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30 Sep 2019 15:45:30
EDM - Russell (4M 2YR)
NJD - Vatanen (4.875M 1YR)

Green - Subban
Butcher - Severson
Russell - Carrick

Nurse - Larsson
Klefbom - Persson
Laggeson - Vatanen

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30 Sep 2019 19:51:10
Oilers would be adding.

30 Sep 2019 23:41:26
Vatanen on third line seems like a waste. Or maybe third line defensemen are worth over 4 mill now? You tell me.

30 Sep 2019 23:47:23
Oilers add big.

01 Oct 2019 01:13:21
Vatanen is an offensive D that hasn’t hit 30 points in 3 seasons so I don’t think his value is very high. He makes more money as well. But he’s younger, is a good puck mover and only has one year left on his contract.

My thoughts are that if Jersey has playoff hopes and want to make a run Russell is more of a sound defensive playoff type D.

01 Oct 2019 06:32:20
Vat is better offensively, but Russel has 2 years on his contract. Jersey need cost certianly to sign Halland other ufa's next year. Vatty may demand more than they can pay and walk for nothing.
I could see it happening now that Jersey has a new best offensive dman. Sami is more expendable for a stay home guy like Russel who will cost a lot less in 2 years than Vatty.

01 Oct 2019 10:01:10
Vatanen has had a rough couple years, only 50 or so games played was each. I still think he's much better than russell . Russell has some of the worst advanced stats outta any player in the league. Russell is hugely overrated by some and underrated by some and is probably some where in the middle. Live in Alberta so get to see him play a lot and I average at best.

01 Oct 2019 12:18:07
He’s played 70+ games 3 of the last 4 years. He just hasn’t put up great numbers.
I just think with Severson taking a big step last season and now Subban they might be looking to move on from him.

01 Oct 2019 13:09:40
Last year he played 50, but72 the year before, I thought was last couple he's had injuries, my bad, just last year.

30 Sep 2019 14:30:31
to Dallas

to Detroit

Hanzal is a cap dump to make room for Green but also brings down the overall value of the package, which otherwise would be an overpayment for Green. The Stars could then be able to not have to play Roman polak and Detroit could stockpile young talent.

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30 Sep 2019 20:53:03
Explain to me how Honka for Green is an overpayment?

Green is pending UFA RH Veteran Dman, yes he has an injury history which would lower his value.

If it was Honka + 3rd, I could see that as a fair UFA price but adding in cap dump like Hanzal requires you paying a larger price. It’s like having us retain salary on Green, the more cap we keep or take back, the higher the cost.

30 Sep 2019 23:44:23
Green is an nhl player still. The other two are not. Why Detroit would want those two useless plugs is beyond me. A rebuilding Detroit team will want picks and prospects. Not a bust and a busted player.

01 Oct 2019 00:25:52
Basically what @Hockeyfanatic said unless you are paying picks/ prospects to dump those two on us.

01 Oct 2019 10:03:43
All players involved are not very good at this point. p.

30 Sep 2019 01:22:33
Josh Ho Sang for Jesse Puljujarvi

Jonathan Drouin for Jonas Brodin

Michael Frolik for 3rd

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30 Sep 2019 15:23:36
Ho Sang for Pully is a good trade for both teams. I don't think Brodin is worth Drouin and Frolik is a salary dump so I don't think he would get anything higher than a 4th.

30 Sep 2019 15:49:24
Ho Sang got put on waivers….

30 Sep 2019 15:58:55
What team will take a chance on Ho Sang? Columbus?

30 Sep 2019 18:51:37
Ho Sang can probably just get picked up on Waivers, so why trade for him?

Think Habs need to add something to get Brodin.

Frolik + 1st for a longshot prospect is more likely what it takes to ship him out.

30 Sep 2019 23:48:47
Drouin is worth more than Brodin. Drouin is a top line player. Brodin is a plug and bottom pair d on most teams, including probably the Habs. He isn’t worth a forward that can play all positions and put up 50+ points.

Frolik is garbage. I can’t believe he almost landed Calgary Kessel. That would have been the steal of the decade if it got through.

01 Oct 2019 10:14:36
Islandjet Perreault, 4,125mil, 82 games, 15g, 30 point, -1. Frolik,4.3 mil₩ 65 games, 16g, 34 points, +24. If frolik is a cap dump, your guy is a complete boat anchor that is definitely untradable. Frolik had more points in nearly 20 games and +25 better and didn't play with 20 hockey gods in Winnipeg.

02 Oct 2019 05:34:05
Oh ya, everyone remembers the packages you guys were asking for perrault. Just proved he's way worse than a guy you call a cap dump and garbage and then pretend to know about hockey. Just cause you've never watched frolik play doesn't mean he's garbage. Not even a flames fan and I see he's a valuable part just had problems with the coach or was on pace for 50 plus points and +35. That would be 4th on Winnipeg in points and miles ahead in +/ . He was +50! Better than your precious Laine. You know why? He plays defence and actually gives a rubbish.

29 Sep 2019 21:26:56
Jake Virtanen for Dal Colle

Pretty straightforward trade made for obvious reasons.

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30 Sep 2019 00:52:54
NYI add a solid pick obviously not a 1st but something decent.

30 Sep 2019 01:13:46
Virtanen may be inconsistent, but at least he’s an NHL’er, not to mention his size and speed. Virtanen>>>>>Dal Colle.

30 Sep 2019 05:06:44
Easy Vertius we know you're a canucks fan, you don't got to make it obvious

30 Sep 2019 15:27:28
I like Virtanen, wish Habs could get him.

30 Sep 2019 19:16:25
Looks like a good trade for both teams.

30 Sep 2019 22:40:17
Me being a Canucks fan has nothing to do with it, my points still stand. Virtanen is an NHL regular - although sometimes inconsistent - who’s coming off his best year in the NHL who’s also a big body that can skate like the wind.

Dal Colle is 23 with 7 pts and 32 games under his belt. The fact that people are even considering these two players as ‘equal’ is more jokeworthy than memarcus’ Clownish over evaluations of Jets players.

30 Sep 2019 23:53:16
@Vertius. You are unbelievable hypocritical and ironic. Coming from the same guy that thinks two low end prospects of Philadelphia is worth more than a solid contributing nhl player like Kerfoot is, I got to know how you twist this one along with your response to the trade above to make any sense.

01 Oct 2019 00:05:27
The fact that you think Frost is a ‘low-end prospect’ says everything lmao.

01 Oct 2019 00:16:30
Yes, he is a low end prospect actually. The fact that you can’t tell the difference between a top end prospect that makes the nhl before 20 vs. a guy that has to get his points playing against kids four to five years younger than him tells me all I need to know.

You still didn’t explain your two completely different positions on these trades. How do you justify what you wrote here compared to what you wrote up above?

01 Oct 2019 01:01:01
LOL. and the frost debate goes on. when there is a split between parties on judging whether a prospect is top end or not should say enough. we never ever debated if hughes, dahlin, hischier, matthews, mcdavid, ekblad, mckinnon, hall, tavares, stamkos, crosby or ovechkin are top players because it was odvious. Once something isn't odvious then its odvious that its not that special.

01 Oct 2019 17:42:06

There’s a difference between Frost and Dahlin, McDavid, MacKinnon etc. I said he was a top prospect, not a franchise prospect.

@HockeyFanatic, it’s funny how you’re demanding answers from me and yet you so blatantly ignore my dismantling of this trash post. Just admit it, you didn’t do any research before posting this. It’s alright, memarcusjoe doesn’t either, you can join the delusional Jets club (:

01 Oct 2019 20:27:08
If all the franchise players play center or D then they are the #1 C or #1 d so dubbing a non franchise prospect the title of future#1 C or D. those are designated for franchise players.

Guess if teams called
Line 1 franchise line
Line 2 line 1
Line 3 checking line
Line 4 prospect and plugger line

1st pair D franchise D
2nd pair D. Pair 1
3rd pair prospect and pluggerD

Then you could call guys like frost and thomas future 1C as they would be Unfortunetly that's not the case and the franchise guys play on the top line
Sorry if that's the way it is i don't make up the names.

29 Sep 2019 15:27:02
Minnesota Trades

Toronto Trades

Ceci gives the Wild more offense from the backend and they have enough Cap Space to make this deal.
Pateryn is better suited to play on the RSide with Rielly plus gives the Leafs a little more Cap Space which they need.

Thoughts ?

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29 Sep 2019 16:52:33
I think Minnesota adds a little. Ceci's younger and has a higher offensive upside than Pateryn

29 Sep 2019 18:10:10
Kyle Dubas: It’s over-pay Guerin, I have the high upside player!

Bill Guerin: You underestimate my player’s defence power!

Dubas: Don’t try it!

Guerin: *Jumps with this trade to submit it with an add on leafs side*

Sorry had to do this once I saw @Mustafarr ‘s name.

29 Sep 2019 18:58:47
Minnesota can’t afford to do that. I think I mentioned CapFriendly before to you. I highly recommend you check it first before posting. Not sure why Minnesota wants a 4.5 mill third line player. Because Ceci would be third line behind Dumba and Suter. Maybe they want to start a trend by overpaying for depth guys?

30 Sep 2019 00:54:30
As much as I’d love the leafs to trade Ceci it won’t Happen but on the other hand he might thrive maybe.

30 Sep 2019 22:27:25
Im not agreeing or disagreeing to this deal but as far as cap is concerned

Minny has 1.5 in space

Pateryn is worth 2.25
Minny is at 25 roster players so 2 guys must be cut that's 1.5 between 2 low end salaries

2.25 + 1.5+ 1.5= 5.25 million

750,000 left over if this deal ever happened

Yeah that's how the cap works and i don't need cap friendly.

30 Sep 2019 23:58:50
The original prop didn’t say anything about cutting players there Craigger. Thanks for the math lesson. So Minnesota loses three players for one Ceci. Is that what you are telling me? Damn smart move there. And what two depth players get cut along with Pateryn being traded to make this deal work? Please do explain. This I got to read.

01 Oct 2019 01:12:33
Yeah i totally agree with you HockeyFanatic it didn't say anything about cutting players but minnesota does have 25 on their roster so they legally have to cut 2.

They have 15 forwards and 8 dmen and 2 goalies. My guess, and its only a guess, they waive JT Brown and Brad Hunt. If they don't want to waive anyone then they would need to send a couple of ELC players down. Either way its got to be 2.

Before this deal even needs to be considered getting rid of 2 players from the main roster must happen so it has no affect on this deal.

No matter what by tuesday night minnesota will at least have 2.75 remaining on the cap.

you asked i just wanted to answer. Trading ceci for pateryn has nothing to do with the 2 guys having to get off the roster so it can't be looked as getting ceci losing 3 guys. Its only ceci for pateryn. The cap works for both teams .

I do agree with you though. minnesota dealing for ceci doesn't seem like a good move.

01 Oct 2019 01:26:25
This in no way to disrespect anyone. i just love chattin hockey when i can. if i'm wrong ill admit it. i'm real bad at coming up with deals because i'm no GM.

Im like that math guy who can't figure out the answer to a long equation but i can double check of it.

Ill correct someone calling out someone if there statement isn't totally correct. I expect the same from others. If i'm wrong i like to know it, be shown it then learn from it. Debating something without real proof isn't debating its opinionating. i like to debate but once in a while my opinion does get in the way. i try to not be bias so facts always back up the truth.

HockeyFanatic nice meeting you . i'm a leaf fan first but i love the game and i'm huge into jr hockey. have a good one.

01 Oct 2019 20:27:56
Pateryn is hurt 6-8 weeks so guess this conversation just died.

29 Sep 2019 13:18:07


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29 Sep 2019 19:05:33
Dallas might do it. They have a fantastic defense already, including prospects. Up front is a little weak still. Drouin would fill out their top six nicely actually. The ability to play all three forward positions means he can play anywhere on top line in case of injury.

29 Sep 2019 21:46:47
Lindell would be a nice return.

30 Sep 2019 00:54:58
No from Dallas he’s a very underrated dman.

30 Sep 2019 22:32:29
I think this deal is pretty even. I don't personally think drouin is good but i say it all the time that's just me. He has value i just don't like him.

Seguin at one time was much like drouin. once seguin got to dallas he matured and excelled. maybe dallas thinks they can do this with drouin. if so i'm sure they'd be all over this deal.

01 Oct 2019 01:46:13
Drouin Vs Leddy
Any adds?

29 Sep 2019 12:12:58
Montreal Trades

Winnipeg Trades
Connor (RFA)

Thoughts ?

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29 Sep 2019 13:12:12
No from Winnipeg but it's not as far off as Jets fan will say.

29 Sep 2019 15:41:14
Not close. Drouin is crap.

29 Sep 2019 19:07:32
What do you have to back up your statements there Joe. I ain’t never seen you post nothing but your own biased stupidity. Like your word is final and that’s all there is to it. Grow up pal.

29 Sep 2019 19:53:49
It’s nothing new with biasjoe. If you play for the leafs, habs or oilers, you are crap or over paid. It would be funny if the jets missed the playoffs after biasjoe and Islandjet constantly referred to them as the 2nd best team in the nhl.

29 Sep 2019 19:54:13
Now that the Jets have signed both Connor and Laine I don't think they will be trading them anytime soon. I believe that hard to trade players like Kulikov, Perreault and Little could be had but I wouldn't expect them to be traded as the Jets wouldn't be in a position to receive a decent return.

29 Sep 2019 21:29:01
Island, “The Jets wouldn’t be in a position to receive a decent return”? That statement is kinda hilarious.
You mean, Any team trading for any of those players wouldn’t be in a position to give anything decent?
If the jets received a decent offer for those guys, I don’t understand how they aren’t in a position to accept. Lol.
That made me laugh a bit.

29 Sep 2019 23:37:15
The Connor contract is a real good one. I think he’s worth it. Anything but a bridge for the unpredictable and volatile Laine would ave been a surprise. By the time Connor’s contract is finished, he will be getting underpaid, and Laine will be getting overpaid.

30 Sep 2019 14:06:05
Yupp you really don't understand. What I said was those three players wouldn't get the Jets much in return so if they were traded the Jets would be dumping salary and not getting much in return. Get your anti Jet head outtof your _ _ _.

30 Sep 2019 16:44:52
@Hockeyfanatic, instead of just posting silliness because you're feelings are hurt. Why don't you try and post even one reason why the Jets should do this, or one thing that Drouin is better than Connor at?

Connor scored more as a rookie than Drouin ever has.

29 Sep 2019 01:13:30
Kyle Connor re-signs with Jets for 7 years x 7.14 million AAV.

Thoughts on the contract? Does this help clarify his trade value as contract is a factor?

Not saying he will be moved, just speculating value.

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29 Sep 2019 13:48:06
He’s worth whatever Timo Meire is worth.

29 Sep 2019 15:15:37
@vbb, what’s Timo Meir worth then?

29 Sep 2019 17:51:40
Sharks signed Timo for 4 years times $6M AAV. But with $10M salary the 4th and final year.
During talks Connors camp wanted a long term deal the whole time but it was noted they would discuss a deal like Timos, as long as salary was $10M on the final year as well. Lol. Now it doesn’t matter what his salary is because he’ll be a UFA when it’s done. That Timo deal is so bad. Just shows how good the Point deal is. At least he’s basically a $9M guy now (which is what his salary is the final year) .

29 Sep 2019 19:13:53
Mier’s contract, like many at this time, are structured that way because of the possible lockout. Very heavy on signing bonuses in the years where there might be stoppage of pay. The big thing is that by having $10M last year, that virtually guarantees he is re-signed for north of $10M. He’s still RFA when it expires, and team has to issue a qualifying offer. From looks of it, I think he will be worth ten mill by then.

29 Sep 2019 21:10:32
That’s the scary part of contracts like Meiers. You are basically hoping that he is worth a ten million dollar qualifying offer or that he is so bad that it’s not worth it to qualify him and he will be willing to take less. Because otherwise they hit unrestricted free agency early. Win-Win for both sides. Teams get the lower cap hit now but the players are going to get paid later on.

29 Sep 2019 22:45:42
These RFA bridge deals have nothing to do with a lockout seeing how there’s not going to be one for at least another 3 years.


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