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10 Oct 2019 13:33:20
If Buff doesn't come back and the Jets have cap space.

WPG: Vesalainen
BUF: Ristolainen

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10 Oct 2019 13:58:18
this deal works out well for winnipeg as ristolainen is the most talked about dman in buffalo at the moment and Winnipeg has hinted at wanting to get a RHD.

i think Vesalainen is a guy winnipeg wouldn't want to give up on just yet. I odviuosly don't know that for a fact but if a deal needs to be a money in for money out would Bryan Little be a player Buffalo could be intersted in for Ristolainen?

overall ristolainen in my opinion is a good target for winnipeg.

10 Oct 2019 15:50:39
Little makes 5.3M for 5 more seasons, he has very little trade value IMO.

10 Oct 2019 16:00:18
No interest in Ristolainen.

10 Oct 2019 16:02:02
Thats a very fair response. don't know how Little is worth around the league. he has skill just that contract sucks. lol.

10 Oct 2019 17:35:52
Is Ristolainen considered a top 4 Dman?

Did you not write you are only interested in top 4 Dmen but now you're not interested in Ristolainen?

youre a confusing person to read.

10 Oct 2019 17:42:18
If Risto is so great why are the Sabres looking to him?

10 Oct 2019 18:11:36
Risto isn't great and opinions are differing on him being a top4 D or not.

His stats suggests he is a top 4 D. maybe not the best one around but he would help winnipeg in my opinion. get him at a good price and he will be a good upgrade.

buffalo seemed to get a bunch of RHD. much like Carolina and Faulk now buffalo has extra RHD so Risto seems to be the one buffalo is offering. i'm sure Buffalo will get an even better package than what Carolina got due to age and contract for risto.

10 Oct 2019 20:23:51
Craigger, Ristolainen is not a top 4D, or at least not a very good one. He's a power play specialist that is terrible at everything else a defenseman needs to do. He's like Tyler Myers, much better suited to a 5D.

I think you get confused because you read "Jets need top 4D" as "Jets need any defenseman close to top 4 level, no matter how crappy they are. " So, you assume the Jets will make a panic trade.

We need top 4D, doesn't mean any top 4D will do.

I would take Risto, but only if he was dirt cheap. I certainly wouldn't give up a promising prospect for him.

10 Oct 2019 20:03:59
right now jets barely have a dman that can play on most teams top 6. Outside of morrisey who is only a 3/ 4 jets need dmen who are better than what they have. You can only patch for so long. Just like you can only attempt comebacks so long until eventually luck just runs out. If i were a jets fan i'd accept anything more than the jets have right now.

Baggers can't be choosers.

10 Oct 2019 21:09:32
Yes we can. Do you see any Jets fans here making proposals for defenseman? No, because there aren't any good ones available. I just see Leaf fans begging the Jets to make a bad panic trade.

The Jets started the season on a 4 game road trip, missing Buff for 4 games and Morrissey for 2 and yet we're .500 with our defense.

The mighty Leafs with no injuries, a super defense and playing 4 easy games to start the season are only 2-1-1. Maybe you should be worrying more about the Leafs D?

10 Oct 2019 21:14:10
Risto plus minus (-41 last season) shows he is on the ice for far more goals against than he is on for goals scored. He is at best a very weak, mistake prone, so called top four d-man the Jets should not trade for as his contract, $5.4 mil for 3 seasons would handcuff the Jets for signing real top 4 d-men.

10 Oct 2019 21:29:46

So you don't want ristolainen because he is only a pp specialist and nothing much defenceman like after that.

You only want a true top 4 dman not a fringe top 4 dman. You say "we" need a top 4 dman doesn't mean any top 4 dman will do.

Then you say would take risto but only at a cheap price.

I don't think i'm confused by anything except the things you seem the write.

10 Oct 2019 22:34:28
That +/ - rating of ristolainens is pretty rechid. I won't disagree with anyone on that. Its also one of the most crappy stats ever recorded in hockey. Since 17 of his points were PP points means 26 of his points were even strength. So he ended up on the ice 67 times when buffalo was scored on at even strength. that's still pretty bad but is comparable to guys who get 80 even strength points and have +/ - rating of only 13. Lots of those guys around. Just giving readers something to munch on here.

Not saying he is fantastic but guatentee if he had a good team in front of him he would improve his +/ - stat greatly.

That said i'm ok with winnipegs fans not wanting risto. Opinions are opinions. That was a very good point you brought up islandjet. i can see why due to that point in your opinion youd want to stay far far away from ristolainen.

You keep bringing up the leafs at the end of a discussion when you have nothing more to say. Considering this conversation never had anything to do with the leafs its quite petty. i'm just trying to have regular discussions with regular people writing about the best sport in the world. Sorry you get so offended by that. Sorry i like to broden my scope on how players are valued in each fan base instead of limiting my opinions too only 1 fan base opinions. I love diversity. Its what makes good conversation continue. bias opinions based soley on the team you cheer for will limit the conversation pretty fast.

Again once i opened my mind to many opinions outside my own, conversations became much more fun.

10 Oct 2019 23:31:13
I mean he leads buffalo in TOI and PKTOI he’s statistically their 1D.

11 Oct 2019 00:27:29
It's just when you go on and on and on about the same thing, trying to force a trade on Jets fans that we don't want. You don't know anything about the Jets lineup or how much anyone makes, but we're supposed to take your word for it that these trades are good for the Jets.

You proposed the trade we turned it down and gave you our reasons why and yet you continued to tell us how much we need him. It gets a little tiring.

It's funny how when Islandjet gives you a reason, you accept it and say it is a good reason and move on. But when I give you the same reasons, that's not good enough and I'm being close minded.

We've said we have no interest in Risto. Just deal with it.

11 Oct 2019 01:26:17
Craigger, for the Leafs references, I'm just trying to give you examples in terms you understand since you don't seem to know much about the Jets.

Your contention is that the Jets should be in full on panic mode, even though they are 2-2 after starting the year on a 4 game road trip including back to back games to start the year while missing Morrissey for 2 of those games and Buff for all 4.

Where for comparison the Leafs with a much easier schedule including 2 games at home, are 2-1-1. Why shouldn't they be in panic mode as well?

My contention is, let's just see how it goes for a while, there's no need to panic 4 games into the season and make bad trades, when we're 2 -2.

11 Oct 2019 10:17:32
I didn't even start his trade proposal. i'm just in on the conversation. Start from the beginning and youll clearly see that. I responded to 2 differant people on 2 differant topic areas. Most of my responses had nothing to do with you until you came in and said" no interest in ristolainen" which is just fine but unfortunetly i was in the middle of responding to others replys. Hate to break it to you but you aren't the only person on this site. So what you say goes? Islandjet and ebsolutely responded to my questions and made good responses. you're basically just throwing your opinion around about ristolainien without backing it up with stats. i'm fine with you not liking ristolainen but i'm allowed to defend him as a hockey player. that's my right.

Then you resort to comparing leafs to jets once you got nothing to say.
The whole buff thing and his salary when i admitted i was off on the salary. i said i was wrong on that one item. you don't know how to let things go. ill warn you now though if u want to go toe to toe with stats and salaries and prospects rankings bring it. wait until i actually do research. see the buff thing was all off the top of my head. i didn't research his salary because i didn't care.

Just because you write it doesn't mean its true. . enjoy living in your bubble thinkng your opinions are better than everyones elses. by the way in your head you think you work for the jets but if you did youd be fired for responding on these sites. so there's your little reality bubble burst.

11 Oct 2019 12:21:48
trying to force a player on jets fans? .

when did i ever say Jets HAVE to get Ristolainen? . i'm just trying to figure out if he is in fact a top 4 dman and if he'd fit a teams system. then commenting on actual stats.

the jury is still out on those questions

stating "we turned it down" who is we and when did i actually offer Ristolainen. I simply countered the original deal.

mamarcusjoe this site isn't just about you and your opinions. others have opinions too.

11 Oct 2019 23:17:47
jets would not do this.



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