart's career probably over.
NRobertson has proven he actually is an NHL Player with his play this season.
Samsonov besides a few months ago is showing it was just a bad streak as he has been steady and does have 2 shutouts this season, how is that a terrible Goaltender.
Minton is a legit prospect and to say a 1st Rounder means nothing again makes no sense.
As for retention for SWalker it's an expiring contract and Atkinson has rest of this season and next, that's not long term.
Please at least have a real argument when replying to my post, and no not going to say it's trashing Toronto as this is about what all players involved bring in a proposal like this.

09 Feb 2024 00:12:09
Pinball, your view of the game is uniquely your own. I suspect you are alone in thinking this makes any hockey sense to anyone else.

This one is not close.

09 Feb 2024 14:01:45
I don’t know if they want to trade Laughton but this is a haul for two mid roster players and a 34 year old. Robertson, 1st, Minton all young pieces Philly would want. Also Samsonov is a UFA so he has no value to Philly.

10 Feb 2024 14:00:39
Value wise, I'd say it's not far but I think Toronto should use their three main assets (1st, Robertson, Minton) to acquire more impactful players than Laughton, Atkinson and Walker.

I'd start trade talks with Calgary, for example, to get a player like Hanifin.



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