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26 Jan 2024 03:58:12
Blockbuster 3way

Mtl- monahan-savard-harris-2nd pick 2025

Van- garland-hoglander-lettermaki-1st pick 2024





Anh- lettermaki-garland-hoglander-1 st pick vancouver- 2nd pick Habs 2025

Mtl get an elite top 6

Van solidify def core and top six with really good veteran presence with Savard and Monahan and get rid of garland contract

Anh- get lettermaki an elite prospect goal scorer, hoglander as a good upside with a change of scenary, and 2 good picks and top 9 forward in garland

What you guys think?

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26 Jan 2024 13:14:56
The teams that aren't Montreal don't touch that.

26 Jan 2024 15:01:06
I can see something like this happening.

26 Jan 2024 16:18:44
VAN loses that by a lot IMO.
Garland > Savard
1st > Monohan
Haglander = Harris?
Lekkerimaki >>> nothing.

26 Jan 2024 18:52:19
@Ebsolutely, I think you're undervaluing Savard and Monahan.

Savard is a shutdown top 4 dman who eats lots of minutes, is right-handed and has some offensive upside whereas Garland is an energy top 9 player who has decent offensive upside and can bring secondary scoring (dime a dozen on the market) .

Monahan is a good two-way 2C who's on pace for around 60pts, can play LW/ RW and is on a bargain of a cap hit, at 1.9M AAV. As a rental alone, it wouldn't surprise me if he got more than a late 1st.

27 Jan 2024 06:01:48
Maybe you’re right about Savard, he does play top 4 minutes and the more valuable position. Although he’d probably be a number 5 on a cup team, he’s 6 years older and he has bad underlying numbers.

As for Monahan he’d be a 2nd tier deadline forward so I’m thinking more likely a 2nd maybe 2nd+. Lindholm, Guentzel then Monahan, Tarasenko, Henrique. Likely more 2nd tier guys made available closer to the deadline.

Either way the three comparisons in value I made I believe to be close but then VAN gives up a recent 15OA for nothing.

27 Jan 2024 14:09:19
@Ebsolutely, yep Lekkerimaki is a bit too much to add.

27 Jan 2024 14:59:09
Anaheim make out like bandits.



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