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21 Mar 2024 21:03:24
I have an interesting proposal.

Columbus Trades

Toronto Trades

*Columbus retains 50% of Laine's remaining contract.

**Columbus would have to be on Kampf's modified no trade clause or he would have to waive it to accept a trade to The Jackets.

Now I know Laine is dealing with mental issues and unless he is ready next season it makes no sense for The Leafs to take this gamble.
Columbus I believe will try to get whatever they can to trade Laine, and this gives them 2 NHLers for Patrick.

Thoughts ?

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21 Mar 2024 23:58:57
"The NHL is projecting the salary cap to rise to $87.7 million for next season, Commissioner Gary Bettman said after the Board of Governors meetings concluded Tuesday. " December 5 2023 via NHL. com

Your idea of a solution to Torontos stanley cup drought is to put $58.5 million out of a possible $87.7 million towards 6 players? (Matthews 13.25, Nylander $11.5, Tavares $11, Marner 10.9, Reilly $7.5, and Laine for $4.35)

Are they going to pay the starting goalie in timbits?

22 Mar 2024 00:04:02
I wish you'd get locked out of your own account so I could finally stop reading these proposals.

If Laine is such a lost cause for Columbus, why would Toronto need him?

Im sure an overhyped sniper with "mental issues" is just what 99.9% of Leafs fans have been waiting for Treliving to trade for.

22 Mar 2024 12:12:10
@DrwDave I've just come to the conclusion that he bases his idea on what the Leafs need on what works on NHL 24. This idea that we can continue to pay our forwards a king's ransom, not address the actual needs of the team, and expect a different result is getting old.

22 Mar 2024 19:00:36
That Tavares contract will be off the books next offseason.

23 Mar 2024 00:17:01
Laine at 4.35M wouldn’t be an issue at all? Heck no from Columbus.

25 Mar 2024 11:28:55
Makes perfect sense. add another one-dimensional, formerly offensive player, to a lineup in clear need for help on the back end.

I agree with DrwDave that it would be a blessing to have Pinball locked out of his account. The compulsive posting of garbage got old a loooooooong time ago.

25 Mar 2024 16:24:01
It doesn’t even matter how your team is made up, if you can add Laine at 4.35M you do it.

26 Mar 2024 08:30:22
I have read this proposal several times now, still can't find the interesting part.



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