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29 Jan 2024 15:56:11
Mtl- Savard 50% retain- Monahan resign 4 year 16m

TB- Hagel

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29 Jan 2024 18:25:32
- MTL declines.

- Hagel is a fit in Tampa, but not MTL.

- Habs will get a better return trading each separately.

29 Jan 2024 20:23:25
A 25 year old, signed long term to a reasonable contract, 65+ point player isn’t a fit in Montreal? No way Tampa would do that.

30 Jan 2024 12:29:21
Chickenfoot is right though. Hagel has excelled under Cooper because of the systems Cooper uses. He's very much built for Tampa Bay hockey.

30 Jan 2024 13:15:11
Well said MG. Hagel found a home in Tampa where he fits, and they know how to use him.

Players aren't "plug and play". A player's stats in one situation don't always travel to the next. People get uprooted and sometimes don't travel well. There's lots that go into it.

Hagel is a good player in the Tampa situation. I personally don't think with the rebuild and the years away from being competitive that Hagel is a good fit for MTL. It's just my opinion.

Sometimes a guy is being utilized wrong, and a trade just unlocks his potential. Sometimes a guy is being used correctly, and I think that's the case with Hagel. Good for he and the bolts! Hockey and life are good when that happens!

30 Jan 2024 14:30:02
"System players don't get 2 1sts and a couple prospects. Safe to say since hes steadily improving Tampa would want more than what they paid. Hes a Tampa guy because they find young gems, trade for them and sign them to long term contracts before they can't afford them.

30 Jan 2024 15:45:21
They do if they are scouted properly. Tampa has one of the best amateur and pro accounting teams down there. Hagel had decent numbers in Chicago because he was getting to play with the top guys and he brought the speed and willingness to go to the hard areas. He fetched what he did because of his age and looked to be trending upwards. I don't think he develops as he has if he stayed there. I think Tampa's scouting team seen he would excel under Cooper and thus this led to an aggressive package to get him. He has now become a very underrated player in the league and will be a pivotal player for Tampa going forward and a lot of that has to do with the systems Cooper uses. He knows how to use players to maximize their output and he has definitely done that with Hagel.



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