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12 Mar 2024 13:30:05
At The Draft.

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Kokkonen (AHL)
1st Round Pick 2024
1st Round Pick 2026

*Flames retain 1.5 million a year of Huberdeau's remaining contract.

Leafs will have flexibility Cap wise after this season and a trade proposal like this is something both teams might look at, Huberdeau hasn't worked out in Calgary for whatever reason but he is still a Top 6 LWinger imo regardless of his stats the last few years.

Thoughts ?

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12 Mar 2024 17:55:58
Calgary takes this offer in a heartbeat this would be an absolute fleecing by Conroy.

Also adding another forward at $9m for 7 more years is not the answer for the Leafs lack of success, you're a Leafs fan so I would assume you already know having more than half the team salary locked up on 5 forwards isn't going to win a cup.

12 Mar 2024 17:58:12
By the way doing this trade would mean Tavares is gone, and after resigning Marner there will be no cap space for Knies, or to fix any of the issues with defense.

Once again, you're a Leafs fan so I'm assuming you know the Leafs need to solve their issues with defense.

12 Mar 2024 19:12:34
Man what lol. Even at 10 million no one is taking Huberdeau especially not the leafs.

12 Mar 2024 20:03:05
Stop this nonsense and delusion. You're really just all for having zero and I mean ZERO depth and not addressing our defense what so ever. Conroy would take this deal in a heartbeat and we would be the laughing stock of the league for paying 6 players north of $9mill next year and expecting to win.

12 Mar 2024 21:51:57
Unfortunately for the Flames and Conroy, they are stuck with this contract. I cant see any GM in the league taking this on.

13 Mar 2024 12:27:11
The scales have tipped. Pinball is now a Calgary fan by the looks of this post.

14 Mar 2024 13:14:26
- Pinball, you are lucky you're not the GM of your beloved leafs.

- I'm not sure how you can possibly ignore your D in favour of trades that mostly target forwards.

- If you watch the playoffs closely this year you will see that teams that build depth in all positions are the ones that are successful.

- To this end, cap management is essential, which means intelligent drafting and development.

- Your team has only 4 of their 12 picks in the first 4 rounds of the next 3 drafts. and you want to trade 2 more of them?

- Teams can't consistently trade away as many picks as the leafs do without it impacting their lineup. Dubas failed, and Treliving did the right thing hanging on to his 2 remaining first round picks.

- Teams need players on cheap ELC's making contributions, especially teams that have too many 10M+ salaries.

- Watch the playoffs and see what successful teams do to become winners. It will help you to create more realistic and readable posts.



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