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30 Jul 2019 22:13:36
Vancouver -- Brandon Sutter

Tampa -- Cedric Paquette

Tampa receives a solid 2 way center and penalty killer.

Vancouver receives a player to replace Antoine Roussel and $2.75 million in cap space.

Both contracts are up in 20/21

31 Jul 2019 00:29:08
Tbay doesn't need to take on extra salary for 2 year, got point to sign and kucherovs contract kicks in. Think if anything they try trading palat or johnson or killhorn for cheaper players.

31 Jul 2019 01:09:08
Tampa’s the team you think would work best in trying to dump salary to?

31 Jul 2019 01:35:28
Don't think Tampa is in the place to be taking on that money for a player that is equal or worse in my opinion.

31 Jul 2019 07:32:02
Because TB is the team taking a salary dump, sure

Maybe think a second about a trade before you post it. Ideally from both involved club's perspectives.

14 Jul 2019 05:12:56
What do you think? Would you do it from a Leafs/Lightning perspective?

Maple Leafs acquire D Erik Cernak & RW Mathieu Jospeh from the Lightning in exchange for RW William Nylander

To Leafs -
• RD Erik Cernak (ELC x 1YR)
• RW Mathieu Joseph (ELC x 1YR)

To Lightning -
• RW William Nylander (6.962 @ 5YR)

Cernak might get a raise of 3.85M @ 4-6YR when his contract expires, Joseph maybe gets around 3M or a bridge deal. Leafs get cap space to upgrade their roster and Tampa gets a proven Top 6 RW.

Tampa Bay Lightning also would have enough cap for this trade. Obviously they would have to make some moves to sign Brayden Point which they are in the process of moving players like Tyler Johnson & Alex Killorn.

Maple Leafs Projected Lines :

Zach Hyman - John Tavares - Mitch Marner

Andreas Johnsson - Auston Matthews - Kasperi Kapanen

Trevor Moore - Alexander Kerfoot - Mathieu Joseph

Nic Petan - Jason Spezza - Nick Shore

Morgan Rielly - Tyson Barrie

Jake Muzzin - Erik Cernak

Timothy Liljegren - Cody Ceci

14 Jul 2019 06:03:13
The Lightning don't touch this. Nylander is good, don't get me wrong, but #1 this will cause more cap trouble in the future, #2 why help out a division rival? and especially #3 TB absolutely needs Cernak, he's been superb in his rookie year last season and is a great fit next to McDonagh in the Top 4. Joseph is a speedy winger, obv not as talented as Nylander is, but I could still see him get 50+ if he plays on a scoring line consistenly, he has the speed and finishing ability to match there.

14 Jul 2019 06:16:48
Tb is pretty weak on rd already. And also point needs signing so not a chance they add a pricey forward. I think if anything they trade a forword for a cheaper rd to get point signed.

14 Jul 2019 06:21:26
And also point is worth a lot more than nylander so signing point is a lot more important than trading for a lesser forword.

14 Jul 2019 15:34:34
Ya Tampa gets the best player but Nylander is kinda redundant for them and they probably have the cap to sign Point now but would definitely need to move more if they add Nylander. This trade has them trading from a weakness to add to a strength, to then need to trade from that strength for cap relief.

14 Jul 2019 16:16:33
No from both teams not bad tho no because of Cap from Tampa and value wise Tampa adds a pick I’d try for Vancouvers 1st.

14 Jul 2019 16:20:08
Tampa is just as high or cernak as they are on serg obviously different players but they really love that kid.

14 Jul 2019 17:07:21
Tampa already lost a couple d men this off season. They don’t do this trade.

12 Jul 2019 14:27:50
Some proposals for a puljujärvi trade
Oilers: pulju

Colorado: jost

Oilers: pulju

Tampa: Joseph

Oilers: pulju

Vegas: gusev

Oilers: pulju

Carolina: necas

Oilers: pulju

Rangers: Howden

Oilers: pulju

Islanders: Beauvillier

Which offer would you oilers / other teams fans accept?

12 Jul 2019 14:42:59
No from all teams except Rangers, Islanders and Maybe Vega but that’s a maybe. it.

12 Jul 2019 18:07:10
I’d have to think the teams with producing young players would probably not do it. A lot of these guys have produced more than Pul to this point and are around the same age. Vegas maybe because they need some cap savings but Gusev is the best player listed.

12 Jul 2019 21:44:09
Puljujärvi for Jost seems very fair

03 Jul 2019 10:47:34
MTL: Evans

TB: Palat

03 Jul 2019 13:05:45
Why would Tampa dump Palat for nothing after already dumping Miller and after free agency? If this move were to happen I feel it would have been before Pavelski signed to free up some money.

04 Jul 2019 01:19:36
Even if they wanted to dump salary they would want more coming back than just Evans. At least a useful roster player. Palat does nothing to help Tampa. They want to win now and will likely only be making trades that will help them reach that goal.

04 Jul 2019 11:01:21
Well at 5+ million for a 35 point player on any other nhl team I can't imagine he's worth more then a solid B+ prospect.

04 Jul 2019 21:26:51
Sure but Jake Evans isn’t a solid B+ prospect he’s 23 putting up 0.68 ppg in the AHL. He would have barely been top 10 scorer on Syracuse last season. Palat is more than a 35 point player and does a lot more than score. He put up 35 points the past two seasons because he’s missed 20-25 games each year, when he’s healthy and able to get in a groove he’s scored 50-60 points. Every season he’s played 70 games he’s scored more than 50 points and like has been said, Evans isn’t helping next year if ever and Tampa doesn’t need to straight up dump a salary.

04 Jul 2019 23:14:09
Jbs is right if Tampa needed to clear space trading palat for a prospect might happen but I think one of the several teams who have cap space would offer a better prospect then Evans. evans probably had more value this time last year then he does now and that still wasn't a whole lot.

03 Jul 2019 10:00:52
Edmonton Oilers:

- Michael Dal Colle (LW) {RFA}

New York Islanders:

- Jesse Puljujarvi (RW) {RFA}


Switch of scenery for both struggling players. Both RFAs. Oilers get their winger.

Sign Dal Colle to a 2year deal with 1.3M/yr

Edmonton Oilers:

- Ondrej Palat (LW/RW) {5.3M/3yrs}

Tampa Bay Lightning:

- Sam Gagner (C/RW) {3.2M/1yr}

- 2020 3rd round pick*


Tampa Bay sheds a lot of salary and get to sign Brayden Point. Sam Gagner is still an NHL caliber player and would fill Palat's role. His contract also expires next year and with Tampa Bay needing to sign Sergachev next year, Palat seems like the odd man out.

Oilers get another help on the wing. They shed Gagner's salary which makes them fit under the cap for this season. Palat is an excellent 2-way winger that just struggles in Tampa Bay.

*3rd turns into a 2nd if Palat scores more than 20 goals or more than 55 points.

Dal Colle-RHN-Chiasson



Extras: C.Marody(C/RW), Yamamoto(RW), Cave (C/LW/RW), Benson (LW), B.Manning(LD), E.Bear(RD)

Remaining Salary Cap Space: 0.8M

04 Jul 2019 01:25:47
“Oiler’s shed Gagner’s salary which helps them fit Uber the cap”. But then they take on Palat’s salary which is $2M more and puts them back over again? Gagner is not an NHL player. And never was a good one to begin with.

04 Jul 2019 08:07:30
From a TB perspective, I don't think they do it. Might help cap wise next year, but decreases our competitiveness for this year.

04 Jul 2019 12:15:04
They traded Miller to make room for Point. They have enough space they don’t need to trade a top 6 winger for nothing. Palats biggest struggles have been with injuries, decent chance he’s traded next year to make room it there’s absolutely no reason to dump him this year and take on Gagne. Gagne would definitely not take on Palats role in the top 6 on a competitive team.

04 Jul 2019 21:36:21
I’m not sure how you did the math. At the time of that post Oilers had 3.9 m in cap space.

3.9-1.2 (Dal Colle) = 2.7

2.7-2.1 = $600k.

22 Jun 2019 18:47:37

Vancouver: J. T. Miller

Tampa Bay: Conditional first-round pick in 2020, a third-round selection in 2019 and goaltender Marek Mazanec. Should the Canucks not make the playoffs in 2019-20, the first-round selection will move to the 2021 draft.

22 Jun 2019 19:19:30
Terrible for Vancouver the leafs gave a 1st to dump Marleau the Lightning got a 1st to dump JT Miller that’s a better return then what Subban got.

22 Jun 2019 19:41:37
So bad for Vancouver but you got to factor in age and his versatility of position that made him more attractive.

Definitely paid too much by Vancouver though.

22 Jun 2019 19:43:20
It’s not terrible at all, Miller is a 50 point guy who can play LW and C. A lottery protected first, a third, and an ahl goalie is fair value. The Canucks will likely be back in the playoffs by 2021 so even if TB gets that pick, who cares?

22 Jun 2019 20:07:27
Miller is def. more valuable than Marleau but that deal still stinks for Vancouver.

22 Jun 2019 20:43:54
Vancouver is improving but I feel this is too early for them to take that step of making a trade like this.

22 Jun 2019 21:40:47
Ohh yes I’m not saying he isn’t I’m just saying he’s a cap dump for Tampa.

22 Jun 2019 23:32:39
cap dump/ cap casualty depends on how you see it.

I might be in the minority here, but I like the trade mainly because Vancouver absolutely stole Hoglander with their 2nd rdp. This guy is a stud. He’s a Swedish copy of Brendan Gallagher. He’s going to push for a spot this up coming season and if he doesn’t make the opening night roster he can play right away in the AHL. What a steal!

23 Jun 2019 00:19:35
JT Miller's is 26, under 6 million and can play at multiple position. The price is actually fair for a guy Vancouver wanted. It's not a steal by any means but a solid trade for both teams imo.

22 Jun 2019 23:28:09
I don’t think the value is that bad or off, Miller is a valuable piece, but I’m not sure Vancouver is the team to be making that deal with where they are in their competitive cycle. The goalie is also overseas so just the rights, but that 2021 first could be a high pick if Vancouver doesn’t improve drastically.

23 Jun 2019 01:43:03
Vancouver should be a playoff team next year and JT Miller helps with that too. In the right situation he's a 60+ point guy imo.

23 Jun 2019 02:28:37
I personally love Miller. Not sure about the value but he’ll be top 6 in Vancouver and be putting up good numbers.

23 Jun 2019 07:34:05
As jbs said, fair price to pay for Miller, probably done by the wrong team, tho.
And just because TB has good use for the cap space the Miller trade creates, doesn't mean he was s cap dump. Cap dumps are players who aren't worth their contract, which isn't the case here, clearly.
Miller is a very useful top 6 F, can play all 3 positions, physical play.
So this is in no way comparable to the Marleau trade, but since it's from VB, I'm not surprised anwyways.

23 Jun 2019 12:08:59
Personally, if Miller and Skinner still got paid the same I'd take Miller bcuz of his versatility. At 5.25 million it's a deal in this market imo.

23 Jun 2019 18:46:17
I was in no way comparing him to Marleau I was comparing the cap situation of the Leafs to Tampa.

09 Jun 2019 00:20:13
If G Spencer Knight is still available at this point in the draft

Detroit: 35th Pick

Tampa Bay: 27th Pick, Ryan Callahan

Detroit drafts Knight
Tampa Bay frees $5.8M in cap space and only drops 8 spots


09 Jun 2019 07:27:14
Pretty close and as a Wings fan, I would be very open to this trade.

I feel like there may need to be a small add since this is technically a cap dump. So maybe add a late pick from

Otherwise if this happens, I would like it. Our goalies are all
question marks except one.

09 Jun 2019 07:33:30
Good thought. Maybe TB throws in another pick or prospect.

09 Jun 2019 13:54:17
If Brett Leason is on the board there that’s a good deat.

09 Jun 2019 21:12:27
This is a good trade for both team I like it.

09 Jun 2019 21:14:05
I think it depends who else is on the board, Tampa really needs to stock the cupboards but don’t really need a goalie so if they can still get a guy they want 8 picks later they’d probably do it. I still think something like Callahan and Miller to Buffalo for a second round pick fits more what Tampa wants to do.

08 Jun 2019 20:46:08
to Ottawa

to Tampa
future considerations

Miller and Killorn are good players that simply don't fit in Tampa's cap structure but still have value, so I think by taking their cap hits it will make it worth it for the Senators to take the terrible last year of callahan's deal because of the otherwise empty talent pool they're working with.

08 Jun 2019 22:08:49
hahahaha what? it's not going to be that hard to move callahan holy cap that's bad.

09 Jun 2019 01:00:47
Killhorn is also a dump.

09 Jun 2019 07:34:46
He's really not. His contract isn't ideal for TB because they got even better forwards. But for at least half the teams in the league (and 100% on OTT), Killorn would be a solid top 6 F at a fair price of 4.4m a year.

09 Jun 2019 11:00:07
Vb Killorn isn’t a dump. He’s a consistent 40 point guy in a third line role and is Tampa’s best PKer (and they had one of the best PKs in the league last year) . Contract was a little long but about right in terms of AAV. He’s expendable but it’s not a dump.

09 Jun 2019 13:58:30
Well what I mean is I’m sure Tampa wouldn’t cry over losing Killhorn.

09 Jun 2019 19:49:11
that's the point. Tampa would be happy to give him away but ottawa would love to have him.

09 Jun 2019 21:15:54
Sure, because they have guys ready to step up in his role but a dump infers they’d have to pay someone to take him and I don’t think that’s the case.

05 Jun 2019 03:58:04
WPG: Trouba
TB: Sergachev, Foote, Callahan

TB gets a #1RHD plus gets rid of a big salary, WPG gets two young D plus a bad contract in Callahan which they can eat for a year and add chemistry in the room or trade to open cap room.

05 Jun 2019 06:37:30
Fat no from Tampa.

05 Jun 2019 07:58:33
Trouba would probably come very expensive for TB, would be stupid to give up Sergachev (who's on an ELC still this season) for him, esp since Sergachev is already on his way to be as good as Trouba in a year or two.

05 Jun 2019 13:07:52
While I don’t agree Sergachev is well on his way to being Trouba, moving two high value young D for Trouba isn’t a good idea imo and it’ll really hurt Tampa if they don’t get Trouba signed to a good deal. Right now they are really counting on both Sergachev and Foote they have no other Legit D prospects.

05 Jun 2019 15:00:54
No reason for the Jets to take back a cap dump. So, if you took Callahan out it would be close.

05 Jun 2019 17:13:32
Tampa is also in a win now mode so this trade would be good for them as Trouba has no problem re-signing them. Dump Callahan's contract from the trade and Chevy would be all over it.

05 Jun 2019 17:42:30
Callahan is the only thing that makes this worth it. I would rather Sergachev and foote.

05 Jun 2019 18:29:02
Memarcus and island are funny aren't they? going to be upset when he is finally dealt and what the return will be. It will not be Werenski plus, or Sergachev and Foote. Trouba is a very good RD but not that good.

06 Jun 2019 03:56:44
Oh my. But this will never do. Foote and Sergachev are so very good. Next year Sergachev will make as many points as Trouba and Foote will be on the team and we will see he is such very good player too. Yes. But the Jets people still say the Trouba is worth more. I do not think so. Is a joke, yes? They make funny haha?

06 Jun 2019 07:03:12
That's actually not a terrible trade for both teams. Only stickler might be what is Trouba going to ask for as a salary?

05 Jun 2019 03:55:08
WPG: Trouba
TB: Johnson, Sergachev

Tampa gets a #1RHD plus get rid of Johnson's salary, Winnipeg Jets a #2C and a young top 4 LD.

05 Jun 2019 06:37:14
Fat no from Tampa.

05 Jun 2019 07:59:06
Same as above. Esp with Johnson also being a worthy piece. Not like he's a cap dumb at just 5m per.

05 Jun 2019 15:04:42
Take out Johnson and add a pick or prospect to Sergachev and you're close.

05 Jun 2019 17:14:59
The Jets wouldn't want Johnson so add Foote and its a done trade.

05 Jun 2019 20:39:25
It’s not a bad trade Johnson might be worth a 2nd at this point.

06 Jun 2019 04:00:51
Why would the Jets not want Johnston? He is very good player. Almost 30 goals last year and 50 points. And he does close to this every year. Plus Sergachev! And still greedy Jets fans want more? But I must change my pants. I just peed myself for laughing.

03 Jun 2019 00:51:44
Jeez, Jets fans think Trouba is worth Kakko+, Vbb thinks Matthews or Marner are with Pettersson AND Hughes, damn since everyone on this sites apparently on crazy juice, why don’t I add to the stupidity?

Here’s a couple good ones.

Vancouver: Pouliot

Winnipeg: Trouba

Vancouver: 7th round pick

Tampa Bay: Kucherov

Hurr durr, are these good trades? Maybe Wpg and Tbl need to add a bit more.

03 Jun 2019 05:33:48
You have proven yourself time and again to be utterly clueless on player values.

03 Jun 2019 10:21:23
Pettersson and Hughes for Marner

I hope we all can agree as fun as Pettersson is to watch he isn’t even a PPG player Marner is only getting better and he’s basically just came off a 100 point season yes he had Tavares but Pettersson had Boeser and a better LW then Hyman probably + Pettersson had a higher TOI and a higher percentile of offensive starts. Pettersson might be as good as Marner but right now he’s not. Hughes is obviously very promising and maybe he’s worth to much to be added to Pettersson but I’m not sure what the add would be.

03 Jun 2019 23:13:04
@vbbvvbb;Tavares and Hyman are way better linemates than boeser and (input any of the 3-4th liners Vancouver had rotating on that line) .

Obviously Marner is better than Patterson rn, but to say Petterson isn't even a PPG player then say Marner is basically a 100 pt player is disingenuous. Petterson was closer to a PPG (5 pts less) than Marner was to 100pts (6 less) . Plus it was Pettersons ROOKIE season.

Any trade Vancouver would make for Marner would have to be an overpayment and would most likely put back the rebuild.

@Vertius; what made you even bother to post these trade offers?

04 Jun 2019 01:31:42
You can't compare the overall offense of Vancouver to Toronto. Having better pieces around you does boost output.
Plus tavares > boesser.

Marner is worth more, but petterson got more points in less games than marner as a rookie. Plus he read as close to ppg as marner was to 100 points.

Vancouver would only have a tiny add, but if I'm Vancouver I don't do it 1 for 1.

05 Jun 2019 19:41:48
I mean VB, similar to the Kucherov debate Pettersson did put up slightly better numbers in his 20 year old rookie season compared to Marner, so they’d have at least a similar argument to that one. That being said no guarantee Pettersson improves at the same rate.

05 Jun 2019 19:44:31
@Joe. Coming from one of the guys that thinks Trouba is worth Kakko+, I can promise you that your words mean nothing xD being told I have a bad sense of value by someone who shares the #1 spot for king of delusional with his fellow Jets fans means nothing to me.

@Vbb. Pettersson isn’t a PPG player? So what? Neither was Marner in his first year. But what he did have was five more points in six less games than Marner in his first season. Now obviously I’m not saying that that is enough to say Pettersson will be as good or better than Marner, but what I am saying is that if you seriously think that the difference between Marner and Pettersson is a blue chip D prospect in Hughes, than you’re far more clueless and delusional than I ever imagined.

05 Jun 2019 19:46:53
Marner is much better than Pettersson. Maybe Juolevi instead of Hughes Vbbv Vbbv?

25 May 2019 12:13:39
Oil: Russell

Tampa: Miller

Oilers move out a D for a young guy to come in, take on more cap but get a potential top 6 player.

Tampa clears cap and they get a serviceable defenseman as they currently don’t have many under contract.

25 May 2019 17:47:23
Russell is overpaid, and really a 3rd pair D man. Not worth saving the 1 mill and value of the players isn’t really close. Tampa has their top 4 still locked up next year I doubt they’ll over spend on a bottom pair guy and give up a valuable asset to do it.

25 May 2019 17:50:13
Miller isn’t potential top 6, he’s legit top 6. Last year was the first time since 14-15 he did have 20 goals or 50 points and that’s because he didn’t get PP time and was used pretty strictly in a bottom 6 role. And he still had 47 points.

25 May 2019 18:30:37
Not even close. Miller has way more value.

25 May 2019 19:41:08
Miller would cost a 2nd round pick and no cap going to Tampa. Tampa will probably basically need to give Miller, Palat, Johnson, Callahan And Killhorn away to get Karlsson.

25 May 2019 22:41:17
I’d definitely trade a second for Miller. I’m thinking he’d cost more than that. I agree Killhorn and Johnson are going to be traded for sure I’d assume though.

25 May 2019 23:25:03
To clear cap for Karlsson Tampa needs to dump Callahan and trade 1 or 2 of Palat Miller Killorn Gourde or Johnson (my preference in that order) . Might have to make more moves next year for resignings but for next season that’s about all they’d have to do.

08 May 2019 14:28:23
BUF: Point

TBL: Ristolainen, Mittelstadt

Heard that Tampa was interested in Ristolainen. He makes just 5.4 and Mittelstadt is on elc. Would Tampa consider trading Point as he will get 8+?

09 May 2019 18:06:31
No, they would not. Point will be re-signed and I really hope the interest in Ristolainen isn't for real. But if it is, certainly not going to get Point lol.

07 May 2019 19:09:47
Tampa trades: Johnson, Sergachev

Jets trade: Trouba, Lowry

07 May 2019 19:27:21
Jets would like the Sergachev part, but wouldn't want to get mixed up with Johnson's contract.

07 May 2019 19:27:31
makes 0 sense for tampa considering they need cap space.

07 May 2019 21:31:32
I think Sergachev will be better than trouba at 24 and has one more year on ELC and also gives up the better player in johnson vs Lowry.

05 May 2019 06:05:42
Tampa Bay Lightning :
• [RW] Ryan Callahan (5.8M x 1YR)
[ Tampa Retains 50% of Callahan's Salary ]

Edmonton Oilers :
• [RW] Zack Kassian (1.95M x 1YR)

Tampa Bay Lightning :
• (LD) Mikhail Sergachev (ELC)
• (C) Anthony Cirelli (ELC)
• (2019) 27th Overall Selection

Winnipeg Jets :
• (RD) Jacob Trouba (RFA)

Resign Anton Stralman (2.25M x 1YR)

Ondrej Palat - Steven Stamkos - Nikita Kucherov
Alex Killorn - Brayden Point - Tyler Johnson
Yanni Gourde - Cedric Paquette - Zack Kassian
Mathieu Joseph - J.T Miller - Adam Erne

Victor Hedman - Jacob Trouba
Ryan McDonagh - Anton Stålman
Cal Foote - Erik Cernak

05 May 2019 12:04:53
Way too much for trouba.

05 May 2019 12:05:18
Stop those terrible Trouba to TB trades. Why would we do that?

Our top 4 is set, what we need is 1-2 more bottom pairing D. Could quite possibly be 1-2 out of Coburn, Stralman, Girardi or a cheap UFA.

05 May 2019 15:35:59
Too much from TB unless they are trying to get more cap space, which would hurt the Jets as well.

05 May 2019 15:49:58
Sergachev easily worth Trouba alone. I value Serga a little more then Trouba tbh because of age.

05 May 2019 17:47:04
Rather have serg over Trouba, also that oil trade is beyond stupid. Not a good post.

05 May 2019 18:50:09
Tampa would definitely have to add to Sergachev as Trouba is much better and more valuable. Although, Cirelli and the first is probably too much.

06 May 2019 01:25:14
Why would Tampa trade Callahan at 2.4 for kassian at 1.9 Callahan brings great leadership and is the better player. Although kassian is really good for the 4th line.

06 May 2019 20:58:45
Reason I don’t like the Cally trade is it really isn’t saving much money. Trouba trade is too much. Sergachev is a top 4 D and still cheap. I understand Trouba is better but Trouba at his expected contract (or for one year) is less value than Sergy at his right now. I think Stralman is gone, I hope Girardi is gone. Tampa could put some work into their D but I don’t think at the expense of a young D they are high on. Hedman-Sergachev McDonagh-Cernak and a mix of a FA/ Foote/ Rutta is underwhelming but still fairly solid. Masin could earn a look and I think they can move some forwards (Palat, Miller, Killorn, Johnson, Callahan, Gourde) and replace them from within to free up money for D upgrades.

02 May 2019 13:15:07
Montreal trades: Peca/ deslauriers/ Hudon/ Reilly (one of them)

Tampa bay trades: Ryan Callahan, alex barre boulet, 2019 5th.

03 May 2019 12:19:49
decent deal. i'd see tampa doing it for peca or hudon. i don't know muc about boulet so maybe a better prospect or pick.

04 May 2019 18:43:03
Don't think we're trading ABB.

27 Apr 2019 23:31:27
to Vancouver

to Tampa

28 Apr 2019 02:57:48
If they need to shed cap 🤷🏼‍♂️.

29 Apr 2019 01:21:51
Good trade.

29 Apr 2019 01:25:59
Oh no. Dear me. My goodness. But this would never do. Is Tampa GM so silly he should do this? I do not understand why Tampa would make so silly. To save for cap space? I think they maybe have better solution than to give away a very good player like Killorn.

23 Apr 2019 01:02:41
#1 Trade -

Tampa Bay Lightning :
(C) Anthony Cirelli (ELC)
(2019) 31st Overall Selection
(D) Erik Cernak (ELC)
Winnipeg Jets :
• (D) Jacob Trouba (RFA)

Stats :

- (C) Anthony Cirelli 82GP 19G 20A 39Pts 25+/-
- (RHD) Erik Cernak 58GP 5G 11A 16Pts 25+/-
- (RHD) Jacob Trouba 82GP 8G 42A 50Pts 8+/-

#2 Trade -

Tampa Bay Lightning :
(LW) Alex Killorn (4.45M x 4y)
(LHD) Mikhail Sergachev (ELC)
(RW) Ryan Callahan (5.80M x 1y)
Pittsburgh Penguins :
(RW) Phil Kessel (8M x 3y)

Stats -
- Alex Killorn 82GP 18G 22A 40Pts 22+/-
- Mikhail Sergachev 75GP 6G 26A 32Pts 12+/-
- Ryan Callahan 52GP 7G 10A 17Pts 7+/-

- Phil Kessel 82GP 27G 55A 82Pts -19+/-

Tampa Bay Lightning Projected Lines 2019/20

Ondrej Palat - Steven Stamkos - Nikita Kucherov
Yanni Gourde - Brayden Point - Phil Kessel
Cedric Paquette - Carter Verhaeghe - Mathieu Joseph
Andy Andreoff - Tyler Johnson - J.T. Miller

Victor Hedman - Jacob Trouba
Ryan McDonagh - Callan Foote
Cameron Gaunce - Ben Thomas

- Anton Stralman 4.50M
- Braydon Coburn 3.70M
- Dan Girardi 3M
- Jan Rutta 2.25M
- Adam Erne 800K
- Danick Martel 715K

(Tampa frees up 14,965,000M)


Tampa then has enough to resign Brayden Point, Cedric Paquette & Jacob Trouba.

What do you guys think...

23 Apr 2019 05:38:37
I think they’ll be picking 23rd if I’m not mistaken. Either way not enough for Trouba. Also Pittsburg trade might be close if Callahan wasn’t in it.

23 Apr 2019 13:24:29
Kessels cap hit is 6.8 mil as 1.2 million was retained by Toronto. Not even going to comment on the trades.

23 Apr 2019 14:29:29
Yup, you would need to take out some of the quantity and add a little quality to get into the Trouba game.

23 Apr 2019 14:51:35
If the Jets resign Myers than I see Trouba being traded at the draft, but not for this poor TB package. Trouba will get a better return than this one. Detroit, Philly, Florida, NYR and the Leafs are only 5 teams that would love and need a player like him.

23 Apr 2019 19:12:21
Now way Pittsburg adds 3.25 million in salary, they barely under the cap next year.

23 Apr 2019 19:22:32
This poor TB package? Sorry, but you clearly have seen neither Cirelli nor Cernak play. Both are almost guaranteed to stay, imo, very important contributors and esp important to TB because they are cheap for now. No way TB does that Trouba deal.
PIT deal is bad as well, no way we trade Sergachev.

With a big exodus on D already (Stralman, Coburn, Rutta, etc. ) why would TB trade it's two young, cheap and good D in Cernak and Sergachev? Makes no sense at all.

23 Apr 2019 00:14:23
Tampa Bay Lightning :
(C) Anthony Cirelli
(2019) 31st Overall Selection
(D) Erik Cernak
Winnipeg Jets :
• (D) Jacob Trouba (RFA)

Stats :

- (C) Anthony Cirelli 82GP 19G 20A 39Pts 25+/-
- (RHD) Erik Cernak 58GP 5G 11A 16Pts 25+/-
- (RHD) Jacob Trouba 82GP 8G 42A 50Pts 8+/-

Tampa Bay Lighting Defence Pairings -

Victor Hedman - Jacob Trouba
Ryan McDonagh - Callan Foote
Mikhail Sergachev - Jan Rutta

- or -

If Trouba was willing to sign with Tampa via verbal agreement.

TB -
(LHD) Mikhail Sergachev
(RHD) Jacob Trouba

23 Apr 2019 14:48:09
The Sergachev one is closer. It would still require a bit of an add from Tampa, unless they are the only one bidding, which is doubtful.

23 Apr 2019 14:54:46
As much as I like Sergachev's upside he still makes a lot of rookie mistakes. Tampa would have to throw in a #1 draft pick.

19 Apr 2019 21:05:08
To Ottawa - j. t. miller, Cedric paquette, 3rd 2019

To Tampa Bay - chris Tierney, nick paul.

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