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28 Jun 2020 18:44:52

Evander Kane

3rd 2021

Red Wings:

1st Round 2021

2nd Round 2020.

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28 Jun 2020 23:11:48
Lol awful for Detroit.

28 Jun 2020 23:24:47
Lol no way from a rebuilding red wings.

29 Jun 2020 01:40:14
Zero interest from a Wings perspective. We need picks/ prospects and not roster players like Kane.

29 Jun 2020 15:41:44
The Wings should steer clear of Kane as he would be a detriment to their rebuilding. He's has horrible character who has been run out of 2 cities which got tired of his act.

27 Jun 2020 20:10:28
Ottawa: 5th 2020
Islanders 2nd 2020


Detroit: 4th 2020

Ottawa guaranteed Stutzle and Drysdale filling needs up front and at D

Detroit still gets top forward prospect Rossi/Raymond/Perfetti and another 2nd in a deep draft to help with their rebuild.

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27 Jun 2020 21:58:27
What? A second round pick for a 4th round pick?

28 Jun 2020 13:25:04
Sorry 5th overall and 2nd round pick (roughly 45th overall) for 4th overall.

28 Jun 2020 13:35:19
Oh okay, I mean I guess it’s possible depending on who Ottawa and Detroit want to choose. I’m assuming Ottawa picks one of Stuzle/ Byfeild at 3 and Drysdale at 5. I think Rossi goes to Detroit because they need a Centre.

29 Jun 2020 01:41:02
We will likely stay at 4th and just make our best choice. We’re not going to move the needle to go up one spot.

30 Jun 2020 17:35:32
I don't see the point of the trade if you think Detroit is going to take players Ottawa doesn't want. wait it out at 5
both are rebuilding
I Believe Detroit wants the same guys as Ottawa.
and would counter with give us the 3rd and we give you the 4th and our 31st overall (first of the second round) (also fell all these prices are too low for rivals)

30 Jun 2020 18:55:27
LA with either Ottawa or Detroit is more likely.
Ottawa won't give up both picks for BYfield (LA price)
or Detroit would have to give up 4th OA with a top D Prospect to get Byfeild.
neither teams should do it.

27 Jun 2020 19:03:00
TBA: 1st Overall 2020
TB: Cirelli, 2nd Round Pick 2020

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27 Jun 2020 19:16:48
BAHAHAHAHAHA hahahahaha.

27 Jun 2020 20:14:22
Love Cirelli but he’s not even close to Lafranier. Cirelli to Buffalo for Middelstad and 8th overall is fair.

27 Jun 2020 22:43:09
Not even a 1st Round Pick in that proposal? That's funny.

29 Jun 2020 13:10:05
Wow vbbvbb I guess we know who your a fan of lol you talk trash about Ottawa players yet Cirelli is worth not just the 8th overall but a top prospect like Middlestadt as well. Feel your head bud. That's just dumb.

29 Jun 2020 16:23:42
Middelstad is not a top prospect anymore sure he has more value then Logan Brown but that doesn’t mean much.

27 Jun 2020 19:02:14
Couple trade offers for the 1st Overall Pick by Team TBA.

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
ANA: 6th Overall 2020, Steel

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
BUF: Eichel

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
CGY: Gaudreau, Bennett

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
CAR: Aho

TBA:1st Overall 2020
CHI: Strome, 1st Round Pick 2020

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
CLB: Jones

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
EDM: Pulujarvi, 1st Round Pick 2020

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
LA: 2nd Overall 2020, 2nd Round Pick 2020 (VGK)

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
MON: Caufield, 1st Round Pick 2020

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
NJ: Hughes

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
OTT: 3rd Overall 2020, 1st Round Pick 2020 (NYI)

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
PHI: Patrick, 1st Round Pick 2020

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
TOR: Marner

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
VGK: Glass, 1st Round 2020

TBA: 1st Overall 2020
WPG: Ehlers, 2nd Round Pick 2020

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27 Jun 2020 19:54:06
Only the Leafs trade comes close.

27 Jun 2020 20:16:41
Some are decent, some are awful. I’d move a 10 million dollar Marner for him in a heartbeat.

02 Jul 2020 02:18:52
Only Ottawa, Buffalo, and Toronto trades make any kind of sense for the team that wins the pick. The rest are laughable.

27 Jun 2020 13:22:04
Say Leafs get 1st overall and draft Laf

Tor: Parayko
Stl: Nylander Dermott

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27 Jun 2020 13:46:54
Fair trade but it would depend on if Pietrangelo walks or not. If we walks St. Louis keeps Parayko. If he remains on the Blues St. Louis would probably do it.

27 Jun 2020 14:34:32
Saint Louis laughs. Paryanko for Mathews is a fair swap but before Colt comes in I know Saint Louis wouldn’t do that because they’re already losing Pietrangelo.

27 Jun 2020 15:11:42
Vb stop trolling man lol.

27 Jun 2020 16:01:31
With that response we now know vbbbvvbb under values all Leafs Players, no way the Leafs even consider that proposal.

27 Jun 2020 16:28:29
I’m not trolling a lot of people just look at offensive production but Paryanko and Slavin are 2 top 5 dman but just because they aren’t offensive a lot of people overlook them.

27 Jun 2020 17:06:37
Vb you also said Roy is a top 5 dman in the league.

27 Jun 2020 18:26:01
Makar, Hughes, Dahlin, Hedman, Karlsson, Carlson, Jones, Josi, Doughty, Burns, Weber, and Pietrangelo are all WAY BETTER then Parayko imo. So to say Parayko is a top 5 d in the league is a big exaggeration.

And those are just the guys that are way better. My list doesn’t even include those that are slightly better.

27 Jun 2020 18:43:45
I said Roy was top 5 in 1 specific stat which is a fact I think it was least amount of goals per 60 min compared to team average. He’s not even a top 60 dman. Dahlin, Hughes, Makar, Karlsson, Carlson etc are 1 dimensional dman not even close to Paryanko ( Dahlin will be better but not yet ) . Obviously I know you clearly don’t know positions in hockey because Dman play defence their roles isn’t to put up points it’s to defend and that’s what Paryanko does best he’s a shut down dman who logs huge minutes.

27 Jun 2020 19:19:39
Lol just because guys like Carlson put up really good offensive numbers doesn’t mean they are rubbish at defence. It’s possible to be good at both.

27 Jun 2020 20:18:16
Of that list Carlson and Dahlin are the best defensively but still not close to Paryanko he shut down the Bruins top line with ease in the playoffs.

28 Jun 2020 07:35:27
Hey if he isn't that good why does everyone want him. I agree with vb defense men who score points generally are not the greatest shut down. Parayko gets 30+ points and is one of the best shutdown. D in the league.

28 Jun 2020 19:55:04
Vb, you’ve said some stupid sh*t before, and I know you'll continue to do so, but Hughes is so far from a ‘one dimensional d-man’ that it isn’t even funny.

I know you don’t like to because you’d see how wrong you are 95% of the time, but please, please do some research before opening your mouth.

28 Jun 2020 23:15:07
I like Hughes but he is as 1 dimensional as it gets. I’m sorry : ( he’s a great player but he’ll never be a Brad Park. Hopefully you’ll be okay with that : (.

29 Jun 2020 15:25:16
It’s alright, it just proves how clueless you are. Offensively, defensively, the guy is amazing in every aspect of the game, if you actually watched him you would know that. I understand your hatred is born from jealously though, so I won’t say much more on it (:

26 Jun 2020 22:40:47


WPG signs RFA Cirelli from TB.
I know this is pretty much impossible. But as a Jets fan it's a nice dream

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27 Jun 2020 00:25:31
You can't really be a Jet fan with all these terrible deals that you propose for Laine all the time.

The only way the Jets would move Laine would be for an equally skilled, equally young 1/ 2C or equally young equally skilled top pair D. Since there aren't too many of those available, Laine won't be traded.

Slavin would be really nice, but it's pointless to fill a smaller hole on LD by creating a larger one at wing. The idea is to add to the current roster, not shift a weakness from one spot to another.

27 Jun 2020 01:20:24
I don't know if Carolina wants a player that'll want more than Aho. When Aho is probably the better player. Not at the cost of slavin, anyways.

27 Jun 2020 07:03:36
Not again.

Also, I wouldn't even do that as CAR.

27 Jun 2020 14:35:10
Slavin>>Laine. He’s a top 5 dman in NHL.

27 Jun 2020 14:44:47

27 Jun 2020 15:29:57
The Jets won't trade Laine yet, but the Leafs might be wise to trade Marner for that package as they have a very soft, mistake pron D that needs a top end defender. This trade could free up $ and help with their cap issues. I hope the Jets make Cirelli an offer but it goes against their philosophy to make offers to RFA.

27 Jun 2020 16:29:48
If the leafs could get Slavin for Marner they’d take that and run.

26 Jun 2020 15:48:20
Pit: Saad (extension in place) Vlasic
Chi: Murray rfa rights

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27 Jun 2020 01:06:00
I think if Saad comes with extension, then Murray should too. Or at least be able to have the talks with chicago.

26 Jun 2020 15:44:45
Leafs Offseason

Tor: Kempe Roy
La: Dermott Kerfoot Bracco

Tor: Anderson
Clb: Johnsson 6th

Sign Spezza, Mikheyev, Gauthier
Ufas: Forbort 2yrs 2.375mil
Khl: Barabanov and Lehtonen 925K

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26 Jun 2020 18:20:35
Roy and Turcotte will not be moved stop trying to sell roy to the leafs for crap.

26 Jun 2020 18:36:21
Lol Dermott and Kerfoot aren’t crap

Btw sorry for last night guys I got drunk and I was having a bad day lol.

26 Jun 2020 19:00:44
He’s not crap but he’ll never be as good a roy he’s an very good 5th dman.


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