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08 Aug 2020 04:54:18
You got to feel bad for Jacob Markstrom. The dude has been on the verge of elite for the entire season and finally getting respect around the league when this happens.

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09 Aug 2020 02:11:32
So if Winnipeg drafts Laf, who gets traded for a top defenseman?

09 Aug 2020 13:53:41

09 Aug 2020 15:47:26
Unfortunately it will be either Edmonton or Pittsburgh that gets first overall.

09 Aug 2020 18:27:36
Ehlers is the best Jet winger that can get a #1 pairing d-man or a true #2 center but the Jets would have to add a top prospect.

10 Aug 2020 15:32:04
Why would it be EDM or PIT? all 8 teams have an even chance.

08 Aug 2020 03:28:27

I can't believe I just saw that. I'm honestly at a loss of words. Game 5 is going to be crazy

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08 Aug 2020 06:16:57
Pretty much the same as the game before.

08 Aug 2020 14:35:39
Habby, no, nonononono. 4 minutes is much different then 25 minutes.

10 Aug 2020 19:21:42
Was game 5 crazy?

10 Aug 2020 23:10:28
No, Habby, game 5 was hilarious. 😂.

06 Aug 2020 02:00:49
Are RHD still worth more than LHD in the NHL? Haven't really seen the craze for right handed defencemen like I did a couple of years ago.

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05 Aug 2020 03:55:13
Jets season in done.
Weak defence never wins playoffs.
WPG has to do something. Trading draft picks or prospects may get you a decent defence man but trading someone like Laine could get you a really good defenceman.
Laine >Slavin +
Laine>Provorov +
Laine >Lindholm +

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05 Aug 2020 07:50:25
Lol idk in what world Laine would get you Ekblad, Slavin, Provorov (and PLUS?!?! )

05 Aug 2020 20:35:08
I made a list earlier this year in my opinion who the top 10 dman and I put Slavin number 2. I’d actually now rank Slavin as the best dman in the NHL slightly ahead of Hedman. There hasn’t been a Better shut down dman statistically then Slavin as far as I know. He is truly amazing at eliminating offence although he doesn’t produce as much as players like Carlson and Josi he is the better all around player.

03 Aug 2020 18:41:38
Orr retired the year before Gretzky came in. They were on season apart.

It really sucks Orr got hurt like this. But all good things must come to an end.

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01 Aug 2020 04:55:07
Can someone fill me in on why/how Justin Faulk is now ''one of the worst d-men in the league''?.

Couple of seasons ago he was worth a ton, especially with his contract.

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01 Aug 2020 09:00:45
He is 1 dimensional to the point he is even worse then DeAngelo at defending he is a turnover machine who single handedly loses games.

01 Aug 2020 15:34:36
He's easily one of the worst defenseman defensively in the league, probably bottom 5. Fortunately the Blues GM is a fool and signed him for far more than he's worth for another 7 years. lol. Hilarious.

I'm sure the Blues troll will be here soon to tell everyone how great a signing it was.

01 Aug 2020 16:30:05
It was bad hopefully seatle takes him.

03 Aug 2020 01:06:16
Can’t call a GM who won a cup a fool although it was an awful signing.

06 Aug 2020 01:27:26
You guys should really know what you are talking about before talking silly. Every day you guys say something so stupid. Faulk is actually a good player and Armstrong is one of the best GM's in the game.

Faulk had 50.19cf%, 50.28ff%, 50.82sf%, 50.83xg%, 52.06scf%. Those are all good numbers. Not elite by any means. But still good. Better than most players.

Where he runs into trouble is the high danger chances and goals. 49.88hdcf%, so almost even, but a pretty bad 45.65hdga%. Yes, that's a reflection of his not being the best defensive defender. But also isn't so bad that he is the worst in the league either.

Basically he is good at the transition game, moving the puck to the forwards, making the stretch pass, he is physical: he hits regularly, but not top of the league, same can be said for blocked shots. And his giveaway:takeaway ratio is basically even for his career, but has variation year to year, with some years better and some years worse.

So no, he is not the worst defenseman in the league by far. Not even close. That would be Zaitsev. Or Gardiner. But definitely not Faulk. Faulk had a poor year offensively by his standards. But he was playing his off side and on the second line a lot. It was not expected of him this year. That's petroleums job. Faulk is a slightly above average defenseman and that's exactly what he gets paid as. A slightly above average defenseman. That's it. He's not elite and he is not garbage.

The people crapping on Faulk are the same trolls that constantly make things up and repeat them without checking facts to make sure what they are saying is true. It makes them look really silly when all anyone has to do is go to a stat site and pull up the results and see for themselves.

29 Jul 2020 05:42:57
Was nice to see some hockey..watched the Habs and Leafs, .. was not as weird as I thought
Nice to see Chris Cuthbert back in hockey calling the Oilers Flames.

At my age was nice to have a 1st.... 1st time watching Habs in July! Lol

Praying for Dale Hawerchuk... for those who don't remember, was an absolute stud in the 80s....

May not be normal, however.. let's enjoy this..

My perfect scenario.... we lose to Pens... and get 1st overall, that's my hope.
Enjoy the playoffs boys!.. and girls

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10 Aug 2020 15:36:09
We can't even lose when we are supposed to Sosa!

22 Jul 2020 16:41:09
Is Jack Eichel a disappointment to any of you?

Highly regarded as a consensus #1 pick if Connor McDavid happened to not be in his draft, Eichel has only reached the 80 point plateau once in his career, and was PPG in 2/5 of his seasons.

If you were Buffalo, would you still take him #2 in the draft? If not, who?

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22 Jul 2020 18:12:24
If I was buffalo i would still draft Eichel. They needed a C and they drafted Reinhart the year before 2nd overall and that wasn't working out as their 1C.

22 Jul 2020 18:23:27
I wouldn't call him a disappointment. he is still the 2nd best player from that draft. He is going to start getting his 90 to 100 points ( once normal hockey resumes) .
I think the biggest disappointment is his attitude. I understand his disappointment, however maybe jus say it a little differently to the media.

22 Jul 2020 18:48:02
Eichel is a malcontent who blames his coaches, management, and teammates for the Sabre's poor record. He plays for his stats and whines about their not winning. I would be careful to trade for a talented but flawed player like him.

22 Jul 2020 19:33:34
Definitely not a disappointment and he would go number one in any other draft. Matthews has the edge on him so far in there careers but that could change. Otherwise he’d be ahead of anyone in the past while. Also that was a deep draft and there was a lot of good players but no one that would be taken ahead of Eichel.

22 Jul 2020 22:37:40
@islandjet- Uhh Eichel is a superstar he plays on a awfully managed team no doubt he’s unhappy you think players want to lose. He averages like 8 shots a game I remember this year he scored 4 goals one game and the sabres won 4-3. Mathews does not have an edge on Eichel if anything they are equal.

There is no contest he is the 2nd best player of his draft class and if you think otherwise you’re ignorant.

23 Jul 2020 01:08:38
I agree VB. I hate when people comment on these guys character without knowing anything. He’s a winner and I’d take him on my team any day of the week.

23 Jul 2020 06:14:29
You're kidding, right?

23 Jul 2020 09:03:46
In a re-draft they would still go with Eichel. Marner is good but he’s a winger and not better then Eichel so no point of taking him.

23 Jul 2020 16:28:57

No, I'm not kidding. According to the media (which always should be taken with a grain of salt) he had a lot to do with recent coach firings and management changes.

Personally, I think Barzal is a better fit for them than Eichel.

24 Jul 2020 00:44:30
Lmao comparing Eichel to Barzel is like comparing Justin Faulk.

24 Jul 2020 00:44:55
To Drew Doughty.

24 Jul 2020 07:20:35
Well, judging on-ice performance only, Eichel has had it super tough in BUF, yet put up pretty good numbers. Hands down my #2 pick in the draft if it was re-done.

24 Jul 2020 16:46:40
I’d rather have Eichel on my team then McDavid I don’t see McDavid being worth 2 million more.

24 Jul 2020 16:56:40

Yeah, he has had a tough start in Buffalo, but in my opinion, if a re-draft happened, I'd take Barzal to Buffalo. Just fits the team.

25 Jul 2020 09:50:33
Barzal is good, but Eichel is on another level/ in the next tier, imo. Talent wins, for me at least.

And yeah, sure you would, you're also VB, tho, so no one is taking anything you're saying serious anyways.

25 Jul 2020 10:22:21
Just curious to see if anyone would take Marner b4 Eichel?

26 Jul 2020 07:23:26
No. The answer is no.

27 Jul 2020 19:25:22
I think you like to make edgy comments and you don’t actually mean that VB.

28 Jul 2020 07:15:41
100% what I've been saying for a long time, Ebs. Spot on :D.

28 Jul 2020 15:18:41
I agree with Ebs as well - but let's use VB's example.
If he would take Eichel over McDavid to save $2M in cap space. I'm assuming that he would also be taking Faulk over Doughty so he can save $6.85M in his previous example.

28 Jul 2020 21:00:07
Faulk is among the worst dman in nhl history. If he went to the leafs even at 50% retained for a 7th round pick I’d stop watching them. He is the definition of a defensive liability.

30 Jul 2020 07:13:34
Ebsolutely: I think you like to make edgy comments and you don’t actually mean that VB.

VB: Faulk is among the worst dman in nhl history. If he went to the leafs even at 50% retained for a 7th round pick I’d stop watching them. He is the definition of a defensive liability.

Case closed, I guess.

06 Aug 2020 01:42:54
Uh. Guess all you guys forgot about Rantanen? He's the second best player from that draft. Then maybe Werenski. Then Eichel and Marner fight it out for fourth.


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