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13 Jan 2024 17:33:53
Calgary Trades

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2024

*Flames retain 50% of both expiring contracts.

I tweaked my previous proposal a bit, but believe both teams might bite at this proposal imo.

Thoughts ?

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13 Jan 2024 19:51:01
No Calgary won’t bite. Kampf is a hard no 29 yrs old. Robertson to small and is behind a bunch of young wingers in Calgary, so no. Timmons be in ahl in flames organization. Retain $5 million on top of this. The only thing of interest is the first round pick. Make a reasonable offer pinball so we can have a conversation.

13 Jan 2024 20:46:33
Lindholm = Robertson, 2nd
Tanev = Timmons, 2nd

Maybe if the picks were a 1st and 2nd or 3rd? I think it’s decent but Calgary might do better trading them separately.

13 Jan 2024 21:04:17
That is god awful for the Flames wtf a late 1st, 2 third liners and a 6/7th D? I'd actually love to hear your reasoning lol

14 Jan 2024 01:43:41
Aside from the fact the value is terrible for CGY, this would put the leafs 1.1M over the salary cap.

The leafs need help on D and in net. If the game tonight doesn’t show what a fire drill the leafs own end is, nothing will.

14 Jan 2024 05:06:28
It sucks all Toronto can offer teams is bottom players and a late 1st. 3 guys Toronto fans don't want for actual players with value. Dare to dream pinball.

14 Jan 2024 21:04:49
With the way Lindholms season is going is he going to get a high end prospect and a 1st? I think Robertson would be high end if it wasn’t for the amount of games he’s missed because injury. I think he along with a 1st is generous for Lindholm. Timmons and a 2nd for Tanev might be slightly underwhelming so combine the two trades and it’s fair. Add a 3rd for because Calgary is helping with salary?

14 Jan 2024 21:38:37
Robertson is NOT a high end prospect, B at best.

15 Jan 2024 05:28:17
Yeah I think B is fair. Third tier prospect.

15 Jan 2024 13:57:37
- Any trade the leafs make will have to be dollar in/ dollar out deal.

- They have $34,999 projected deadline space.

- The best hope the leafs have is that Samsonov gets injured and is out for the season, providing some LTIR cap relief. This would save on sweeteners that you'd need to include to trade a contract like his.

- They should have traded Nylander to complete their roster. Now they're so top-heavy that next year will be even worse for them. Treliving is a smart guy, but he looks absolutely handcuffed any way you look at it.

16 Jan 2024 17:07:30
@Chickenfoot money wise they should be probably around what they had to spend this past summer. Rising cap, Muzzin off the books, Murray off the books, Brodie's contract expires (hopefully signs a team friendly deal), Domi's contract expires (again hope they can get thim signed again), Bertuzzi's contract expires (love to see him back as well, but have a feeling he'll be gone), Klingberg off the books, Samsonov off the books. I imagine Reaves and a pick will be moved for future considerations at some point to free up more cap as well. Should leave us enough money to still add a player or two. The big game changer will be if in 2025 Tavares takes a team friendly deal or walks. If he does either, lots of cap there to make some moves. We still need help on defense, but I don't imagine we have any coming our way.

16 Jan 2024 19:01:30
Hey MG, I hope all is well with you these days.

- The Cap is expected to rise by 4.175M. Nylander's raise is 4.54M, and Matthews' is 1.6M. These raises are 2M more than the anticipated cap increase.

- The leafs currently have 75% of their cap committed to 48% of their team.

- They have 12 NHL roster spots to fill with 21.9M, which works out to 1.825M/ player.

- Of the 12 players they'll need to fill out their NHL roster, they need (most notably) a starting Goalie and 3 top-4 Defensemen.

- I respectfully don't see another team taking Reaves' contract for "future considerations". You'll have to cough up a sweetener to get some team to take it. Treliving is a smart guy, but that signing was an unforced error.

- Even with all the contracts mentioned coming off the books, the numbers don't lie. A top-heavy team just got more top-heavy, which means you're not icing any kind of depth.

- This season Matthews, Marner, Tavares, Nylander & Rielly took up 57.5% of your team's cap. Next year the same 5 take up 61.6% of your cap. The numbers just don't lie.

- I'm not sure why Tre didn't trade Nylander to diversify the lineup to get the Goalie & D that the team clearly needs. Why pay the same core a higher % of your salary cap when it clearly hasn't worked in the playoffs when it matters? That's the stuff that non-leaf fans will just never understand.

Anyways, interesting discussion, and it certainly helps me kill some time till my flight. I'll be interested in what your thoughts are if you care to post them. Cheers MG!

18 Jan 2024 17:56:20
All well on my end @Chickenfoot, hope the same for you. I haven't dove too much into the number aspect of things. Not a tonne of money to work with and no it won't be enough to address the real need which is defense and goaltending. But I'm assuming we'll see some players make the jump to the NHL next year from the Marlies or juniors who could be serviceable 3rd/ 4th liners. I'm assuming the plan will be to run Woll and whoever has the goalie tendem for next year. If Woll can play how he was before he got hurt then in net they will be okay as long as they have a good backup to take some workload when needed. Give Lily an extension at around the $3.5-$4mill mark, resign Domi at around $3-$3.5mill again. Left with roughly $14mill. If they bring Brodie back for around let's say $2-$2.5mill great. Leaves them with $11.5mill roughly. Make a strong push for Pesce in free agency. Assuming you get him for around $5.5mill they are working with $6mill after. Benoit has played pretty good hockey for the Leafs all things consider so bring him back for around 800k-$1mill. Leaves $5mill. Bring Gregor back for around the same as Benoit. Leaves around $4mill give or take to fill out what's left with depth guys. Trade Reaves and a higher pick for future considerations. If there's a team that will take Kampf for a 3rd-5th pick make that deal as well to open up $3mill more of money. Love what Kampf brings, just hate the amount he was given. A defense of Rielly, Pesce, McCabe, Liligren, Brodie, and Benoit doesn't sound awful. The potential is there to make a solid team. I think we'll see a coaching change that could make a big difference for players. I'm hopeful anyways lol.

19 Jan 2024 15:24:21
- glad to hear '24 is treating you right MG!

- Woll has looked good, but with only 26 NHL games, hopefully it's part of the plan to get him a competent veteran to insulate him and help him grow.

- I can follow your plan as to how you could complete the lineup with 23 bodies. If I take it verbatim, they question I think that I (and most hockey fans) have is, and I mean this sincerely and without sarcasm, "why leaf fans would want to build a roster like that? "

- Depth wins championships, but when your lineup is top-heavy with those 5 large salaries, and you're paying the remaining 18 roster spots below the average NHL salary of 3.5M, you end up with an unbalanced lineup.

- This model hasn't worked yet, and next year the roster is even more top-heavy. I'm not sure many markets would accept running it back for another try at this point.

- Though it's too late now, because your top-5 are all locked in with NMC's, I think most hockey folks would accept that you can't have too many of those 10M+ contracts. Sometimes what a team needs is a few 4M guys or even a couple of 5M players.

- I have a bunch of leaf fan buddies that I watch hockey with, and they all seem to get the need for depth. I'm wondering if it's a "bubble thing" in Toronto. I would love to have it explained to me, so if you can, I'm kind of fascinated.

19 Jan 2024 23:49:55
I hate the fact we are paying 4 guys north of $10mill, but it is the unfortunate world us Leaf fans are forced to live in. I hope it changes next year with Tavares coming off the books. Either take a very team friendly deal to allow for some additional signings or see the door. That $10mill (probably more like $8mill after the Marner extension is given most likely) will be huge. I'm in complete agreement on Woll. Small sample size, but he's looked good. If he can carry that play for the remainder of the season I'm all for running with him as our guy in net.

21 Jan 2024 02:13:09
Right on MG, hopefully Woll is off the IR soon?.



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