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29 Jan 2024 05:46:14
Rumors is Monahan going to NYR

mtl- monahan-pearson half retain 3rd pick 2024

Nyr- kakko and 1st pick 2024

At the draft

Mtl Nyr 1st pick-farell-Anderson-armia

Clb- laine

Laine on NHLPA help need a change of scenary


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29 Jan 2024 06:37:43
- that would be a huge overpayment for Laine. (going in the NHL/ NHLPA Assistance plan would bring his value down. )

- Laine hasn’t scored 30 in 5 long seasons.

- Habs traded a pick for the negotiating rights to sign Anderson. They’d never be trusted by a Free Agent again if they traded him back.

29 Jan 2024 16:00:26
Laine had 22 goal and 52 pts last year, maybe the injury prone is the problem. But I'm not too bother by is mental issue he had rough time last 2 year, with injury and uncertainty.

Hugues didn't trade for Anderson, it was Bergevin and it was like 3 years ago, I don't think it would affect Habs reputation at all.

29 Jan 2024 16:15:59
Anderson has low value, farell a b propect, armia has negative value and a late first for a 6.4 goal scorer who need a scenary change, I do not agree is an over payment.

29 Jan 2024 18:38:25
- I respectfully disagree with everything put forth, and I like a player like Anderson.

- Laine is owed 2 x 8.7M after this season. Give me Anderson ANY day and his 3 x 5.5M going forward. His teammates, coaches, and fans love him. No one ever knows what to expect from Laine, and he’s well-removed from the best he had to offer.

29 Jan 2024 20:30:13
He’s been a point per game in 2 of the 3 ish seasons in Columbus. Anderson hasn’t touched .5 ppg and is getting further away from it at 30.

30 Jan 2024 02:36:13
There’s more to measure a player by than points, Inthink we can agree on that? Perhaps? Some other day? ?

I just don’t value Laine as a player as you do. Power to you, but there’s just something not right about Laine. He peaked in his career early. He’s a different cat and not someone I would line up to add.

30 Jan 2024 12:44:09
Laine reminds me of Semin. All the skill in the world to be a prolific player in the league. just lazy and can't put it together.

30 Jan 2024 13:26:00
That's a good comparison MG. Semin, and players like him, just have ungodly skills with the puck.

Skill without will is easily neutralized by ham and egger who is willing to outwork them. Just another why a player like Crosby, who works harder than anyone, is so special. and well on his way to scoring 50 at age 37.

30 Jan 2024 15:35:50
Semin had some big years in the NHL, I’d take him in his prime. Getting points is what teams want and what gets you paid. Love all the intangibles for sure but you have to be productive and Anderson gets paid like a 50-60 point player.

30 Jan 2024 19:42:47
EBS: Absolutely agree with your take on Semin. He had 5-6 good years, without question.

We see Anderson differently. There isn't a GM in the league that wouldn't want a guy like that in his lineup. It is accurate to measure some players by their production alone, but not all. There are many ways to impact a game, and speed and toughness are two of them.

31 Jan 2024 01:40:56
Semin was a good/ average player his whole career. He was a great player in contract years. He'd get his payout and return to being average which is unfortunate because he had all the skill in the world to be dominant and put up huge numbers.

31 Jan 2024 02:25:15
100% agree on GM’s wanting Anderson just not at 5.5M.



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