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20 Jan 2021 10:10:20
Would any of you on this site take this package if offered from a CLB perspective.

- Tortorella loves two-way forwards
- Columbus is lacking Defensemen
- Dubois wants out, as confirmed by Torts

To CGY :
C - Pierre-Luc Dubois

To CLB :
C - Mikael Backlund
LD - Juuso Valimaki
(2021) 1ST-Round Pick
(2022) 3RD-Round Pick

I wouldn’t do it from a CGY perspective given Valimaki’s potential, Backlund is our best two way forward and is probably our best penalty killer. I really wanna hear MoxNix’s feedback honestly cause I get the impression that he’s a fan of the Flames? I read multiple sources on Instagram that Columbus would most likely ask for Backlund, Mangiapane and 1ST. (Our 2 best defensive forwards) Valimaki is regarded as “untouchable” which correlates with their willingness to move Noah Hanifin.

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20 Jan 2021 13:32:54
I would think Backlund's age alone would make it a no from Columbus.

20 Jan 2021 14:33:11
If you wouldn’t do that from a Calgary POV then you clearly don’t know how good PLD is. I’d say him and Tavares are close to equal. PLD for Mathew Tkachuk. Centres>>Wingers so not sure if Columbus does that also don’t think Calgary does that.

20 Jan 2021 15:39:01
Easier said than done but I feel like Columbus wants more of a one for one swap vs quantity. Maybe like Jost and Girard?
Nylander you think Columbus passes on Tkachuk?

20 Jan 2021 16:23:35
@casual No way the Flames trade Tkachuk, Andersson, Valimaki or Lindholm. Probably not Gaudreau either though I really wish they would. Not likely Dube or Mangiapane would be included as adds either.

Columbus almost certainly wants a center coming back in any package for PLD, most likely Monahan.

As I've said before Backlund would fit Tortorella's system better but the age disparity makes it tough to do. It would likely take more adds than Calgary wants to or can afford to give up. Then again Columbus really likes Bennett, they might be ok with Backlund + Bennett + a pick or prospect. I really don't like the idea of trading Bennett but with the expansion draft coming it might make sense for the Flames too. Mangiapane just might be possible in a package centered around Backlund too.

I see something more like Monahan + Kylington + a 1st more likely. Or maybe Monahan, Hanifin and a 2nd.

If I had my druthers it'd be Gaudreau + Kylington and a conditional pick (1st or 2nd) . I doubt Tortorella would want Gaudreau though.

20 Jan 2021 19:37:25
Yeah maybe because they don’t have a C replacement. It’d put them in a very similar but better situation as Minnesota is in. I really only see a few fits and honestly Montreal is probably the best followed by the Rangers.

20 Jan 2021 19:52:12
Calgary shouldn't sell low on gadreau. They want to give lindholm a fair shot at centre, so having dubois, lindholm, backlund and monahan at centre while losing gadreau isn't ideal.

Monahan to me is a 1st line centre. sometimes. With torts' system, he'll learn better 2 way play, and how to be effective with normal skating. He'd turn into a 1c there. (Still no pld though) .

Gadreau would be like torts getting laine. A 4th line penalty killer. I don't like Tortorella, mostly his behavior, but he wins and makes players play 2way. Star offensive wingers won't stay. (Plus Calgary should tell monny they'll pick him up in f/ a when he hits. )

Monahan, zary, wolf, and kylington or plug defender for dubois.

20 Jan 2021 20:39:59
I'd move Monahan to LW with Dubois at center.

21 Jan 2021 03:19:27
I know monahan can score, I'm just not sure he's a better winner than centre.

With dubois, gadreau would have less pressure to do everything. Gadreau is usually making a beauty play or lost the puck by the time his linemates are ready for the pass. Most opponents just double team him, and the whole line doesn't produce.

21 Jan 2021 17:04:11
I think Monahan's playstyle is better suited to playing on the wing. He's most dangerous and scores most of his goals from the low slot and circle on the the left side. Where a good LW scores from.

Additionally he's more of a shooter than a playmaker and he's not exactly known as a strong defensive player either. Guys like that generally make better wingers than centers. Granted playing with Gaudreau he's not expected to be a big time playmaker.



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