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21 Jul 2017 18:24:15
STL and Edm are interested in Iggy. Edm being more interested of the two teams at the moment.


1.) 21 Jul 2017 18:48:40
Man iggy is slow as rubbish wouldn't want him as a blues fan. Had enough passengers over the last few years. Why get another one.

2.) 21 Jul 2017 19:43:53
Trader. Are you Colt?

3.) 21 Jul 2017 19:45:20
And yes, I agree with ya to an extent.
I would take him on my team for $1M for 1 year to play bottom six. He would be so valuable in most rooms for leadership alone and still will bring it his all every game. Even tho I have never liked the Flames I have loved the way Iggy plays. But he has slowed down.

4.) 21 Jul 2017 21:27:28
He would have to know his role from the start, a bottom six player to lead the younger players and show them the way. Maybe get out on a second PP unit for his shot. But it would have to be understood that he isn't there to take someone's spot and even if he has a hot week with 3-4 goals, the plan doesn't change. If he can accept that, why not.

5.) 21 Jul 2017 22:53:37
I wonder if his ego would allow.

6.) 22 Jul 2017 13:56:39
Brings Leadership, Is physical, Still a goat on the PP and is a presence every time he's on the ice. Feet gave out tho but he has everything else.

7.) 22 Jul 2017 16:42:55
Don't think Iggy has a big ego. Met him years ago through a buddy of mine thay was his teammate on Kamloops Blazers. really humble good guy. I think he would be great on Oilers. brings everything most of you other guys said. so why not. at a mill or even 2 max would be money well spent.

8.) 22 Jul 2017 17:05:32
Iggy doesn't have a huge ego. Never has. Super nice down to earth guy. Met him at a fruit stand in the Okanagan BC last summer. He spends a lot of time there. Took a few minutes out of his day to talk to me and my brother. Super super nice guy. Have heard so many good stories out of Calgary over the years too.
My older brother was the pro at Banff Spring golf course for ten years and the Calgary Flames would come play all the time. Lots of players would ask for deals while Iggy just hung out in the back of the line and when time to pay never once asked for anything. And was always super super nice my brother said. He's never had an ego.

9.) 22 Jul 2017 19:40:41
The guy is slower now but he can still rip the puck. Add to some RW depth and get a legitimate one timer for mcdavid to feed wow look out.

10.) 23 Jul 2017 14:32:28
Colt good to have you back buddy.

11.) 23 Jul 2017 20:24:12
Mcjesus you can have him.



21 Jul 2017 16:05:10
Winnipeg is apperently being very aggressive on the trade market. They are very intersted in Galchenyuk and have reportedly offered up Tyler Myers to Montreal.

Decent trade. But Montreal needs scoring don't they? They need forwards more than D right now, no?


1.) 21 Jul 2017 16:29:27
You're right this would be brutal for Mtl.

2.) 21 Jul 2017 16:43:16
Realistically they need both. They lost a lot of defensive depth but didn't get much offensive depth to make up for that loss either. So in terms of which do they add more, I honestly have say forwards is the more pressing need because the Habs need to score more because they know Price can carry the team if he gets some breathing room on the scoresheet.

So definitely offense first, Defense 2nd.

That's just my take from a non-Habs fan. Others may have different suggest.

3.) 21 Jul 2017 16:46:57
Also why do Jets need Galchenyuk? I thought they have a lot of young up and coming players up front and could use a LHDMAN primarily?

Are the Jets lacking Center depth because I don't see them needing young wingers at least.

4.) 21 Jul 2017 18:29:03
Don't think you will see the habs make any more trades for defense until Markov is sorted out. If he doesn't come back they have a huge hole on the left D. I hope they get Markov back at a decent $ and sign something to help up front. Jagar would be interesting to see. He's old, but just try to ice a decent team this year because they have screwed up most everything else.

5.) 22 Jul 2017 05:39:03
no thank you, montreal needs a c1/ 2 and I'M sure that neither Byran Little or Mark Scheifele are available.

6.) 22 Jul 2017 13:43:32
I'd like Connor And Myers for Chuck and a third.

7.) 23 Jul 2017 04:30:49
Right now Connor is the son Chev never had. No hope in hell that Chev would trade Connor or Myers.



05 Jul 2017 18:54:18
I bet McDavid signs today or tomorrow, for less than $13.25M a year like rumored last week. 8 years. $12M is my guess. Maybe quieter mil more.


1.) 05 Jul 2017 19:40:34
I guess 11.

2.) 05 Jul 2017 20:30:52
He just signed 8 year for $100M
$12.5M/ year.

3.) 05 Jul 2017 20:33:55
Can't complain with 12.5 of course but I really hope Drai doesn't get anything crazy. I don't think he's earned more than MacKinnon or scheifele. Over pay at around 7 million to not do a bridge deal maybe?

4.) 05 Jul 2017 20:39:23
Quarter more* lol
Should have known it would be $12.5M per year. 8 years. Even 100M.
Either way, they agreed on $13.25M last week. And he wanted to drop it down some, his decision. So that's kinda cool.

5.) 05 Jul 2017 22:05:30
You're a real insider. That was announced just after noon.

6.) 05 Jul 2017 22:07:59

7.) 05 Jul 2017 22:55:02
I think Drais will ask for 9.5-10.

8.) 05 Jul 2017 23:11:38
He is the real insider eh Jim. I also said a week ago 13.25 was to make him look like a hero when he takes less. Yup thinks it's kinda cool though.

9.) 06 Jul 2017 00:00:39
Ebsolutely. If you think you would overpay draisatl a bit to lock him in at 7, you're insane. He's not taking 5.5 less than mcdavid. You can't expect him to play the next 8 years for 60% of the only player on the team better than him and then call it overpaying him lol and that's 60% of mcdavid after he changed it because of backlash.

It's only 52% of what Connor actually wanted to take. Draisatl now has every right to ask for 10 mill. Not saying he's worth it, not saying they should give it to him. But he's justified in asking for it and forcing the team to make a tough decision. Saying your second best player is only worth half of your best is dangerous.

The balance of power and ego is something that will tear that room apart if everyone else, some great players, are low balled or treated like garbage because of mcdavid.

10.) 06 Jul 2017 00:05:36
Crosbys deal at 8.7 was very similar in percentage of cap as mcdavids for the time. But if the Penguins said no one else can make more than 60% of him, you don't have fleury, you don't have malkin, you don't have letang, don't have kessel.

You don't have 3 cups. Because everyone was paid fairly and treated like they mattered almost as much as sid, they had great chemistry and a great room for all those years. Oilers are now going to have to pay their good players a lot of money.

11.) 06 Jul 2017 02:00:59
He isn't comparable to McDavid. He's comparable to MacKinnon and Scheifele and look at their contracts. McDavid's contract shouldn't matter and if it was going to dictate Draisaitls contract they should've signed Draisaitl first. He hasn't earned more than a lot of players in the league and some that have recently signed contracts like Tarasenko.

12.) 06 Jul 2017 02:06:17
Lol. If he was a Leaf you wouldn't stop talking about him taking less for the team.
Wasn't he supposed to be a Leaf in one more year?

13.) 06 Jul 2017 06:40:52
Was he supposed to be a leaf? I didn't see that.

14.) 06 Jul 2017 12:03:54
Yup is our sites McKenzie, lol.

As well, I think with McD taking a paycut, Drais will step a bit lower than his asking price. Probably will be a little higher than Kuznetsov imo.

15.) 06 Jul 2017 12:05:35
Cmon yup get it together, a whole 750K? Wtf!? Lol.

16.) 06 Jul 2017 12:40:40
I never said a bad thing about mcdavid. What team he's on is irrelevant. He's the best player in the league. I'm not saying he does not deserve the money, I'm saying it runs through the team now. You can't just back a truck up to him and then ignore the others. I would like Matthews to get 10-11 mill and the. Nylander and Marner to sign for 4.5. But it's not realistic and it's not fair to them. They will be 75-80% of him. Not 50%.

17.) 06 Jul 2017 15:45:00
Yeah Marner and Nylander just had 60 point seasons obviously there going to get more than 4.5 million. My point is McDavid could have gotten what ever he wanted and that shouldn't mean Draisaitl can demand slightly less. I'm sure he won't sign for anything in the 6's but comparables for him are in the 6's.

18.) 06 Jul 2017 18:49:58
With that 750k they can lock up Ben Smith for an 8 year deal.

19.) 06 Jul 2017 22:03:11
Those guys you're comparing him to, mackinnon and scheiffele signed those deals and are among the highest paid on their teams, if not the highest. Also they signed those deals when Kane and toews were the only players in the league making over 10 mill.

They had a hart trophy a conn smythe each, art Ross trophy and 6 cups combined. Mcdavid now at 12.5 changes things. Has has a tenth of the achievements of those 2 but gets a lot more money. Why shouldn't draisatl in today's market get a lot more than his comparables (mackinnon and scheiffele on your words) didn't back then?

20.) 07 Jul 2017 14:54:05
Drai just doubled Mcdavid in playoff points. Sure, it was one crazy series but Mcdavid was invisible most of the playoffs. Oiler fans ripped a Gaudreau after he got the same amount of points in two fewer games in his first playoff year yet not a whisper about Mcdavid poor playoff.



04 Jul 2017 01:52:46
Galchenyuk for Anisomov talks are heating up again.


1.) 04 Jul 2017 06:14:27
I can't see the habs making that deal not straight up at least. plus if chicago are to make a trade I would think they would want to shed some salary . Chuckys new deal will most likely be for more then the 4.5 mil anisimov is currently making.

2.) 04 Jul 2017 07:49:46
MTL would be stupid to do that. On the other hand: Bergevin is their GM, so I guess you never know.

3.) 04 Jul 2017 05:08:31
I hope not. Unless theirs a bigger add from Chi.

4.) 04 Jul 2017 20:59:31
Yeah but at least he didn't give up a possible top six forward and 2 good draft picks just so Vegas would take our garbage dman. He got rid of his bad contract dman for nothing. YZERMAN IS A JEDI. lol.

5.) 04 Jul 2017 21:14:07
Not sure if the last comment went through due to a internet glitch. But just in case it didn't I'll do my best to repeat it cause I really want you hear it draisaitl.

Essentially is was just informing you how your Jedi gm gave up a possible top 6 forward and two draft picks just so Vegas would claim one of your garbage dmen instead of one of your marginal prospects. while our garbage dman got picked up and bergevin didn't give up anything.

Please explain how this could happen. yzerman has a huge advantage over bergevin but yet has still not really done anything more that I can see. Contracts look better because of less taxes and players can sign for less. Your top six forwards are decent provided they can stay off injured list (which probably won't happen again this year) your bottom six are mediocre and you have 1 real good dman and 1 decent dman.

also your goaltending is unproven. Starting to look like a team that can only sign players who are cast offs from other teams. but yes yzerman is a Jedi your team is the best and slater koekoek is twice as good as bobby orr ever was. we know.

6.) 04 Jul 2017 22:31:52
Hab- I'm not sure where you're getting his opinion that Yzerman is an "Jedi" he made a comment implying that Bergervan isn't the greatest GM which can be backed up with questionable moves and biasses towards French speaking people. That comment was uncalled for and there was nothing mentioned about Steve Yzerman or in fact even the lightning franchise in his whole Comment.

7.) 05 Jul 2017 01:03:53
Oh believe me nylander he has called yzerman a Jedi on a couple different occasions it isn't hard to prove either lol. Plus I think draisitl can speak for himself he may put his foot in his mouth like you just did a little but that's fine.

8.) 05 Jul 2017 08:29:05
Thanks for the good laugh in the morning, first of all.
Number one, what Yzerman gave up to Vegas was alright. Gusev will most likely never come over, therefore they didn't lose a top 6 player in that meaning. The two picks are an alright price to pay for a) taking Garrisons contract and b) protecting Koekkoek and Dotchin.
Yzerman has made a number of tremendous moves to keep this team and its salary cap situation in shape. Bergevin? Not so much, there is a number of highly questionable moves.
Your assessment of the team is just blatantly wrong and probably comes through heavy bias or never actually watching the Lightning play. If a top 6 of Namestnikov - Stamkos - Kucherov and Palat - Johnson - Point is decent, MONs top 6 should be called atrocious, I guess. As for the bottom 6, I'm fairly confident at least 25 teams would immediately swap their bottom 6 for Tampas. Kunitz - Killorn - Callahan and Paquette - Gourde - Brown plus a handful more capable of filling those roles.
As for D, Hedman is a top 3 D in the league and Stralman is severely underrated and an elite D himself. As for the other 4, TBs D isn't spectacular but alright, which is okay considering their Fs and top 2 D are very good. Coburn, Koekkoek, Dotchin, Sergachev are good players. As for Sustr and Girardi, those are atrocious and I hope they do not play a lot, but if they will, it will hopefully be in the bottom pair.
As for goalie, again, I'm sure at least 25 teams would wanna swap their goalie for Vasilevskiy if they could (with your Canadiens maybe being one of the few exceptions, although with that new contract I'm not so sure anymore) .

As for Koekkoek, as I've often said, he has the potential to be a top 4 D. We don't know yet for sure whether he can be one, because he has barely been given chances by Cooper who's widely known for mismanaging young talent (see: Kucherov early, Drouin all the time, Koekkoek) .

I think I can really offer a somewhat fair assessment of my own team, it's just widely acknowledged that Yzerman is doing a great job with his team while Bergevin has made a tooooon of questionable moves and comments.

9.) 05 Jul 2017 16:20:31
I don't know why this became an yzerman vs bergevin thing but it's obvious to me and I would assume almost anyone else that if they had the habs team today, would do a roster swap with the Lightning in a heartbeat shy of goaltending. Anyone denying price is the best goalie in the league is lying/ biased or know something that no one else in the world does. But the Lightning are built better top to bottom for today and tomorrow than the habs and both these GMs have been at the healm more than long enough to stake claim to their teams. Neither can blame their situation on the regime there before them anymore. Yzerman has done a far better job to this point. And if the habs don't win a cup in the next 2-3 seasons, bergevin legacy will be worse than ever when Weber is a shell of himself and subban is still in his prime. I wasn't a massive critic of that trade at the time because I saw what he was thinking. Win now and low risk very solid Weber who commands respect was a better short term option than a high risk flashy player with a perceived 'me first' attitude (whether that's fair or not, it's how he's seen) . However I thought that was the first of many good moves to make them win in the next 3 years. Never followed up.

10.) 05 Jul 2017 20:36:08
You can talk about it all you want but without examples of the good and bad both gms have done it doesn't really matter what you say. What great moves are you talking about for yzerman? The Coburn trade? I mean that was almost bad enough to get a gm fired lol and then to resign him was just plain stupid. Also if you honestly think 25 teams in the league would take that bottom 6 with two or 3 guys on it that you wouldn't be able to give away and that 25 teams would swap there own number 1 goalie for vas at this point your the biggest homer on this site. Now that was a good laugh. I thought you were biased before but man your getting worse lol.



28 Jun 2017 18:15:10
Columbus intersted in Kovalchuck.
Nashville intersted in Duchene.

With Nashvilles D and recent success and Columbus getting Panarin and have goalie Bob and that good young D and team growing I think if those two rumors happen those two teams become cup contenders before season begins in my opinion.


1.) 28 Jun 2017 18:37:56
I saw the Nashville rumor a while back - but they aren't willing to give up any of their top 4 D for Duchene. But i agree, either of those trades would make those teams powerhouses.

2.) 28 Jun 2017 19:55:39
Im honestly not all that sold on Panarin. I think he has good skill, but his numbers were inflated a lot by his role in Chicago. i'm probably wrong and time will tell. but I jus think he's overvalued. If he gets 65 to 75 points this year, ill eat my words, but I see him more in 45 to 55 without Kane.

3.) 29 Jun 2017 00:57:48
He has an amazing 1 timer that Kane fed on the PP top 5 1timer imo he's also an gifted playmaker.

4.) 29 Jun 2017 02:06:52
I think Panarin had great chemistry with Kane but I don't think that's why he looked good. I think he's a great player. I assume he will be a 70 pt player for the foreseeable future. Maybe 80+ another time or two.




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23 Jul 2017 01:41:22
Wow. Preds get Arvidsson 7 years for $4.25M per year. 31G 30A
If he keeps that up that will be one of the best contracts in the league.
Surprised he didn't just do a bridge deal then go for $4.5-6M on a long term after.
Great signing by the Preds tho.


1.) 23 Jul 2017 05:37:46
It's my somewhat uninformed observation that the lower picks who do have success in the NHL tend to be more, I don't know how to phrase it exactly, maybe risk averse when it comes to contracts than the top guys who have always been excellent. I bet you that if you had asked Arvidsson the day he was drafted if he'd trade all potential future earnings for the 4.25 mil he's making now, he would have said yes, because most 4th rounders become nothing. On the other hand, first round picks who end up having success at the NHL level have been the best player on their team since they started playing hockey and know nothing other than success, which leads them to be more confident in them being able to continue performing at a high level.

Just an observation and a possible reason for it, I'm sure there are some outliers on either end.

2.) 23 Jul 2017 07:56:54
Great observation Shankar, have been thinking the same for a while. Totally agree.

3.) 23 Jul 2017 12:26:36
its pretty high risk to sign a guy who had one good season and playoffs. he could end up living up to the contract, he could be the next victor stalberg.

4.) 23 Jul 2017 17:57:02
Seems to be the way now though. The good part about a deal like this is that theydrafted him and have known him for a while. They have seen how much harder he had to work than the guys picked ahead of him to get where he is and that's probably comforting. I'm sure they feel he will keep working hard to get his game back if the numbers slip because he's always going to be a guy trying to prove something. I don't know if he will be able to keep 30 goal pace, but the good thing about a 4.25 cap hit is that if he's a 20 goal, 30 assist player, it's still money well spent.

5.) 23 Jul 2017 21:23:59
Agree Ovie, It's definitely risky for Nashville, especially with them not having the most financial flexibility. But it is definitely the most conservative route Arvidsson could have taken save for getting another year added on to reach the max.

6.) 24 Jul 2017 22:27:49
oh for him its great, he's laughing. for the teams sake i hope he keeps up his pace, playing with ryjo and forsberg helps his numbers, but he plays all situations and took the long road, i wish him well.



08 Jul 2017 01:31:55
Anyone else going to Vegas to see their teams first game there?!
Vegas is my favorite place in the world, in airport about to board now to go for the weekend.

Jan 13, Oilers first time there. I'm going %100. Flight already booked. Lol.


1.) 08 Jul 2017 16:45:18
Well, lucky you because you're going to be the only fan in the stadium.

2.) 08 Jul 2017 22:23:43
Lmao. The away teams in Vegas will have so many fans in the arena. Edm, Cal, Van, LAK, SJ, ANH especially.



06 Jul 2017 02:03:52
Holy smokes. How are the Leafs $3.9M over the cap right now after signing Hyman to $2.5am a year? $5M fine counts towards this years cap for going over last year too or what?
Lupus and Rowbedaw contracts still counting or what? Those weren't even massive or anything were they?
How are they $3.9M over right now.


1.) 06 Jul 2017 04:17:01
They have too many players.

2.) 06 Jul 2017 04:24:01
They are still paying kessel Gleason and Cowan over 3 mil combined and Horton and lupol around 10.5.

3.) 06 Jul 2017 04:45:13
Yup Toronto had 5.4 mil in cap overage from last year for performance bonuses. Plus 6.2 mill for Patrick m. So I take it bozak is gone or jvr for futures.

4.) 06 Jul 2017 04:46:54
Because Lupul, Robadais and Horton don't go on LTIR until the beginning of the Season. So they are technically counting towards there cap but not really. Once regular Season starts they'll have over 10 mil in cap.

5.) 06 Jul 2017 05:01:14
Yes that's true nylander but they got to clear 4 mil as of now before the start of the season. If they do that they should be fine.

6.) 06 Jul 2017 11:22:36
LTIR doesn't kick till the season starts. Then were 7 mill under the cap.

7.) 06 Jul 2017 12:06:07
Holy smokes, VB / Nylander is right for once.

8.) 06 Jul 2017 13:26:31
They need to be compliant day 1 though before they can use LTIR. Now they'll have no problem doing that even by waiving their LTIR players to AHL if need be. But may need to shed a bit and def can't add unless they do before season starts.



28 Jun 2017 18:11:06
Rumor is McDavid for 8 years at $13.25 mil.
$13M a season would be the exact same %17.3 of the cap as Crosby got then he signed. It's not as bad as people make it out to be. He's with every penny. Yes, of course I'm hoping it's still a little less.
But it's fine. Pens were still able to have Malkin, Letang, MAF and Kessell and make it work. Cap is up, Oilers will be able to do the same.

D core looked up for multiple years at less than $25M. Talbot locked up at $5.5M.

Nuge I bet has one more year then he's gone. There's $6M gone, Poo $4M done after this season. Fayne $3.5M as well.

Nurse and Puljujarvi won't demand huge massive raises.

Their only big contracts will be McDavid, Drai, Lucic after this season.
Young talent such as Puljujarvi, Yamamoto, Nurse, Bear even Benson.
Guys like Strome, Kassian, Maroon who aren't breaking the bank in any way will also be big parts.
Oilers will be absolutely fine with McDavid at $13.25M a season, if true.


1.) 28 Jun 2017 18:18:11
Hes worth it.

2.) 28 Jun 2017 19:36:34
He is worth %17 of the cap. - %100 correct.
Just exactly the same as Crosby was and still is.

3.) 28 Jun 2017 20:41:07
We get it yup. Are you pre defending your boy? You posted the exact same thing on the other page too.

4.) 28 Jun 2017 23:27:42
Dunno why everybody is bringing up Crosby contract now to be honest. He's got a cap hit of 8.7 million when the cap kept going up.

Mcdavids will be 13 million per year and the cap is staying the same. The only reason it's went up the last couple is the nhlpa. So I mean crosbys deal at the time was expensive worth it but expensive now it's a steal.

5.) 28 Jun 2017 23:44:44
I posted something similar yep.
Wanted to add to it on the "talk" page.
Forgot to ask your permission, my apologies, sir.

6.) 29 Jun 2017 01:02:28
Yup you should be sorry that was very rude of you.

7.) 29 Jun 2017 01:18:44
Crosbys was 5 years. Then extebded it at the same rate for 12 more to keep the band together. His cap is now 11% of cap as cap kept increasing. If it stops they're still in a good place. Edmonton will not be as well off. They have the ability to navigate it without problem but Chicago is seemingly having issues with Toews and Kane at a similar number combined as Drais and McDavid are rumoured to seek.

8.) 29 Jun 2017 04:12:45
Apology accepted, kid. I understand you wanted to defend before anyone said anything bad about the Oilers.

9.) 29 Jun 2017 07:09:24
The McDavid to Crosby cap hit comparison is stupid on a couple levels. I know it has to be made because the two are basically tied at the hip, but that makes it no less stupid First, Crosby has this stupid obsession with the numbers 8 and 7, so I'm assuming he wouldn't have accepted anything else. Second, Crosby's first $8.7 million per season contract came at a time when the cap was dramatically increasing season to season, now it's barely going up, which obviously has an impact on the team's ability to sign future contracts. At the time, PIT knew they'd have significantly more room year to year, now it's much less certain and with a couple guys in for hefty raises very soon in draisaitl and talbot (amongst a couple others), that might cause a problem.

Now, is McDavid worth it? Yeah, probably. Will the team be worse with him at that number than if he took something a little more modest knowing the circumstances? Yeah, probably. But do I blame him for taking presumably everything EDM would be willing to offer? Definitely not. Professional athletes' careers are short and they actually put in the bank a lot less than most people think they do, so I'm never angered by any guy in any sport who takes every dime he can.

10.) 29 Jun 2017 07:14:58
One more thing, what will be a more interesting comparison is how much less than McDavid Eichel, Matthews, and Laine get, since they're all in roughly the same set of circumstances, whereas Crosby was like 10 years ago when the NHL was in a very different time in terms of finances at least.

11.) 29 Jun 2017 13:34:32
I personally don't think McDavid will take that much. It is all for the media and he will come out looking like a hero when he takes less than he could have got. Not that he doesn't deserve $13 but I think he will take $11. The offer sheet for Draisaitl talk on TSN would be scary as an oiler fan. I really don't understand why that is allowed.

12.) 29 Jun 2017 17:13:26
restricted free agency is aimed at giving young players some form of contract leverage while still HAVING to sign a contract with that team until they hit unrestricted free agency at 7 years service or age 27 if i'm not mistaken. which i very well could be.

13.) 30 Jun 2017 05:00:36
Thanks Ovie.



18 Jun 2017 03:02:00
Sounding like Vatanen will end up being selected by Vegas in the expansion draft one way or another.


1.) 18 Jun 2017 18:33:55
I haven't been following this expansion draft as much as I probably should be but can someone explain to me why Anaheim couldn't have bought out kevin bieksa and protected vatenen.

2.) 19 Jun 2017 12:52:57
Honesly, what if its Theodore to LV instead of a first, especially considering the Ducks don't have a first this year. Read this somehwerr, i think its possible.

3.) 19 Jun 2017 18:06:36
I wouldn't wanna give up Theodore, think i'd rather them take Vatanen.




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27 Jul 2017 22:27:26
Lol. No.




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27 Jul 2017 15:41:43
Ah F$&@. Should have known this was a troll. I feel like an idiot for not realizing Lol.




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27 Jul 2017 15:40:10
Larry brooks wrote the article about this.




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26 Jul 2017 19:32:12
The Oilers will be fine cap wise. They will probably have to trade Nuge after this season tho because of cap issues. But then they will be fine.
The only thing in the near future (after they resign Drai) is Talbot might be in for a big contract, he only has two years left on his current contract.
But after next season when they trade Nuge and his $6M, believe it or not, they will be fine.
They might need to trade a player or two away because of a possible cap issue but any good team has that "problem". It's a good problem to have and they now have depth to step in. Good teams have new young cheap talent ready to step up at anytime. Puljujarvi, Yamamoto, Benson, Bear, Jones. These are all guys you could see in the next three years play good roles for cheap.
If you think they need to trade away Drai and Lucic for garbage like that, You're clueless Absolutely clueless.




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26 Jul 2017 15:45:47
If you don't know why Eichel has just as much maybe more value to their team than guys like Driasitl, Ekblad, Murray, even Laine and Mathews, then there's no point in even trying to explain to you.





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