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08 Aug 2021 11:00:19
HockeyBuzz says Gaudreau trade talk picked up again yesterday with the following teams interested in him

NY Islanders
Montreal Canadiens
LA Kings
Ottawa Senators
Minnesota Wild

I'm very skeptical of that list, Montreal and Ottawa have a player they might be willing to trade that Calgary would be interested in but the others don't really have what Calgary would be looking for in return.

Calgary's biggest need is a top 6 right shot RW.

Montreal has 3 of those in Toffoli, Anderson and Gallagher. I can't see Montreal trading Gallagher, he's been a core player for them for years now. After the year Toffoli just had and the chemistry he has with Suziki and Caufield I can't see them trading him either. That leaves Anderson, a player the Flames tried to trade for before who happens to be a Sutter type player too, big fast and physical.

Ottawa won't want to trade Batherson but after the chemistry Connor Brown showed with Mangiapane at the Worlds this year, Calgary should be interested in him if Ottawa is willing to trade him.

I'm a little skeptical of Ottawa being interested in Gaudreau because they already have Brady Tkachuk and Tim Stutzle at LW. Unless they want to play Stutzle at center which apparently he can play.

The Isles are probably the only one of those teams that is on Johnny's list of 5 teams he can be traded to. However if he isn't getting extended in Calgary I believe he'd waive for Montreal or Ottawa because it gets him closer to where he calls home if negotiations don't work out the way he wants there either. I doubt he'd waive for Minnisota or LA unless they offered him a pile of money first.

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08 Aug 2021 12:18:56
Hockeybuzz sucks.

09 Aug 2021 01:37:07
I don’t think I would trade Anderson for Gaudreau. Habs need Anderson style player more than Gaudreau type.
More size and toughness and more grit. Anderson can also score goals in the tough areas.

09 Aug 2021 03:26:47
Muzza01. I agree 100%.

09 Aug 2021 04:48:17
@muzza01 I’m a flames fan but I 100% agree, Gaudreau is very good offensively but he’s not the type of player they need.

10 Aug 2021 03:18:39
Thank guys.
I think Gaudreau is a great offensive player. But he plays to much of a finesse game.
Where as Anderson is the player the Habs needed for a long time. Wish they would have signed Perry for another season or two.

10 Aug 2021 14:13:51
LMAO really MoxNix. Hockeybuzz? Usually what Eklund reports is the exact opposite of what actually happens.

10 Aug 2021 19:33:41
Muzza. I was really disappointed when Habs didn't get Perry back.

12 Aug 2021 04:32:26
Same here Sosahabs24. Very disappointed in Habs not signing Perry. I thought he played very well with the Habs. He was the exact kind of player they needed and lacked for so long. Having Anderson and Perry was great for the Habs. Adding size, toughness, and grit. Perry wealth of experience and a cup winner.

06 Aug 2021 02:10:46
Gonna miss Tatar. I know he had a lot of flaws, and I understand why Habs aren't re signing him, however, he was a really good player for Montreal.
Habby, Turkey.. or whoever else..

Outta these 3.. who would ya rather have?

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06 Aug 2021 03:50:15
If whatever was going on with drouin has been resolved like they say I’d probably take him. Hoffman has always been pretty deadly on the power play and habs need help there so he’s a close 2nd. Tatar did play well while he was here. in the regular season at least but he really hasn’t had a good playoff his whole career and his last 3 playoff appearances have been brutal.

06 Aug 2021 13:59:31
Hoffman helps on the powerplay but is terrible defensively. Drouin is hit and miss but 4-5 years younger than the other two. Tatar played a better all around game in my opinion.
1. Drouin - just because of age and potential
2. Tatar - could still be above 0.6 ppg
3. Hoffman - defensive liability

I really don't like that Hoffman signing. With CC and Tafoli we really don't need another sniper unless CC goes back to school.

06 Aug 2021 15:50:26
Hoffman is not terrible defensively. for your typical goal scorer he’s about average. Tatar wasn’t great defensively either until he got on a line with two guys who are. he may be slightly better then Hoffman in that area but I doubt it’s enough to make a difference. and yes we have toffoli and Caufield but even with them the power play wasn’t great, add in the loss of Weber’s shot Hoffman should be a big help and another shooter option who can score from anywhere inside the blue line.

09 Aug 2021 01:48:56
I’m with you Sosa I’d even rather resign stall for another year then to do this. not saying the value is off but just my preference.

09 Aug 2021 04:21:25
My last comment here was suppose to go on the Monaghan for Anderson post lol.

03 Aug 2021 18:22:53
Winnipeg Jets must feel they have enough pieces to win the cup with Dillon and Schmidt. But I think they need more.
Hoping they would have signed the likes of Coleman or someone similar.
They don't have much to really trade to improve the team any. The core is great but need more on the 3rd and 4th lines.
Defence is ok. Not great but improved from last year.
Another note
Barkov is a free agent next year. Wishing the Jets would have kept Laine and traded Wheeler instead.
Imagine Barkov and Laine on the Jets together.
They could end up together in the near future anyways. But being from Winnipeg, it would be nice if it was with the Jets.
I know Panthers won't let him walk but who knows for sure.

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03 Aug 2021 23:53:26
They were dumb to trade Laine, keeping Wheeler was a mistake. He’s 34 and apparently doesn’t treat the young guys well.

02 Aug 2021 00:15:00
Who’d you rather have Hyman 5.5M x7 or Coleman 4.9M x 6?

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02 Aug 2021 03:50:56
I think Coleman is the better player so I’m going to go with him.

02 Aug 2021 07:57:05
Coleman is better and cheaper.

02 Aug 2021 16:53:24
Hymans propped up a lot bc he played in Toronto, he's a really good player, but I love the Coleman deal at less AAV and less term so i'd have to say his deal. Both players are very good tho, i'd just give a slight edge to Coleman.

02 Aug 2021 20:14:45
I’d rather take Coleman because of his deal but I’m not sure who the better player is. Hoping Hyman can at least live up to that contract for a few years.

03 Aug 2021 22:27:33
Only reason I prefer Coleman to Hyman is his versatility. Hyman plays a gritty go fetch the puck style and is capable on playing that way on both ends while putting up those points by having good hands.

Coleman is realistically more flexible to play any position and up and down the line up as a two way player who can chip in offensively without sacrificing the defence.

Both are very close choices and would ultimately be based on team needs.

01 Aug 2021 00:57:16
Toronto fans are probably in for another disappointment, not really much has changed with their lineup. No improvement on their blueline. Not much of an upgrade in the bottom 6 either. I’m not a fan of the Kase signing, he’s super injury prone. He has yet to play a full season, if he stays healthy then it’s a steal but I doubt he will.

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01 Aug 2021 02:44:49
Yeah they don’t look any better on paper. but ya never know. usually after about 25 games you get a better idea.

01 Aug 2021 04:37:44
I'm just surprised that the Leafs are going with two backups in net. I really thought they'd finally try and land a starter.

01 Aug 2021 15:13:05
I don't mind the Ritchie signing.
But ya, I don't see any improvement.

I think. as of now,
Boston get the 3 spots.

Leafs and Habs will battle for a Wildcard.

01 Aug 2021 17:47:28
Considering Campbell out played Price in the playoffs I’d say he’s a starter.

01 Aug 2021 19:56:27
Lol, 7 whole games where he played mediocre is DEFINITE proof he's a starter.

01 Aug 2021 23:28:44
Honestly, I’m content with what the Leafs did. I wanted more for sure, but the only way anything happens in the playoffs is if Matthews and Marner decide to show up. Adding more offence was what I wanted (Bertuzzi, Garland, etc. ), but honestky, with or without those guys, if Auston and Mitch combine for 1 goal between a combined 14 games, this team is going nowhere. I don’t think Auston’s traded if they fall flat again, but Mitch is on put-up or shut-up at this point if they fail again. I definitely would’ve wanted more, don’t get me wrong, but I feel a lot of the moves are decent enough depth. Bunting was nice in Arizona, and could be a chippy 30 point guy for the team, Kases a complete wild card, and as much as I’m not the biggest Ritchie fan, I like him on the 3-4L - especially since we weren't trading like Liljegren for him (as people have suggested Lily for Crouse before) . The dcore also stayed completely in tact - Sandin in for Bogo is a wash imo, and the goalies honestky improved. I loved years 1-3 Fred, but these last two years have been middling inconsistency. Mrazek is nothing special - he's not a Vasy or Fleury or Price or whatnot, but he's someone who can play 35-40 games easily, which is what we need. Campbell had the best sv% in the playoffs (albeit 7 games), and was very solid, rarely having positional mistakes and whatnot. Sure he isn't the best starter, but I do think he's ready to play 40 or so games, so long as he remains healthy.

In all, I agree that the Leafs probably couldve/ shouldve done more. But this is put up or shut up for Dubas and Marner, if they don't perform in the playoffs, both of them are gone imo. And really, I don't see an issue w making the playoffs either - Tampa lost their entire second line (Gourdes line played more than Stammers), Boston lost Krejci and Ritchie and replaced them with Foligno and Haula (net even or negative imo) and Florida improved. I think Toronto gets in for sure, its just, can this core actually do anything, or is it finally time to burn this bridge?

29 Jul 2021 16:26:40
Wanna learn how to get worse after free agency? Just look at the flames roster.

Gaudreau - Monahan - Lindholm
Tkachuk - Backlund - Coleman
Mangiapane - Dube - Pitlick
Lucic - Lewis - Ritchie

Hanifin - Tanev
Zadorov - Andersson
Valimaki - Mackey


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29 Jul 2021 20:23:32
How are they worse? They got a solid backup, solid bottom 6 energy guy in Pitlick who’s underrated, solid 4th liner in Lewis and Coleman who is great in his role.

30 Jul 2021 18:20:57
Ryan >> Lewis
Giordano >> Zadorov

They’re worse.

01 Aug 2021 17:49:36
Ohh wow the got a slight downgrade at 4th line C and lost a 39 year old declining dman. That’s nothing Coleman makes up for that. He’s a stud you’ll love him as a player just slightly over payed by 1.5 mil.

02 Aug 2021 07:58:54
Lewis and Zadorov are huge downgrades.

29 Jul 2021 01:03:31
Ok here are my thoughts so far in 2021 free agency. Montreal has improved the team compared to yesterday but still missing a solid top 2 LHD. Chiarot and Edmundson are great as number 4 and 5. Savard will be number 3 and Petry number 1. Moving on, Edmonton did terrible imo. Cody Ceci at 3 million is ridiculous. He's a mediocre bottom pairing defensemen. You can sign a guy like him for 950k for a year like Montreal did in Wideman. Ottawa must be piss to see Hoffman back. I think he has at least 3 more decent seasons in him since he was a late bloomer and dosnt have a ton of milleage for a 31 year old winger. I'm hoping for 25 goals and 50 points in a full season. Cedrick Paquette is a good addition with Danault gone. Solid contract he got in Vegas, happy Montreal did not do it tho. He's just worth 5.5 million now but I think in 2 years he's a 4 million center getting 30 points a year while being elite defensively. So far that's all I have lol

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29 Jul 2021 15:20:53
Im not all that excited with what Montreal has done. I don't see Savard as a better Dman than Chariot or Edmonson, however I don't hate the deal. I don't much care for the Hoffman deal, sure, he may score a few PP goals, but the rest of his game is lazy. His style doesn't mesh with this group ( IMO) . Paquette, meh, would rather see Poehling given a shot as a 4th line Ctr
I'm not really sure what I was hoping for from UFA, but it was hard to see Danault go. Also, will be horrible if Perry isn't brought back. i'd rather 2 years of Perry than, what is it? 4 years of Hoffman, maybe ill change my mind once I see Hoffman play with this team, but, for now, not a big fan.

28 Jul 2021 22:07:09
Who wins a game
A team of all mathews
A team of all Mariners
Or a team of all hymans.

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28 Jul 2021 22:23:56
A team of all Marners.

28 Jul 2021 22:27:49
It would also depend on who is the better goalie of the three though. marner is the better shot blocker so I still go with him.

29 Jul 2021 01:32:11
Mathews because he will gain possession off of the draw 9/ 10 times. Hyman is the obvious loser he had the ability to compliment the two but not beat them.


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