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03 Jan 2017 21:51:14
New Jersey Devils- Cory Schneider
Winnipeg Jets- Kyle Connor and Connor Hellebuyck

Ok so the Devils aren't looking to good by any means, and Schneider is being completely wasted away behind the worst defense in the and it isn't even really debatable. The Jets look like they are a good goalie away from being a contender, and with the depth that their offense has, they can afford to trade away Kyle Connor. Hellebuyck would have to be added so the Devils would have their goalie for the future. Now I know as a Devils fan, I would definitely do this trade, as it is able to start up a rebuild, but I know some Winnipeg fans that would be willing to do it as well. They have all of the pieces except for a goalie, and SchneiDer just seems like a perfect fit.


1.) 03 Jan 2017 22:20:42
Devils add?
Hellebuyck's save % at this point in the season is better than Schneider"s.

2.) 03 Jan 2017 22:23:25
Somebody with a simple mind would say that this trade could work. Somebody who thinks further then your simple explanation would see clearly that your missing the big picture. Ill let you find out on your own my uneducated friend.

3.) 03 Jan 2017 22:27:33
I like it but I may over value Schneider I think he's a top3 goalie in the NHL but I may be the only one but he's having a bad season.

4.) 03 Jan 2017 22:47:51
Schneider isn't getting traded. So there's that.

5.) 03 Jan 2017 23:46:15
I like how mcjesus habs knows everything about hockey. Your potential is wasted here bud, supplying knowledge to all of these uneducated ppl. When will you be taking over as Montreal's GM?

6.) 04 Jan 2017 00:04:06
100â„… right on that one.

7.) 04 Jan 2017 01:35:09
my ascension as Mtl GM's is a long but sure journey for your info Beejay.

8.) 04 Jan 2017 01:51:12
Yeah what exactly is the big pricture Mr. Educated? IMO I think the age difference and the age of the core of Winnipeg makes it a no from them.

9.) 04 Jan 2017 03:30:37
He did say he would prefer Tkachuk over McDavid. he must know something we all dont. if you become GM, can u try and retire Craig Ludwigs number 17. thanks.

10.) 04 Jan 2017 05:39:07

If you find someone to be uneducated or of a simple mind how about you educate them instead of being a jerk if you're some kid of hockey guru. There is enough condescension on this site already, don't add to it.

P. S. Declaring someone wrong doesn't prove your non-arguement correct.

11.) 09 Jan 2017 15:55:51
mc j is right selling future is not an option

12.) 09 Jan 2017 15:59:21
nc j is not wrong selling off the future is not an option jets rebuild is only 70 % complete another lotto win and were 80 % and moving players for a guess is foolish at this time



03 Aug 2016 16:35:58
Calgary gets Marc Fayne + 2nd round pick
Edmonton gets Dennis Wideman

Calgary would shed around 2 million in salary, but receive longer term, which is why Edmonton is sending Calgary a 2nd. Edmonton would receive a decent option for their power play qb, and shed one of their bad contracts in the process. This could help Calgary of they are having trouble signing Gaudreau and Monahan.


1.) 03 Aug 2016 17:13:18
I just wouldn't give away a second round no way. Maybe like a 4/ 5th round.

2.) 03 Aug 2016 17:46:10
lol a 2nd for Wideman?

3.) 03 Aug 2016 17:50:03
Yea, I thought it might have favored Calgary a little bit with the pick. What if Calgary added a 3rd round pick?

4.) 03 Aug 2016 19:42:21
I think Calgary and Edmonton have made 1 trade ever in there history. Or at least in the last 25 years. They don't like each other.

5.) 03 Aug 2016 19:58:52
Edmonton does not have a 2nd rounder to send. Wideman is a penalty drawing machine currently with all the NHL officials having eyes on him constantly. Calgary is stuck with Wideman until he can prove he can play, and all the heat is off of him for his intentional assault on an official who is still recovering from his injury. Could be a lawsuit similar to Bertuzzi creating an off ice circus. Last thing the Oilers need is a distraction like that.

6.) 03 Aug 2016 20:31:57
Consider Fayne has little to no trade value it's probably fair. Don't know why Oilers would want Wideman.

7.) 03 Aug 2016 20:34:05
Yeah your blowing that out of proportion.



01 Aug 2016 18:51:43
New Jersey Devils trade Mike Cammaleri (@ 20% retained), Jon Merrill, and a 2018 3rd round pick
New York Islanders trade a conditional pick, Mikhail Grabovski, and Adam Pelech

Condition: if Mike Cammalari scores 55+ points, the New Jersey Devils receive a 2017 1st round pick, and if he scores under 55 points, the New Jersey Devils receive a 2017 2nd round pick.
Thoughts on the proposal?


1.) 01 Aug 2016 19:00:09
Well I don't know why Devils would make that trade. That's my opinion. I really like Cammaleri, but don't know much about Merill. I think Grabovski is terrible, and I don't know much about Pelech. So from my perspective I think it's a stupid trade for NJ unless that conditional pick from NYI turns into a guarenteed 1st round.

2.) 01 Aug 2016 21:17:39
So what if the trade looked something like this
Cammaleri (@ 20% retained), Jon Merrill


2017 1st, Grabovski (cap dump), Ho Sang.

3.) 01 Aug 2016 22:15:38
Way better devs. Even if Ho Sang has been in some trouble, he's still a good hockey player and then you also get the 1st round. That's a way better offer.

4.) 02 Aug 2016 02:06:34
Man, rememeber the days when Grabovksi was actually GOOD?

now i know that's shocking but. i'm not done.

he was actually GOOD while playing on the LEAFS.

5.) 02 Aug 2016 02:37:20
Second one is better for the Devils but I think that's a lot for NYI to give up. Ho sang is still in their plans. 1 yr removed from being a 1st plus add in next years 1st for an aging but pretty good winger with a 5 mill salary (4mill with retention) after the money spent on Ladd. Not sure it works but value is closer.



01 Aug 2016 18:37:30
Antoine Vermette on waivers for purpose of a buyout.


1.) 01 Aug 2016 18:44:34
Not going to lie that's a pretty big name on the market right now for whoever needs a centerman.

2.) 01 Aug 2016 23:08:28
Oilers should pursue right away, at the right price.

3.) 01 Aug 2016 23:55:35
He's great on face offs, provides leadership and should come at a cheap price. I see him getting picked up within a week of his contract termination. I think he's looking at a 1 year 1.5-2.5 Mil deal.

4.) 02 Aug 2016 02:07:02

Wow, good thing that you aren't going to lie.

5.) 02 Aug 2016 03:49:21
Anybody know why this happened? Saw on twitter and i don't really understand why Arizona decided to do this.

6.) 02 Aug 2016 05:00:33
Lol what? What are you talking about Tyson.

7.) 02 Aug 2016 05:01:05
Are you being funny or something like I'm actually confused lol.



02 Jul 2016 12:13:38
New Jersey - Anaheim
New Jersey receives Cam Fowler and Clayton Stoner
Anaheim receives both New Jersey's and Boston's 2nd round picks next year, and Reid Boucher
The Devils get a massive upgrade on the backend after trading away their top pairing defenseman, but they receive a new one in Cam Fowler, and take on another defenseman who can serve as their 7th defenseman.
Anaheim gets a little bit of a project left wing sniper, but would thrive in a top 6 role, and also receive two 2nd round picks which Anaheim could flip for players at the deadline, or use at the draft.


1.) 02 Jul 2016 13:49:59
If it is unclear, the picks are in 2017.

2.) 02 Jul 2016 14:00:20
Jets add a Sweetner.

3.) 02 Jul 2016 15:51:43
I meant Devils.

4.) 02 Jul 2016 16:46:13
Honestly this post is confusing and I'm not trying to read it. But Devils add. Those picks won't get you Fowler alone.

5.) 02 Jul 2016 23:13:06
What if the 2nd rounders were changed to a 1st rounder.




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18 Feb 2017 20:50:21
Viktor Loov for Sergei Kalinin


1.) 19 Feb 2017 01:50:41
totally disagree.

2.) 19 Feb 2017 19:42:43
Not believable at all. Never happen.

3.) 20 Feb 2017 01:34:35
If you guys didn't realize this trade just happened yesterday or are you guys being sacrastic.

4.) 20 Feb 2017 02:57:31
One of those two, yes.

5.) 20 Feb 2017 07:14:20

6.) 20 Feb 2017 23:02:52
Fake news.

7.) 21 Feb 2017 00:44:14
Lol. I initially wanted to say that Chirp, But that's your thing. Haha.



08 Feb 2017 23:09:47
Couple of Devils trades that I thought of
Nj: Kyle Quincey
Any other team (LA?): 3rd round pick

Nj: PA Parenteau
Any other team: 2nd round pick

If Shatty walks and the Devils have a 1st round pick ranging from 12-30

Sign Shatty 6×6.5

Devils: Damon Severson, John Quenneville, 2017 1st round pick
Colorado: Duchene

After the expansion draft...

Devils: Mike Cammalleri (50% retained), 3rd round pick
Anaheim: Jacob Larsson, 4th round pick

Devils going into next year
Hall - Zacha - Palmieri
Wood - Henrique - Speers
Blandisi - Zajac - Lappin
Coleman - McLeod - (free agent signing)

Greene - Shatty
Larsson - Santini
Merrill - Lovejoy



1.) 09 Feb 2017 01:29:37
Just wondering about this Larsson guy isn't he an oiler.

2.) 09 Feb 2017 06:56:17
In one his proposals he traded for Jacob Larsen of Anaheim not the Adam Larsen in Edmonton.

3.) 09 Feb 2017 13:43:53
Looks like forgot to add Duchene.

4.) 11 Feb 2017 23:25:04
Ya sorry bout that must of missed something.



22 Jul 2016 17:25:50
Evander Kane arrested in Buffalo.





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20 Feb 2017 01:33:13
Absolutely no chance from Anaheim. Manson is their top pairing defenseman next to Lindholm, and has been their second best defenseman this year.




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09 Feb 2017 14:29:55
Also D3vs4L1fe is my other account, just changed it to this one.




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07 Feb 2017 01:43:32
Lol Rico for a pile of garbage no thanks.




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07 Feb 2017 01:40:09
I want absolutely no part of Bobby Ryan and his awful contract. The other trade I like though. I hope Kyle Quincey could bring back a 3rd, as he is likely being shopped.




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04 Feb 2017 18:51:39
No easy decline for Anaheim.





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20 Feb 2017 01:34:35
If you guys didn't realize this trade just happened yesterday or are you guys being sacrastic.




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04 Feb 2017 15:19:36
The value is not even remotely close.




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29 Jan 2017 00:47:00
Toews on that list is an absolute joke. Has never even been the best player on his own teammate and is somehow on a top 100 list because of "intangibles" Complete joke. And Kane hasn't proven enough to deserve a spot. Thornton and Iginla not on is a joke over those overrated bums




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26 Jan 2017 21:37:54
Love it. k99 still doesn't accept




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26 Jan 2017 21:35:39
I would take Hischier over Patrick personally.