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05 Mar 2021 12:49:55
Detroit Trades
Mantha (50% of Contract Retained)

Toronto Trades
Sandin (AHL)
Hirvonen (SHL)
1st Round Pick 2021
4th Round Pick 2021
2nd Round Pick 2022

Detroit in full rebuild I believe they will be ready to pull a huge Trade like this, Ryan and Biega are on expiring contracts so Mantha is the main player being traded in this proposal, Hyman and Vesey like Ryan and Biega are also UFAs after this season so in the big picture it's Mantha for 2 Top Prospects plus 3 Draft Picks, so Detroit is getting a very good return.

Toronto is in win it all this Year and adding Mantha and Ryan over Hyman and Vesey is a big upgrade, I would rather keep Hyman but because of Cap Limit etc. The Leafs have to add him in this proposal, Biega joins the taxi squad and balances the Left Shooting Right Shooting depth Defense joining Lehtonen.

I did all the calculation for Cap Space and with a 20 man roster The Leafs are under the cap with 50% of Mantha's Contract Retained.

Thoughts ?

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05 Mar 2021 13:31:19
I actually like this one for both sides if this is the year Toronto goes all in.

05 Mar 2021 16:03:34
Potential Leaf Forward Lineup when all are Healthy with my proposal.





That's as deep as any Leaf Team up front ever imo.

05 Mar 2021 16:04:54
Why would leafs trade Hyman? I’m not saying the value is off, it’s a ton to weigh out. But Hyman is the most consistent forward we have, plays exactly like you want him to every shift. He plays 1st to 3rd line and usually whichever one he’s on is the best line that game.

Our 3rd line hasn’t been good. We move him down to it and now everyone’s raving about the offense they’re chipping in and the ability to shut down the Oilers top players with that line. Not a coincidence.

Also he’s great on the PK, net front PP and is cheap. Also doesn’t need to be protected in expansion because he has no contract. Will sign back afterwards. If you want to win in the playoffs, you need more Hyman, not less.

05 Mar 2021 16:18:11
Hyman has to be part of my trade proposal because of Cap, Mantha is a beast upfront and Ryan is Detroit's top scorer this season.
You have to give to get plus balance the books because of Salary Cap.
The Leafs are still much better with Mantha and Ryan over Hyman and Vesey no matter how much anyone dissects it, Leafs are built to win this year and adding Mantha and Ryan over Hyman and Vesey helps them even more.

05 Mar 2021 18:06:45
I still don’t think they have any interest whatsoever in moving Hyman. I think they love the group they have and want to add to it. Not replace it. Prospects and picks will be the currency.

Also having the Red Wings sign a guy to a 4 year deal at $5.7M just to retain half of it till 2024 to let the guy play for a team in your division for the next 3 seasons won’t happen.

05 Mar 2021 18:27:06
If I’m Detroit, I ain’t retaining Mantha’s contract.

05 Mar 2021 18:35:58
I agree The Leafs have no plans to move Hyman unless they are getting both someone like Mantha and Ryan in a trade.
Hyman can resign back in Toronto next off season so really the loss is a gain if The Leafs really want to win the cup this season, Detroit is in full rebuild, they haven't even made the playoffs since Mantha became a fulltime NHLer, the Cap retained isn't huge as it's 2,850.000 plus Detroit has a boatload of Cap money.
I see this proposal is more believable then you want to admit.
Leaf haters on here always rip any trade that improves the team and this one does and also helps Detroit in the future, that's what rebuilding teams and contending teams do.
Detroit is looking at the future
Toronto is looking at today.

05 Mar 2021 19:15:14
Detroit won't trade Mantha @50% retained.

05 Mar 2021 19:51:00
Agree with Sampson. Trade Vesey and a 1st for the best player you can get. Maybe add a prospect. You think you’re going to trade Hyman for a cup run, then he’s going to resign there? That’s a slap in the face imo.

06 Mar 2021 01:34:19
What you’re offering isn’t out of the ball park for what you are asking for in terms of Mantha and Ryan.

We are not retaining on Mantha especially 50%. Teams are willing to pay for Mantha on his own with their own combo of picks and prospects.

We would be much better off separating Ryan, Mantha and Biega in separate deals.

Just because we have cap, doesn’t mean you retain on 4 years. It means you sign your players, sign UFAs or take cap dumps for picks.

That’s the better use of our salary.

06 Mar 2021 01:38:42
Also for the retention piece, we would be open to it if Mantha was on a 1-2 year deal.

Beyond that retaining 50% on 3+ year deals are something no team really ever does.

So that aspect definitely won’t happen.

Honestly I could see the Leafs reaching out about Ryan but if we trade Mantha we would aim for Western conference first.

06 Mar 2021 04:16:47
Phil Kessel was retained with 7 years left.

06 Mar 2021 13:47:34
To many parts. to big of a trade, when was the last time we see a trade even close to this size.?

07 Mar 2021 00:12:38

Sure he was, Has there been many more examples beyond that?

It’s a sign that long term retention is not a smart move for a GM unless it logically makes sense to them.

The Kessel trade worked because they had quality coming back that was worth it.

Also each GM is different and I don’t expect Yzerman to do that type of retention.

07 Mar 2021 20:29:32
I was simply stating Kessel was retained on so it does happen. Not commenting on trade tho.



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