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28 Jun 2023 00:56:18
NJ- Sharangovich and a 2023 3rd
CGY- Toffoli

My opinion is Conroy dropped the ball on this one. I think Toffoli could have fetched more closer to the deadline, but maybe this was a case of giving a vet what they wanted. Sharangovich will slot in at either 2nd line center (assuming Lindholm gets dealt and no one acquired to fill the spot in FA) or 3rd line center. Good size, struggled this year a bit from the year before in terms of production and faceoff percentage. Change of scenery could be good for him. Devils added a great player here. Bet there are a few teams kicking themselves for not offering maybe that tiny bit more.


1.) 28 Jun 2023 05:14:31
He wanted out because he was on sutters side, others want out because the way calgary runs their team. Owner-coach-gm. But owner also is saying not retaining salary on any trade because he hired sutter and still has to pay him so that will handicap what conroy can do and people will say he's a rookie but again the owner is still running the shots.

2.) 28 Jun 2023 06:14:45
Horrible trade. good for Toffoli. however, at deadline, Conroy coulda got a ton for a 30 goal winner.

3.) 28 Jun 2023 10:42:45
Conroy sh! t the bed on this trade…he got absolutely schooled. It’s going to be a rough few years in CGY.

4.) 28 Jun 2023 11:51:26
Shoots- He's a coach's dream. Plays hard and whatever role he is given. Also the kind of player who holds himself and his teammates accountable for poor play, not the coach. Guessing he just wanted a change and Conroy honoured it.

Sosa and Chickenfoot- Conroy definitely go fleeced on this. I can respect a GM who gives a vet what they want as a sign of respect. But there is no way this was the best deal. And if it was shame on some other teams who could've offered more to get a solid solid player coming of a 34G 39A 73P season.

5.) 28 Jun 2023 17:48:32
NJ also inked Meier to an 8.8millx8 contract. Hischer, Hughes, Bratt, Meier, Toffoli. About 10mill to resign a few RFAs and some dmen. They're tandem in net is signed and seems set. Luke Hughes makes the leap to the big leagues as well. They are set up quite nicely for a potential deep playoff run.

6.) 28 Jun 2023 19:51:48
MG: well-said. NJ looks like a Cup winner within 3 years. Great value deals, and great cap management. (It’s like the exact opposite of the Scooby Dubas school of sports team management. )

7.) 28 Jun 2023 21:45:57
Three factors at work here:

One, word was out to all GMs that Toffoli was available, so if anyone was going to make a better offer, they would have done so.

Two, Conroy absolutely did Toffoli a favour by dealing him now, when he could’ve done better at the deadline. And, with everything else going on, does Calgary really need the distraction until then?

Three, and most relevant, the Flames ownership are dictating moves like this (trading for roster players instead of high draft choices), because of fear and impatience (Can’t even say the “R” word). That lack of autonomy is why Treliving did virtually nothing at the last deadline, and why he left.
One sees teams like Nashville and St. Louis recognizing that they weren’t contenders and acting accordingly. Calgary absolutely should have done the same, but ownership was having none of it.

Having said all that, this return for Toffoli isn’t horrible at all. Calgary needs to get younger, bigger, faster, and needs cap space. Check, check, check, and check. A first round pick instead might’ve been nice, but see above.

8.) 29 Jun 2023 00:59:00
I'm just saying what I've heard, toffoli clashed with teammates after defending sutter so hard, and Conroy said after the trade he's waiting to see what happens with the others but toffoli needed to be done now. So I guessing he was being toxic. Sharangovich played pp last year and top 6,24 2nd year. 3rd year he got bumped down and was one of nj best pk guys. In my opinion toffoli is outscored by Sharangovich goals next year. He'll play with jh on the pp and score 30. People get so bent out of shape. Toffoli is max a 2nd round pick so calgary did well considering the depth this draft 80th is like a 60th normally.

9.) 29 Jun 2023 01:14:41
I personally don't think he would have been a distraction. Toffoli would have went to work and played hard every game knowing he's either getting dealt at the deadline or walking at year end. It wasn't an awful trade, but again I bet there are teams who may be regretting not making a bigger push for him. Sharangovich has scored 24G and he goes have age on his side as well as some fairly good size. Assuming Backlund and Lindholm get dealt he's their 2nd line C behind Kadri unless they can get someone in FA (which they can likely do a little easier now after shedding some cap. We'll see how next year goes. Could be a good trade all around.

10.) 30 Jun 2023 12:45:45
BURNER: you make some interesting points, and your comment about CGY ownership (there's a lot of them too) interfering in decision-making.

SHOOTS: I absolutely can't imagine Tofolli EVER being a disruptive influence in the dressing room. That's just not in him. I think he just wants out of a bad situation and he is fortunate to be going to a contender like NJ, who is doing their build the right way.

11.) 30 Jun 2023 23:23:57
@Chickenfoot Toffoli apparently wanted something around 6 years but Flames wanted 3, talks died down and eventually Toffoli felt that he wasn't apart of their future plans so he requested out. In my opinion, he's capitalizing off of a really great season and wants a long-term contract fast before his performance regresses and he's not worth what he could get now. Focusing on his financial security for the future at the best time.

12.) 02 Jul 2023 22:04:51
Love how guys jump on the Conroy blew it on this one trade. Sharangovich is a heck of a player and most importantly a finisher which Calgary lacks. He was a victim of less ice time and Toffoli before this year was a perennial 50 point guy who is about to lose any foot speed he may have had. Not saying he will suck cause he will do well on the pp in NJ but come on.



15 Jun 2023 14:09:07
Seen an interesting trade and wanted some opinions.

PIT: Granlund
TOR: Murray

Trade was proposed as a 1 for 1 with no adds or retention.


1.) 15 Jun 2023 15:21:59
No from both teams. The leafs need cap space. Samsonov and Woll is fine to run but need to spread out the savings over multiple players.

2.) 15 Jun 2023 20:39:40
Like VBB said, Leafs want to trade Murray because they need cap space so trading him for another expensive player wouldn't make sense. Positional wise it makes no sense as well.

3.) 16 Jun 2023 00:12:54
It makes sense for Toronto positionally if and only if O'Rielly and Kerfoot are gone. Reason stated in the article was that Pens may want to move on from Jarry. Why with Murray is beyond me. Granlund has shown he can be great offensively, but at 31 he's on the down slide of his career. Right circumstances I think he could have maybe a 70 point season (lots of PP time and playing with some top players) . But I'm more inclined to think a 40 point season is more likely and at $4mill+ that isn't ideal.

I truly don't know who yah even trade Murray to besides maybe Arizona, but it likely costs us one or two draft picks and all we'll be getting is future considerations.

4.) 16 Jun 2023 11:35:42
can't see Pens wanting Murray back.

5.) 16 Jun 2023 12:57:39
@balsam8 neither can I. The plus on Murray's value is it's only 1 year of him and then he's a FA. But with the age of the Pens core one year could mean the entire difference on a playoff run.

6.) 16 Jun 2023 14:02:51
Murray signed a one year, two way with Dallas. $775k.

7.) 16 Jun 2023 14:10:01
Because Granlund has 2 years remaining if Pittsburgh retained 2.5 million (50%) of Granlund's remaining 2 years I believe Toronto would consider it, Leafs would have to throw in a lower end prospect to make it fair as well imo.

8.) 16 Jun 2023 15:14:45
@seabass2011 different Matt Murray.

9.) 16 Jun 2023 15:52:33
I think a buyout makes more sense Murray. It would look like this:

2023-24: 687,500 229,167
2024-25: 2M 666,667

This would save the leafs 5.33M this season, and likely the cap will be going up again next year to help pay the final year.

SEA BASS: The goalie DAL signed is a different Matt Murray.

10.) 16 Jun 2023 16:35:24
@Chickenfoot I could live with a buyout on his contract if that's the savings. Curious to see what plays out with Muzzin as we could potentially have that cap available as well. I've also seen articles where they think Dubas will buyout Granlund. If the price is right he'd be a great 2nd (on the wing) or 3rd liner for just about about any team who lacks at those spots.

11.) 19 Jun 2023 16:52:11
MG: It's sad to see any player forced into retirement for injuries, but I think it's widely understood that he'll live out the remainder of his contract on LTIR. He is pretty beat up, and it's time he look out for his post-career health, sadly.

12.) 19 Jun 2023 17:35:36
@Chickenfoot: Definitely unfortunate what has happened injury wise to Muzzin. Last few years have not been kind to him in terms of injuries.

13.) 20 Jun 2023 16:20:56
MG: If memory serves, he had 3 known concussions within 18 months. They should never have let him return so quickly for the 3rd one. Once you get one they happen easier and easier, and the damage is cumulative.

14.) 21 Jun 2023 02:28:02
@Chickenfoot- I believe one was labeled a neck/ spine injury. Regardless he should have been off for longer to make sure he wasn't experiencing any of the lasting effects from the concussions. He's going to get paid to stay home going forward most likely.



10 May 2023 20:58:59
TOR: Matthews
ARI: Cooley, 6th OA, maybe 12OA as well.

This would have to be a sign and trade or a deal that happens before the draft. Arizona gets their hometown boy without giving up Keller, Crouse, or Guethier (spelling is likely wrong) . Leafs get a good prospect and two picks to either trade or add to the prospect pool with. They also get some much needed cap relief in the process.

I would hate to see the Leafs lose him for nothing or have to settle for a low value.


1.) 10 May 2023 21:29:56
It's hard to think of a deal that would be easier for Arizona to turn down.

2.) 11 May 2023 02:09:39
I think PLD for those 3 would be abit easier to turn down.

3.) 11 May 2023 12:05:29
@memarcusjoe it all depends I suppose on if ARI want an 8th year or not. Dubas would be stupid to not at least inquire as about a deal like this. Even if it was Cooley and the 12th. Matthews had a down year and has looked meh with flashes of really good moments. Matthews in ARI easily increases team revenue and for a team like ARI that's huge. Do I think that the Leafs trade Matthews, no. I think he doesn't resign and he plays out the year like Tavares did in NYI and walks away at the free agency.

4.) 11 May 2023 18:41:59
MG, it just doesn't do anything for Arizona. Matthews doesn't make them a playoff team next year. He just makes their 1st round pick a bit worse. If he really wants to play in Arizona, the smarter play is to just wait for him to hit UFA and keep the assets so that they can build around him.

5.) 13 May 2023 13:58:53
@memarcusjoe it adds revenue for a franchise that is in desperate need of making money. Matthews is coming of a 40-45-85 season in 74 games and it was considered him having a down year. I could be wrong but I'm sure a few of those big dead contracts are coming off the books this year for ARI. You add Matthews and some other players and Yotes are a playoff team. Cooley and those draft picks are obviously great pieces, but their value and what they will do in the league is unknown. Like I said trade likely won't happen unless Arizona either wants that additional year (sign and trade) or if they want the season to convince him to sign for the 8th year. It would be stupid for Dubas to not at least put feelers out with Arizona and see what the return could potentially be for their hometown guy.



03 Mar 2023 13:49:30
TOR- Rielly and Kerfoot
VAN- Miller and Demko

Just the base. Picks could be involved.

Fair or nah?


1.) 03 Mar 2023 14:00:06
Vancouver loses bad.

2.) 03 Mar 2023 14:39:33
Reilly has a NTC.

3.) 03 Mar 2023 14:52:27
I love your enthusiasm MG, but that would be pretty generous of VCR.

- Miller and Demko would draw major interest. (Teams like LA would be hot after Demko if they could nab him. )

- Kerfoot is on an expiring deal and is of zero use to a rebuilding team.

- your leafs have made some exciting adds, which is always lots of fun! But if I were you, I’d want to add a solid goalie to steal some playoff games. It’s the last obvious item on the ol’ “to do” list. It would be a shame to trade so many futures for this one shot and not address the most important position on the ice.

Good luck and enjoy the last day of trading before the big dance?.

4.) 03 Mar 2023 14:57:43
Rielly has a no trade clause, he can't be traded.

5.) 03 Mar 2023 15:17:06
Rielly is from BC so I wouldn't be shocked at all if he waived it to go there. Do I think it will happen, no. Do I think Rielly is expendable after all the moves, 100%. I'd love to get a top goalie to steal us games, but the only one that may be available is Saros and if I'm Nashville it's taking an absolute haul to get him.

6.) 03 Mar 2023 20:39:57
Nucks are rebuilding, but would never trade their #1a center and their #1 goalie for a 29 yr old #1 d, regardless of picks.

7.) 03 Mar 2023 22:18:54
Considering their GM I wouldn't put it passed him lol. I won't be surprised if a deal involving Rielly going to the Canucks happens at the draft or off season. Especially if he gets outplayed down the stretch and in the playoffs.

8.) 03 Mar 2023 22:38:06
Vancouver says no, they're giving up the better assets.

9.) 04 Mar 2023 01:01:23
MG: What the heck is up with VCR? Trade for a ‘23 1st…good…then trade it for Hronek?

VCR doesn’t know what they are. Rebuilding or avoiding rebuilding. I agree…. anything is possible …. or not…. with VCR.

10.) 04 Mar 2023 12:38:26
Chickenfoot- It seems like they are attempting more of a retool like when Chicago did it when they had to unload Ladd and Buff after they won the cup. They have some good pieces, but IMO after the mismanagement of their captain I wouldn't be surprised if it turns top players away from signing there as FAs. Almost have to commit to a natural rebuild or overpay for players to make them more competitive.

11.) 04 Mar 2023 14:48:10
VCR needs more than a retool. The thing that holds VCR back from whatever plan they decide on is ownership’s meddling and ever-changing mindset. Francesco can’t stop meddling, and even Trevor Linden as Team President couldn’t buy the GM and coach some space to do their jobs. It will never change until the team is sold, and that’s unlikely.

12.) 05 Mar 2023 18:05:54
Who in this world uses VCR as a acronym for Vancouver ( VAN )



05 Aug 2022 16:46:50
TOR: Nylander, Holl, and Sandin
MIN: Dumba, Boldy, and a 2nd or 3rd

TOR: Brodie
DAL: Hakanpaa and a 3rd or 4th.


1.) 05 Aug 2022 17:17:14
Brodie > Dumba
Holl >= Hakanpaa + 3rd
Nylander > Boldy
Sandin >= 2nd, 3rd & 4th

How bout Nylander + Holl + 2nd RD Pick FOR Boldy + Jost + Dumba (/ or Kulikov but take out the 2nd)

2.) 05 Aug 2022 18:10:48
I don't have Brodie over Dumba. Similar stats last year and Dumba played far less games. I'd prefer Hakanpaa simply because he uses his size effectively. He blocks shots and throws the body just as much or more than Holl. Sandin isn't going to crack the lineup with who they have on the left side. Nylander puts up more points than Boldy yes, but I'm taking Body's two way play all day and twice on Sunday. In 47 games he put up 39 points as a 21 year old. He's got great potential offensively on top of being more responsible on the defensive side than Nylander.

3.) 05 Aug 2022 18:44:02
Except Brodie is MUCH Better Defensively, especially & surprisingly on the PK

Hakanpaa is Definitely Bigger & More Physcial, Cheaper too, but he won't help with Scoring much and I don't see DAL wanting to lose one of their FINN's. Giordano can play RD or Kulikov can if they go that way

Definitely agree with Nylander to MIN for Boldy+. MIN needs a RW to replace Fiala & a Right Shot Sniper would be ideal for their PP. Need $$$ going back though, hence why I included Dumba and Swapped Jost for Holl

M. Boldy-Tavares-P. Kessel
Engvall-T. Jost-Aube-Kubel
Scratch: Gaudette or Simmonds

Scratch: Sandin & Benn (to shelter Gio & Muzz's TOI)

4.) 05 Aug 2022 19:07:16
I can live with what you proposed. Dumba isn't awful on the defensive side and was looking at it that Hakanpaa replaces the defense we lose with Brodie. We won't be able to trade Muzzin I don't think and I like I said Sandin isn't going to crack the lineup. He's gonna be frustrated being in the press box. And I think Muzzin will get frustrated if he's healthy scratched too much. I think it's best to cut ties with Sanding now. What do you think of Nylander, Holl, and Sandin for Dumba, Boldy, Jost, and a pick? I think it equals out money wise and each team comes out with some good pieces.

5.) 05 Aug 2022 19:30:53
Sure! That works too. TOR does have Veteran Jordie Benn who happily accepts being the 7th D-Man at this point in his career

We have the exact same problem with Jusso Valimaki. I think both he & Sandin would flourish on a Team that can give them more TOI, like Adam Boqvist did in CLB

Dumba is fine at Even Strength, but he's not Great on the PK.




MG69's banter posts with other poster's replies to MG69's banter posts


06 Mar 2024 17:38:58
Senko heads to Florida for a couple of draft picks.

What an addition by Florida. Few things to remember about this deal. Tarasenko had a full no movement clause. He ultimately got to decide where he went and because of this limited what a potential return could have been. This by no means sets the price tag for getting a top 6 winger at the deadline. Ottawa's hands were tied and it was either hold onto him and let him walk for nothing or get something for him and clear the cap.


1.) 06 Mar 2024 23:10:28
Take a look at what he got back last year with no, no trade clause. You're wrong imo. Rielly Smith will return even less.

2.) 07 Mar 2024 10:22:53
He got a tonne last year with his NTC (he had a modified one) tho. Last year he got dealt the Blues got Samuel Blais, Hunter Skinner, conditional 4th (turned into a 3rd), and a conditional 1st that (ended up being the Stars 1st rounder) . That is way more than what he got this year with his full NTC. Not to mention he's playing overall better this year than he was last year.



09 May 2023 13:20:29
Assuming that the Leafs don't pull off a massive comeback Dubas should be calling Arizona about a sign and trade of Matthews's for Cooley and #6 or #12. I truly don't know where Matthews value is at. Trade would improve Arizona's market with acquiring the hometown kid while still holding on to a piece like Keller to build with. Leafs get the much needed cap relief. A prospect who already has chemistry with our top prospect and another highere end draft pick. Guess it all depends on how much Arizona values that 8th year on the contract.


1.) 09 May 2023 18:21:38
Ooh i want to make a mock trade about that now



02 Jan 2015 17:39:35
PIT: Klinkhammer and a 1st
EDM: Perron
* You really dropped the ball on this MacT. Your loss is the Pens game. Wooooooooooooo!


1.) 02 Jan 2015 18:55:03
is perron really worth more than a 1st?

sure he had one good year last year, but this year he's back near his career norms which is far from top line quality. however, he'll be playing wih sid or malkin i'd assume so that will definately inflate his numbers.

2.) ^ it's likely going to be a late first (like 26-30 late). Compared to what Perron can bring to the Pens over the next two seasons, it's worth it to them.

3.) Nobody will know who wins this trade for at least 3-4 seasons .

4.) @steamer

If Pitt makes the cup final in either of the next two seasons (even if Perron is a minimal contributor), they will feel they won that trade.

5.) Yeah but they could have traded for every similar Player like Perron is and would win the trade. BC everyone of the "caliber" of Perron scores 30 with Sid.




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14 Apr 2024 02:27:21
Unaware of whether Lyon is signed past this year. But based on his play he's likely getting a raise. Woll was showing every sign a franchise would want for a guy who was poised to be the #1 for the following season. After his injury tho he hasn't looked even close to the same. We don't have the funds to get a top end goalie so I as a Leafs fan would rather give Woll the summer and see what happens.




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11 Apr 2024 19:47:21
I'd assume any team looking at trading for Marner is asking for a sign and trade to take place or is asking to speak to him before hand to have an extension ready to go.

Assuming the above then the Islanders are adding a pick or two more IMO. Doubt Marner gets moved tho unless he tells Trev outright that I don't want to be here anymore. Suspect an extension gets worked out by the end of the summer.




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09 Apr 2024 23:42:09
I'm a Leafs fan man. This isn't an undervalue, it's reality.

Like you already said, Detroit is rebuilding so why would they trade a player who fits that rebuild timeline and would be a top dman on most NHL teams?

Robertson doesn't even crack their top 9. He's not taking a spot from Debrincat, Perron, or Fabbri on the LW. And he's not taking a spot at centre from Compher or Copp. So he'd be on the 4th line there which as we have seen doesn't work well.

You keep referring to scoring like that's all that matters. Lily isn't consistent on the defensive side of things at all. Has great games and then has games where he's making some awful mistakes in our own zone. Could he still turn into a top 4 dman, maybe. But Detroit has ASP coming down the pipeline who looks to be stud on the backend.

Dewar is exactly what you said a 4th liner who kills penalties well. He's been great for us and I hope he stays a member of the Leafs going forward. But in terms of this trade he doesn't move the needle much at all.

Woll could be a #1 goalie. But since his return he has looked very shaky. Numerous games now that he has let the first shot in. I hope he returns to form and I hope it's on the Leafs. But as of right now, based on his play he doesn't move the needle much either.

As I have stated before our prospect pool is filled with guys hitting that 22-23 age where not a single one has been able to compete for a roster spot. Add another prospect to the pool that we can either develop for ourselves or use down the road as a part of a trade for a bigger fish.

I can appreciate you wanting us to get better sooner rather than later. But other teams are not going to make quantity over quality deals just for our sake.




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09 Apr 2024 16:34:23
In what world does Steve Yzerman do this deal; cause it sure isn't this one.

We don't have the pieces right now to get a top pairing dman let alone one that is still an RFA at only 23 years old.

It's wishful thinking, but if Trev called Stevie Y with this package he would probably laugh at him and ask where the punch line was.




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09 Apr 2024 12:16:58
He's done it before, but as I have previously said our prospect pool isn't that deep. Most of our guys are hitting that 22-23 mark and haven't been remotely good enough to challenge for a roster spot. Continue to add to the prospect pool, add some players in free agency, and focus to when Tavares is off the books or brought back at a team friendly deal. Cap will have gone up and we will have some space to work with to address any lingering concerns and make a very solid team.





MG69's banter replies


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31 Mar 2024 02:55:35
For sure no doubt in my mind they would. I was more leading to the likely hood of him being a 1C on a contending team would be low. More likely you see him as the 2C or moved to the wing on a contending team. Still a great player; father time definitely showing his signs on him though and his movement/ trade clause would play a big factor into what his return would ultimately be.




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27 Mar 2024 11:33:15
He's just slowed down a tonne. Still has a tonne of skill and gets hot for streaks. Just inconsistent, which is to be expected when you're at his age. Definitely could still be a 1C, but not many teams in need of one, especially contending ones.




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26 Mar 2024 16:05:12
Crosby may waive for the Habs as well. If he's content with bot winning a cup and more so wants to closer to family and play for his childhood team.

Crosby likely returns a top 6/ 9 player, mid/ high end prospect, a 1st and likely a conditional 1st as well.

Malkin likely gets a mid level prospect and a 1st or 2nd. More likely the 2nd though

Rust likely brings back a mid level prospect, a 1st, and a 3rd. He's still only 31. Can play center and the wing and makes just over $5mill. Probably brings in maybe another prospect or pick if money is retained.

Letang is a tough one cause when he's healthy he's a very solid dman and still shows he can give you top pairing minutes and production. But his health is a big concern. I'd say it's likely a mid level prospect and a 2nd or 3rd for him. Maybe a 1st if money is retained or if a team really wants him.

Karlsson is likely a similar return as Letang. That cap hit is just nuts.




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07 Mar 2024 10:22:53
He got a tonne last year with his NTC (he had a modified one) tho. Last year he got dealt the Blues got Samuel Blais, Hunter Skinner, conditional 4th (turned into a 3rd), and a conditional 1st that (ended up being the Stars 1st rounder) . That is way more than what he got this year with his full NTC. Not to mention he's playing overall better this year than he was last year.




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02 Mar 2024 17:45:02
After Tavares and Marner contracts are up I suspect Marner gets in the $12mill range and Tavares is let go unless he take a nice Jason Spezza like deal.