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20 Aug 2019 18:33:02
Marner and his camp have contacted the zurich Lions of the Swiss elite league overseas as an option if he doesn’t have a contract before the start of the season.
Source: Rich Dhaliwal of Sportnet.

Do they know Dubas will give in like he did Mathews, Nylander and Tavares?

Marner has lead the team in scoring the last two seasons.
Mathews last season: 73P, $11.6M.
Tavares last season: 88P, $11M.
Marner last season: 94P.

Good move from Marner and his camp? Let me know.

For the record, I haven’t stated any opinion, just questions, sorry Leafs17 don’t get upset.

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20 Aug 2019 19:28:12
Dubas caved on Tavares? What? He turned down more from San Jose to come home. Easiest day Dubas has had at work.

You keep talking (trolling) about the Leafs "cap problems" but at the end of the day the Oilers and Leafs are both going to spend close to the cap ceiling.

One of those teams is a lock for the playoffs and a legitimate cup contender. The other is most certainly not.

But the Leafs have cap problems? LOL what a goof.

Dubas out here dunking on GM's and you're just seething with jealousy HAHAHA.

20 Aug 2019 20:10:47
If a team is over the cap by 3 million and have a guy to sign that wants 11+ mil, they don't have cap problems? Interesting.

20 Aug 2019 20:10:52
Doesn't even justify a response.

20 Aug 2019 21:50:36
On sorry. Take out Tavares if you need. But is that the only thing you respond on then bash my team? Chia was an efin goof. I’ve said it a millions times the last 6-8 months. Lol. Get over it. And lmao. You don’t even have enough to sign the guy and have to wait until the LTIR guys help you out. But you don’t have cap problems? A year or so ago when all you were calling Drai an overpayment I kept saying just wait until Mathews and Marner. Just wait. Now you’re in this circus and you don’t think you have cap problems? Lmfao. Yes my team has been trash. I agree. Go off topic and bash some more. Lol.

Was this a good move for Marners camp?

20 Aug 2019 21:51:46
Lmao. Dubas “dunking on GMs”?
Lmfao. Most homer comment I’ve heard in a bit.

20 Aug 2019 21:54:45
And why is that Donscherry?
Do you believe Dubas is doing an amazing job with signing your players?
Was this a smart move on Marners side?
Just curious a legit response, tru not to bash, my team sucks I already know.

20 Aug 2019 23:06:52
Tavares left money on the Table. Nylander gets payed less then Kevin Hayes. Mathews gets payed less then Paniran Marner deserves more then McDavid hands down with the cap increase and him being the best player in leafs history ( all though it’s a pretty Pathetic Franchise historically post original 6 )

20 Aug 2019 23:47:00
When the Season Starts and Hyman and Dermott are back from injury the Cap Hit for Marner can only be 10.2m for a 22 man Roster or 9.5m for a 23 man Roster. If you do the math and who you picture on the Leafs you will see I am right.
I see a bridge deal and in all honesty if Marner wants to play with the most competitive Team he will either understand and except that or not, if he wants more I really believe Dubas will Trade him.
My guess is if this is Labour Day and nothing signed I say they will Trade him at that point.

21 Aug 2019 00:10:24
Hahahahahaha haha.
Still no one can answer the question in the post. It was a very simple topic that will go so far off hand now. I’m shocked.

Hayes was even caught saying himself that the only way he signs with Philly is if they overpay him. Lol. And that happened after Nylander.

So, I’ll ask for a third time, Was this a smart move from the Marner camp? Will it put a little more pressure on Dubas now?
Pinball thinks he’ll be traded. I think they should have traded Nylander two weeks before the season for anything. Just to get the headache out and not have that kind of culture there. Now Marner is going to try and pressure Dubas to get what he wants. And it’s changing things for other RFAs right now and for the future. Interesting times.

21 Aug 2019 00:43:47
Till don't worry about fstinks, leafs will just lose in the first round again lol.

21 Aug 2019 01:34:55
Yupp, . While you have recanted the Tavares signing the Leafs had to pay up on Matthews. Every team would kill to have him on there team and in there lineup. He is considered one of the best centers in the game. And just like when people were saying Draisatl was overpaid (I disagreed) Matthews will earn that money. Nylander for all the crap spoken had stats that mirrored Pastrnaks stats at the time Pastrnaks signed. The only reason people bailed on him was because he struggled last year because of the late start. If he comes back this year and gets 70-80 points everyone will flip flop just like they have now with Draisatl. I choose not to listen to fans opinions on players. I listen to those involved in the NHL and all of them would take those 3 on there contracts.

21 Aug 2019 12:29:28
Ok, The Topic here was if Marners threat of talking to a Swiss team is a good tactic or not people. Not a single response on that. Lol.

Mathews $11.5M is a good number, it’s the term that Dubas gave in on, everyone locking their stars up for longest term possible like 8 years, (Chia with Mcdavid and Drai 😉😉) . But he gave him 5 years to be a UFA sooner and now Marner wants huge numbers on 3 and 5 year deals and that’s a big cause of this RFA circus now. Everyone is waiting on Dubas and Marner because of how Nylander hold out went and the shorter term for the superstar. That’s been said by so many people not just me. Tkuchucks agent, Friedman, Patrick Marluea in person, and many other analysts have said everyone is watching the Leafs and Marner.

21 Aug 2019 14:55:38
To be honest, it could all just be a front. Everyone is waiting on the leafs to make a move. Maybe they have something worked out already and are just going to make everyone else sweat it out. Have Marner sign the day before the season starts so you don't take that additional cap hit to the season like Nylander put on them and then let the other teams sort their contracts out and incur that additional cap hit to the season for sitting games out. Marner goes and practices overseas with the same team that Matthews practiced with and join the camp for the regular season.
I don't know but it is just a thought.
Hope this sticks to your original post Yupp. Not really sure the direction others were taking on this one.

21 Aug 2019 15:36:38
They don’t have anything worked out yet. Lol.

Lol. They don’t like their situation so they always turn to off topic bashing of my cr@p team. Like they think it hurts my feelings or something. Classic deflection. That’s all. That’s the entertainment of some of the biased delusion on here 😉😉🍻.

21 Aug 2019 15:49:51
If you follow Darren Ferris' historical approach to negotiations this is neither surprising, nor has it been very successful. This is pasted from an article from JUNE (written by a Mike Stephens) :

There’s a distinct method to Ferris’ madness:

Declare your client to be in “no rush” to sign an extension, deferring instead to their “respect of the process”.

2. Partake in a high-stakes game of chicken by carrying negotiations throughout the entire offseason and into October, therein handcuffing your client’s team during the July 1st free agency period.

3. As MLHS’s Kevin Papetti so wonderfully summarized in his tweet above, threaten the “very real” possibility of your client beginning the regular season overseas (most likely in Switzerland, a Ferris locale of choice) in the hopes of forcing said team’s hand.

4. Have the team inevitably call your bluff after one final boardroom stand, and proceed to sign your client to what is ultimately an underwhelming dollar figure when accounting for the path which led you here.

21 Aug 2019 16:06:58
Because it's a tactic that's been used tons of times. If he goes, he goes. oh well. Not enough to worry about. I think he is a great player bit of he's asking to much then bye bye. Teams have to stay within a cap and if he doesn't want the team to do that than its his loss.

21 Aug 2019 20:05:38
Marner needs to get over himself

21 Aug 2019 21:24:00
If you want a response ro the Zurich thing, its simple: its stupid.

Marner will get max 1 million from a league in Switzerland (Auston made 400k in his -1 year), he wants 10M: that isn’t a very good negotiating tactic is it? Marners agent, Darren Ferris is a wackjob who has done this with Athanasiou, Josh Anderson and others. His tactics are predictable and stupid; its become known that Marner was only willing to aign an offer sheet such that Toronto could match, hence why he never signed one in the first place.

Now that the offer sheet tactic is blown away, the overseas s*** is just what it is, bulls***, and even if Marner wants to get paid 1M in Switzerland ro play with Marc Arcobello instead of 9-10 to play with JT in his hometown, he can go ahead.

This situation will be resolved, because unlike AA/ Anderson, its obvious that Marner aants to stay in Toronto and that takes away a lot of leverage. Shanny/ Dubas won't cave, and irll work out to a 10x6 or 10x7 by training camp, or he’ll sit, which I doubt he wants to. As for your comments in Dubas being a dumbas or whatever, Ill say this, he solved the Leafs contract hell (Marleau, Zaitsev, Brown, etc. ) in under two months, bringing around a top2 RHD, as well as Jake Muzzin, while trading Nazem Kadri, a guy who was supposedly worth nothing on this site, for Barrie AND a replacement in Kerfoot. He signed an entire line of 40-50 point guys for a combined 10 million, and Matthews, albeit a slight overpay, was done on time and didn't threaten an ARZ offersheet. The Nylander situation waant pretty, but i'd bet he’d get 70 points this year and that 7M looks like a steal soon. He hasn't done anything weong, besides maybe overpaying for Jake Muzzin.



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