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14 Jan 2018 01:31:47
CLB: Johnson

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14 Jan 2018 03:59:04
At the beginning of the year, this works 100%. But with JVR playing good, and having his value going up, Johnsons has gone down, so no from toronto.

14 Jan 2018 04:43:36
I’d stay clear of Johnson altogether with his financial trouble the mighty dollar will drive where he plays any asset the leafs have aren’t worth giving up on a deal like this. Keeping in mind Lou’s comments that he’s happy and big contracts for other top players on the horizon no deal from me.

13 Jan 2018 22:10:53
To Columbus

Dustin Byfuglien
4th round pick

To Winnipeg

Jack Johnson

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13 Jan 2018 23:59:35

Buff is worth 5-10 times more thana UFA in Johnson. Even if Johnson is signed long term, Buff is worth more than him. No from Winnipeg.

14 Jan 2018 01:23:49
Terrible proposal man.

14 Jan 2018 02:12:36
Lol. who is going with Johnson?
Has to be a 1st. at least.

13 Jan 2018 20:58:26
MTL: Plekanec
PIT: 2nd or 3rd (will most likely be later round picks so the 2nd is in fact closer to a third. This might be a bit much for him but he is one of the best shutdown centers in the league although he doesn't give anything offensively) .

MTL: Byron
To any team willing to give up a 2nd (because he scored 20 goals last year, is crazy fast and great on the PK) . Would go great with any team needing secondary scoring.

MTL: Benn
CHI: 3rd

Benn has been playing way above his pay grade recently and can fetch a 3rd-4th.

I might be overvaluing my Habs players though, let me know.

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13 Jan 2018 21:15:42
Gotta retain on Plek to get anything decent. If you retain like %50 then could probably get a 3rd. Not sure a 2nd.
Byron should get you a 3rd for sure and ya maybe a 2nd.

13 Jan 2018 22:05:42
As a sens fan, I am willing to give up nick paul and a 3rd for Byron. Would that suffice?

13 Jan 2018 22:06:26
As for your trades, value seems there except for the first one. Plek is a cap dump. The most he's worth is a 4th-5th

13 Jan 2018 22:41:01
So Paul byron a guy who scored 20 goals last season will probably score 20 goals again this season and is great on the pk like you said who gets paid hen scratch compared to a lot of 20 goal scorers who can't kill penalties. And you want to trade him for a2nd round pick. We got two 2nds for lars eller and gave up 2 2nds for andrew shaw. I would value byron above both of these guys especially when you consider his contract.

13 Jan 2018 23:47:42
I'm ok with Plek and Benn deals., however. I don't want to see Byron go. And if he were to go, only as a good add on peice to say a Pacioretty or Galchenyuk to bring back a significant peice.
I do see Plek as an attractive option for a contender as a good 3rd line Center. If he isn't traded, I would offer him 3 mill for 2 years to be Habs 4th line Center and on the PK, cause he has been a good Canadien .

13 Jan 2018 23:47:57
Are you kidding me with all of these. Especially the first one. Absolute garbage.

14 Jan 2018 02:14:19
McJesus. what do u think then?

14 Jan 2018 14:13:38
No Crazy Attack, that won't suffice. That's good if you want Michael Mcaron but since Byron is cheap, very fast, good on pk and get around 20 goal/ 40 points a second round pick it will take more to get him. Beside Dorion gave up Dahlen who was drafted second round but looks far more promising then his rank, for an old, slow and overpaid Burrows who's maybe half has good as Byron. So I wouldn't be surprise if Dorion offers White for Byron. lol.

14 Jan 2018 18:17:20
The fact he thinks a team will be willing to give up a 2nd for Plek blows my mind.

14 Jan 2018 19:15:04
It's deffinetley a stretch McJesus
. however, that pick is probably around 50th to 62nd overall. it's not totally outta the question. who knows. i'd prefer to get a deal similar to the Weiss, Flieshman deal to Chicago when we received Danault. but. I also know that's a big stretch as well. Lol. maybe Benn and Plek? I dunno.

14 Jan 2018 19:17:51
The only thing Mvjesus think nowadays is to critize people instead of explain why trades are bad. Kinna lazy. It's sad tho because you used to have very good post but now all you posts are either a critic or an insult.

13 Jan 2018 20:48:00
I know the Letang rumours have died down but is this close? I saw a similar one posted around a week ago

PIT: Letang, conditional 4th
TOR: JVR, Bozak, conditional 2nd

PIT trades 4th if they resign JVR.
TOR trades 2nd if they reach the conference finals and if Letang doesn't get injured once.

TOR gets the top pairing defenceman they need while PIT gets another top 6 scorer and the 3rd line center they need. This is a major shakeup in PIT, and gets the team going again.

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13 Jan 2018 20:55:09
Yeah, two free agents for Letang . Great idea.

13 Jan 2018 23:03:55
hahah why would they want Letang he is a walking talkking injury in the waiting with a huge cap hit.

13 Jan 2018 23:48:40
Hey! Your back! Glad to see Shankar.

13 Jan 2018 23:48:22
This is so bad and pitt adds a pick to lmao.

13 Jan 2018 16:26:26
Jack Johnson


Josh leivo
4th round pick

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13 Jan 2018 16:49:00
Johnson is worth ton more.

13 Jan 2018 17:55:43
I think Johnson will get more. I believe he is a little overrated, however, he is a top 4 Dman, I can see a contender offering up a 1st. probably be between 25-31st overall.
He may be a decent option for the Leafs, you hear about Green alot, but I think Johnson brings a little more grit on the backend, they already have Reilly and Gardiner to move the puck . so. ya, I can see the Leafs being a good option.

13 Jan 2018 20:57:02
I kinna understand why you would think Johnson would only be worth this because of age but at the end of the day he's a solid top D that could bring an excellent service to a team that really wants to win the cup. Agree with you he could get a first round pick especially when a guy like Vermette got one not that long ago.

13 Jan 2018 13:23:21
Wondering if this could work:

Columbus Trades:
(D) Jack Johnson
(C) Zac Dalpe

Toronto Trades:
(RW) Jeremy Bracco
(D) Connor Carrick
2018 2nd Round Pick (lower of SJ/ TOR)
2019 4th Round Pick

Vancouver Trades:
(RW) Thomas Vanek
(C) Nic Dowd


Columbus Acquires:
(RW) Thomas Vanek
(D) Connor Carrick
(C) Nic Dowd

Toronto Acquires:
(D) Jack Johnson

Vancouver Acquires:
(RW) Jeremy Bracco
(C) Zac Dalpe
2018 2nd Round Pick (lower of SJ/ TOR)
2019 4th Round Pick

**Everyone gets what they want.

Columbus is basically wasting Jack Johnson on the bottom pair, and his statline is pretty bad. They wouldn't want picks/ prospects because they are an all-in team, so some more assets for a playoff run could help. Vanek becomes a prolific top 6 guy who could be clutch in the playoffs, as he was with MTL. Carrick is the stopgap for Johnson, who is a downgrade, but the spot he's replacing is number 5 D. And, Carrick is a capable dman. Dowd is just extra depth, and a possible good fourth line c.

Toronto gets a good dman on an expiring deal to help shore up some woes on the backend. He hasn't played his best, yet I'd be willing to give up a mid tier prospect and a 2nd to upgrade from Carrick to him, simply because Johnson/ Gardiner is better than anything we have right now, and Johnson would stabalize a dcore. He'd be able to move into a top4 role, and his stats would probably go up as well.

Vancouver trades away one of their better forwards, yet, they bring back a decent haul, with Bracco and the 2nd being going for Vanek. Considering he went for a 3rd last year, this is a pretty substantial haul. Bracco, imo, could be a good 2nd/ 3rd liner, but he needs the right situation. he's small, but he's shifty, and he'd be a good piece for aa Vancouver team shifting towards speed.

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13 Jan 2018 14:15:31
Just saw some Jackets fans complaining about Johnson on twitter. Saying he's worth less than thought. Maybe the 4th should come from the Jackets instead of the Leafs? Still goes ro the Nucks tho.

13 Jan 2018 15:14:00
Vanek was clutch for Montreal in the playoffs? What series were you watching exactly. It’s hard to take anything you wrote seriously after reading that.

13 Jan 2018 15:41:10
I'm not a habs fan, so i didn't watch the series. But 10 points in 17 games is good is it not? And if that's your sole reason to say no to the deal, your pretty dumb. One fcat that is debatable makes me a non-serious writer. GImme a break buddy.

13 Jan 2018 16:40:53
He was horrible in that playoff season. he had one, maybe 2 good games. he was truly a disappointment TSS.

13 Jan 2018 17:03:11
Oh, okie dokie. No lie, I didn't watch it. I just checked the stats and they looked pretty good for a rental. I mean, Columbus wouldn't mind a guy like that tho. Thank you for at least adressing it decently @Sosa.

13 Jan 2018 18:02:01
He was really good in the regular season games he played in Montreal, but kind of disappeared in the playoffs. I see Vanek as a guy who could flourish if he doesn't have to be the main offensive cog, as was expected in Montreal. he may be a good fit for Columbus, however Vanek likes to take shifts, games off per say, with Torts as his coach. well. enough said lol
I see Pittsburgh as a good fit for Vanek as a rental. I think he has the IQ to play with Crosby, and it could be a lethal combination.

13 Jan 2018 21:00:29
TTS, ya Vanek did okay in terms of points but was terrible in everything else. Trunover after turnover. Was really surprise too since he played very well during the season. Still think it was a good move to get him because we really dint pay much ( 2 rd pick and Sebastian Colberg who we also drafted in the second round but became a bust. Was a good gamble that the out to be mediocre bit not terrible. Would be stupid to give a first now tho,3- 4 years later.

13 Jan 2018 12:58:50
Probably crazy but if Arizona blows things up:

O. Ekman-Larsson for 1st 2018 (CGY) + K. Bellows + 1st 2019 (NYI)

D. Stepan + 4th 2019 (ARZ) for Conditional 2nd 2018 (CAR) + N. Roy
*Condition: Becomes 1st if CAR makes it to conference finals

N. Hjarlmarsson for Conditional 3rd 2018 (TOR) + E. Rasanen
Condition: Becomes 2nd if TOR makes it to conference finals

T. Rieder for F. Sandstrom

I'm not saying do all of them but any of them close?

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13 Jan 2018 13:23:54
I like the Toronto one from TO's perspective. that's basically two seconds.

13 Jan 2018 12:46:41
My proposition, if the Islanders look to be lagging behind in the Metro, and the Ducks want to make a deep playoff run:

Josh Bailey + Joshua Ho-Sang + Dennis Seidenberg + 3rd Round Draft Pick to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Kevin Bieksa (agrees to this trade because of impending deal) + Sam Steel + Jacob Larsson + 1st Round Draft Pick (lottery protected) .

- It's a lot to give up for Anaheim. No doubt. But, they alleviate Bieksa's contract, and get two top six wingers.
- New York gets a big haul for a enigmatic player in Ho-Sang, and a pending UFA in Bailey. New York may be fed up with Ho-Sang, but many teams would want him for sure, and honestly, a swap of him for Sam Steel is pretty fair. Larsson, Bieksa and the 1st for Bailey is more than fair, provided Bailey keeps up his stellar pace. If he does, basically two firsts for an 80-85 point guy is worth it.

Then NYI does:

Kevin Bieksa (50% Retained) to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for a 3rd Round Draft Pick.

This future deal would be the reason why Bieksa waives his NTC. And Bieksa at 2 million is a good price to pay for a Penguins team that has been in favour of acquiring bottom pairing dman and turning them good. As well, if Cole is dealt, Bieksa makes sense as a replacement.

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13 Jan 2018 18:07:33
TSS. do you think it that were to happens, Snow is basically writing off the chance to resign Tavares. trading away Bailey especially?

13 Jan 2018 18:16:47
Yeah, possible. It possibly sets up a big change for the Islanders tho. Like maybe this happens before the deadline, and on the deadline Snow ships Tavares off for a boatload of picks/ prospects (St. louis looks like a spot) . Cause idk, the current bunch in NY simply doesn't have it in them. they're defence is okay, their forwards are good, but they need something of a goalie if they want to get deep. I think they have too many bloated contracts for them to be in the realm of contention. that's why i'd think that they trade away Bailey and JT, but for a very good return on both. They could stack up on this years draft class and become a solid team. Cause imo, this Islanders team, headed by JT just doesn't seem like a true cup contender, even if moves are made.

13 Jan 2018 06:42:00
Jack Johnsons requested a trade. Doesn't like the deminished role and wants to better position himself for free agency.

This is according to Aaron Portzline.

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13 Jan 2018 10:54:18
Feel like he can be a good add to any top 4.

13 Jan 2018 13:10:41
Honestly, i think he's the best fit for Toronto.

Better than Gudbranson.
He'll come cheaper than Mike Green.

And he's a two way dman. Not pure offence, but also a decently mobile dman.

Only reason CBJ may not move him is because his value is probably at an all time low with his numbers: 19:00 avg/ 44-2-8 statline. However, if they do shop him, I hope Toronto targets him.

@yup whadya think would be a fair deal? Considering he's UFA at season end.

13 Jan 2018 13:07:52
I feel like LA would like him back.

13 Jan 2018 17:07:57
Should Tor want a right handed shot for their top 4?
Left side Rielly Gardiner right side _____ Zietsev?
Gudbranson or Green are better fits for Toronto than Jack Johnson in my opinion. Can he play right side well? I don't know this.

13 Jan 2018 18:28:22
i don't know either, lol. Guddy does look attractive as an option, but for me, i'd say no to green simply because toronto has versions of him in Rielly and Gardiner. We need a good shutdown guy who is a somewhat mobile, and I think JJ could be a fit. Handedness of a player though, not my forte. Lol.

13 Jan 2018 20:58:14
Ya you want to valence right and left shots out playing their right side. But there are some who can play their off side very good, Russell does very well on the right side being a lefty for Edm. Some can't play their off side at all.
Not sure in Johnson can or not.

I think he's a good fit for New Jersey or Colorado actually. And they would probably be interested in trying to resign him in the off season as well. Dallas is a good fit too maybe.

13 Jan 2018 05:54:10
The asking price for Kane is a 2nd & a game changing prospect who could step i within a year.

Jusso Valimaki + 2nd for Evander Kane.

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13 Jan 2018 06:39:54
That's acutually a great deal for buffalo. And should be a big yes.

13 Jan 2018 21:03:33
Very fair deal, as a hab fan I would take Valimaki straight up for Patches. I really think he will become a top 2 defensmen or at the very least a solid top 4.

14 Jan 2018 01:18:13
Valimaki > Kane and > Patches.
Calgary should not trade him for a UFA or a guy with one year left.


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