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07 Mar 2024 05:01:47
a little disappointed with the Hanifin return but the flames were handcuffed from Hanifin and his agent. I thought it would be much worse once i heard Tampa.

Hanifin for Conditional 1st, Conditional 3rd (basically a 2nd, lets be real) and Miromanov

Chychrun for Conditional 1st, 2nd and 2nd

Hronek for Conditional 1st and 2nd

pretty solid considering Chychrun and Hronek both had term and good AAV while Hanifin is a UFA.

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07 Mar 2024 16:28:58
Yeah it's tough when your GM is handcuffed. Overall though, you had his services for a couple years and recouped some assets for a player that wanted out, all considered, Calgary did alright.

07 Mar 2024 16:41:31
@memarcusjoe yeah, Hanifin is definitely getting boos when they play against Vegas on the 14th. nobody likes what him and his agent was doing to Conroy. American players have become such a headache for the Flames. Hopefully they won’t have to worry when the new arena is finished and the retool is complete.

07 Mar 2024 19:47:38
Those 1sts in Chychrun and Hronek deals are both a lot higher then Vegas pick.

07 Mar 2024 20:39:58
That's true @Vbb but Hanifin is a UFA who got to pick his destination because his snake of an agent and he's older than when Chychrun and Hronek were traded.
I hope VGK uses the 2025 1st because the 2026 1st will be unprotected. So realistically if they trade that 2025 1st the Flames got an unprotected 2026 1st, 2025 2nd (if VGK wins a round) and Miromanov for a UFA that got to pick his destination. I don't think it was gonna get any better than that, Tampa was gonna fleece them so hard. It's a real shame Hanifin pulled this on the Flames but their ownership deserves it, they've got to be the worst owners in the league. They Conroy back out of the Markstrom deal when realistically we ain't making the playoffs, he's gonna get lit up behind this atrocious defense and his value will never be higher. NJ is willing to take his full salary and won't ask Conroy to take a contract, rumoured to be offering Holtz, 1st and 2nd. Flames will be mediocre forever if this ownership doesn't let Conroy do his job, sorry for the rant.

07 Mar 2024 21:58:05
CASUAL: I hear you, but when Hanifin kneecaps the GM like he did, it is bound to affect the return.

It could have been worse though, Tampa didn’t have much in assets to trade, so at least there’s that?.

07 Mar 2024 23:09:22
@Chickenfoot Yeah heard Flames went back to Tampa to tell them their offer from Vegas and Tampa panicked trying to up their offer but it was too late. Vegas basically asked the Flames what they wanted and offered up something similar. Glad they stepped in or Tampa would’ve taken advantage of a lose-lose situation for Calgary.

08 Mar 2024 02:08:07
CASUAL: absolutely Tampa would have taken advantage, and you have to admire Vegas’ absolute determination to win at any cost. I was impressed mostly by how Conroy and his team have handled their first deadline.

As usual, so many teams improved themselves SO much. It’s going to make for some great playoffs, and of course, some VERY disappointed fanbases when some very good teams are out in the first round.

09 Mar 2024 03:11:17
I don’t think his value was affected as much as you say. Yes he was being picky about where he was willing to resign which anyone would be but to my knowledge he had no trade protection so he could’ve went anywheres. He was traded as a rental because he is a rental.

09 Mar 2024 11:20:21
He had a modified NTC where he had an 8 team list of where he wouldn't go. Idk if Conroy allowed for communication to happen in regards to an extension with any team he was potentially going to then it definitely opened up the window for Hanafin to say: "I'm not signing an extension here. " I think he resigns with Vegas. Vegas will dump a contract for cheap like they did with Smith and be on their way.



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